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Bilious Prudence

Thanks Dena Fitz for the book recommendation, I'll check it out. Does it matter that I'm not American? ;-)

Joe C


I used to be an ADD kid. Slow in the head, couldn't think at all, couldn't concentrate. Almost ended up in special education. Tried ritalin, no help. Then I became an ADD adult, still totally braindead. Among my friends we'd joke that I was "naturally stoned".

Then I about a year ago I saw you mention how you don't eat certain foods in the day time. I went on a diet; no meat, vegetables, sugar or fruit until dinner. I wake up and eat bread and yogurt for breakfast and lunch. (Dinner can be whatever.)

It's worked fantastically - I am a programming machine now! I'm alert, aware, clear headed, focused, smart (sorta) and can work. I don't have trouble speaking anymore (unless it's very hot). I don't forget where I am. It's fuck'n rad.

Other than that, you're like my idol. I recently started drinking Diet Coke and getting up at 6am, and it's worked great too.

And I love your blog, I've read it daily since you started.

Simon Jester

I think there may well be some variation between how well suited people are to a vegetarian diet, but I don't think it's related to blood type. I'm blood type A, and if I try eating Veggie I start to feel ill.

LA Clay

Speaking of health...

Cigar smokers who smoked an average of 1-2 cigars per day had an overall death-due-to-smoking rate of just 1.02 or 2% more than non-smokers. With a likely error rate of 5% (known in the medical statistics community as the “confidence interval”), this means that – statistically speaking – there’s essentially no difference in risk between cigars smokers of 1-2 cigars per day and non-smokers.


Thanks for you pass me a friggin' steak!!!!



I was wondering if you had any suggestions on how to get started on a vegetarian diet. Do you have any favourite recipe books?

I also have some questions:

1. Are you allowed to eat fish as a vegetarian? Do you still get the same health benefits if you do?

2. Does cutting out red meat offer the same benefits as vegetarianism?

3. Let's say you have a family history of heart disease and high blood pressure. Assume you would have to eat a lot of high-cholesterol cheese to get the protein you need as a veggie. Would that end up being more or less healthy for you than staying with a "lean meat" type diet?


I bought one of your burritos a couple years ago. I tried to like it. I WANTED to like it. Just didn't happen.

But I will admit that I feel a helluva lot better since I started brown bagging veggies and yogurt vs. McD's dollar menu everyday.

Have you tried Diet Coke with Splenda? Nothing against apsartame, I just think the Splenda version tastes better.

Farmer Beavis

Ummm...sugar. Should we use the sugar for Rum, or to make our cars move?


Scott, I love your topic today, my mother and I have been studying health and nutrition for years - not that I follow everything, but at least I know wht I am doing when I light a smoke or eat some ice cream. One of the books I found very useful to help explain why some people can easilly survive on nothing more than meat, others find it difficult to have even a small piece of chicken without it upsetting their system is called "Eating for Your Blood Type" it lists the various blood types and shows how this correlates with how your body is affected by food.

When we first read this book we thought my blood type was A- because this is what my mother was told when I was born. It turns out that I am O-, a much different story. As an A- blood type I would eat a mostly vegetarian diet with only a minor amount of meat, but mostly I would get protien from legumes (beans and stuff). Beans and other legumes tend to make me sick, bloated, gave me ulcers and I just can't stand the texture or taste. However, as an O- blood type I have a more acidic system than most and am more suited to a diet rich in meat and low in carbs - especially processed carbs like refined flour, sugar and corn products.

I am currently living a low-carb high-protien diet and I feel wonderful! I eat more meat than anything else and have a lot of salads and green veggies. If I have grains they are whole grains with the highest fiber content possible. No root veggies, refined grains and few fruits are allowed passed these lips. I have lost almost 50lbs (I was morbidly obese due to eating a lot of pasta and potatoes). I can occasionally eat something I shouldn't like a piece of chocolate cake or some Dairy Queen ice cream and it doesn't make me sick anymore because my body is not being innundated by refined carbs and can process them better now.

My mother on the other hand has A+ blood and feels best when she eats a diet rich in fruits and veggetables but not too much meat. She thrives on legumes and if she overdoes the meat she feels sick and bloated. All of this is exactly as the book states and I firmly believe that if people everywhere read and adhered to the principles in this book they would feel better and happier. No one book can solve all of humanity's problems, but I do think that this book has made quite a change in my life.

PS: I may have to book title a little wrong as I am not looking at it right now and it was a few years ago that I read it, but I know that I am close and you could probably go to chapters with this info and find the the dieting section.


I appreciate that you said people are different. I get tired of vegans or vegatarians who think their way is the only way and anyone who disagrees is crazy, stupid, mean, etc. I am a meat eater but I avoid carbs. My standard meal consists of meat and veggies. (raw or lightly steamed) I switched to this diet after being diagnosed with a joint disorder that the doctor wanted to treat with steroids for the rest of my life, which would have been shorter. I don't struggle with the joint issue anymore. The point is we are all different and what works for one person might not work for another but only an idiot thinks that what they eat has no impact on their health.


Oh... the kids+sugar thing is a myth.

Scott, you really really really need to watch the BBC TV series "The Truth About Food" (I think I mentioned this before...) It's a TV series where they put diet myths to the test rather than just repeating the anecdotal evidence (Hey! Actual science for a change!)

There's an episode where they organize kid's parties and tell the parents there'll either be lots of junk food or raw carrots on the menu but give the kids the exact opposite. They then get the kids all hyper/not via the party games and film the parents reactions. Check it out...

I know for a fact I can get the most vegetarian of kids all hyper by "fighting" with them and flipping them upside down (the kids all love it).

I do it all the time just to annoy new-age parents who think their kids are perfect examples of why vegetarian is best (all they really are is conditioned).


"... lack of discipline at the dinner table"

I saw this guy sum it up perfectly. He said something like (and I paraphrase) America being full of people who eat like Caligula then wonder why they're all fat and bloated.

I've always ignored special diets becuase I figure that everybody is different. People need to ignore what other people say and learn to listen to what their stomach is telling them.

So I'm going to ignore Scott's advice to be a veggie, no matter how many times he says it in his blog.


Have you noticed that there don't seem to be as many vegetarians around these days as there used to be in the seventies and eighties? Not since the Chinese found out they taste like chicken.

Armand rousso

I agree that the food industry’s hold on the government and cognitive dissonance in people who simply prefer tasty food over healthy food. Armand Rousso

Matthew Polk

Personally, I don't think people should be eating healthy. Just think! If people live to 100, and retire at 60, they are drawing pensions longer than they're potentially working! The ratio of pensioners to workers will skyrocket, and our society will crumble! Because all the voters are pensioners, they will never allow the retirement age to increase. Good citizens are those that work and die early my friends, be a patriot and hit up the local McDonalds!

Actually now that I think about it, I think you made an earlier post about these 'superhumans'. Way to contradict yourself Scotty.


The best startling research I read was that scientists have now discovered that baby's under a year old can recognize their mothers (until then they thught it was mothers exadurating their baby's responses)

I think the first piece of research should be whether the scientists could recognize a baby.


Kevin, i'm afraid to inform you that fruit and veggies conatin alot of carbs! Fruit contains a great deal of natural sugars, to avoid carbohydrates in the day you would have to avoid eating to much fruit and certain fruits should be avoided completly, the same goes for certain vegtables.

"Posted by: Kevin | July 16, 2007 at 10:46 AM

I will have to try the no carbs till dinner thing. Just fruits and veggies. 6 hours of sleep and feeling great would be a dream come true."


[Some day, I expect to read a story that says that oxygen and water are bad for you - Lulu]

They are. Water can cause suffocation, and oxygen is partially responsible for 100% of all fires.


This is a true story.

There were a few of us talking to a friend of a friend. Her son has major behavioural problems, some due to her (I've fuckin' told him not to fuckin' swear when he's at fuckin' nursery etc) but he has genuine physical problems that are no-one's fault, he has to deal with them. Anyway, a doctor had told this lady that her son might have Attention Deficit Disorder; she told us, "I don't think there *is* anything wrong with his hearing".

In the local vernacular she actually said "Ah divvent think tha is owt wrang with eez eeyas."

Jimmy Wong

Ah! No! You do not disrespect my noodle-eating habits!


So you don't eat carbs 'til night time. Do you eat more protein then? What do you have for breakfast and lunch? Snacks? Being a vegan I know about the correlation between animal products in one's diet and disease and cancer. But no one ever believes me or the research.

Anne Yenny

Anyone who wants to improve their children's behavior should read The Crazy Makers. I haven't fed my four children cereal in years with great results. (Three of them are boys.) We live 5 miles from their school; for the last 2 years I drove until I was one mile from school, then walked the rest with them.

Cooking breakfast and walking one mile a day with them didn't cost any money but saved me a fortune in tutoring and counseling, which is where my youngest was headed.

As far as sugar and children, as with all things, everyone is different. I never believed it until I had my fourth. If someone has a BD at school and he eats a cupcake I can tell. And soda? Three of my kids can drink gallons and it doesn't matter; the fourth has one and you literally can't shut him up.


I am a vegetarian. And I believe every one should be too. Granted people ate meat for various reasons in the past, but they dont any more. It is just cruel to kill an animal to satisfy our hunger.


The BBC carried out series of interesting if not totally scientific studies into diet and health. One of the studies they took some kids and sent them off to a couple of Birthday Parties one with Sugary foods one with healthy vegetables. The parents of both kids were strong believers in reducing sugar intake as it creates behavouiral problems.
It was clear to the parents that when the kids came back from the sugary party they were totally wired and slept badly that night, where as fromt he healthy food party they were calm and relaxed.
The twist was that after the parents left their kids the BBC switched foods, so the kids were totally wired after the healthy food party and calm after the sugary food party, what made the difference was the way the kids were entertained and kept within sensible boundaries at the party not what they ate.
From the kids point of view they enjoyed both parties equally so keeping children under control does not spoil their fun.
What this shows is that what may look like diet could be lifestyle. When you chose to become vegitarian and reduce Carb intake, what other lifestyle changes did you make? I occasionally start to feel tired in the middle of the day and don't enjoy my food, at those times I slow my life down, spend more time at home with the family rather than going out with friends, stop working through lunch, grabbing a sandwidch at my desk. During these calm periods my alcohol, red meat and fat intake stays the same but I always feel healthier.


Hey, people, remember that this guy drinks a coke every single morning! Is it part of a balanced diet to drink 33cl of pure acid mixed with who-knows-what-crap-is-in-there???

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