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I did a paper in college titled 'Nutrition and Behavior.' Since this was before everyone had PCs. I have since lost it.... All I remember is that the same chemical that makes people schizophrenic and leads to depression when out of balance is also in potato chips and is to be blamed for why we cannot stop eating them even when we are full...... ? My question was: can impropper amounts of carbs make you schizo? Something to think about.


I'm a firm believer in the eat what I want strategy. This only works if you have a healthy mind and lifestyle. Quite obviously not a good idea for those of you with eating disorders. But i think that if you remain active and live healthy then your body will crave the things it needs. Low on potassium? Bam! I want a banana. :) see how easy that is? Well maybe it won't work, but it does make me happy, and I think that's probably the healthiest thing you can do.

Oh and children or people who act like children (lawyers, bosses, management, starbucks coffee jockeys, anyone over thirty living with their parents) shouldn't be allowed to chose their diet either.


I wish I could remember where I saw that study that showed a link between weight loss and a moderate regimen of healthy eating and exercise.

Joao Belo

I actually bought "The China Study" last year and I browsed through it - I also found it interesting.
I must say I was a vegetarian for about six months due to digestion disorders I had at that time, but the real issue behind it all was stress, not diet.

I believe diet is an important part of ourselves and I try to abstain from eating foods that I know wouldn't be too good for me (especially foods with lots of sauce and fat).

Philosophically, I have never found a reason to fully abstain from animal food and I opted for a moderate path. I have a deep respect for nature and all living beings and I actually eat vegetarian food from time to time, but, when I look to all the priorities in my life, I believe there are other lifestyle changes to be made that can have a much deeper impact on my health than diet alone.

Currently I still have some digestion problems but I'm working on solving them through lowering self-imposed pressure and living a happier life.

DL from Heidelberg

Had cancer. Went to raw fruit and vegetable diet. After three years added white meat. Still here 11 years later. Daily diet now one can of V-8 juice and a blueberry fruit bar for bkfst; orange, grapes, and peaches for mid-morning snack; one quart bag of raw carrots and one quart of raw broccoli for lunch; Of course on the weekends I pig out on pizza!

Ed Holden

Hi Scott,

I see that a few people have already commented on this pair of sentences:

"And I thought some days I was tired in the middle of the day for no particular reason. Then I stopped eating carbs until dinner time and discovered that I can go all day on six hours of sleep."

I'm an eight-hours-a-night sleeper, but I've been longing to figure out a way to sleep less. I like a nice relaxing sleep, but I eight hours of it is a waste of time that I'd like to minimize, so I'm really intrigued that you've managed to sleep less by altering your diet.

I'm also a vegetarian, so if you don't mind sharing: what do you eat during the day to avoid carbs? What sort of carbs wear you out by 2 PM, and which don't? I'd appreciate anything you could share.



You really want to lose weight and enjoy yourself? Here's what helped me lose 80 pounds and feel great:

1) Write down what you eat. Eat a WIDE VARIETY of foods THAT YOU LIKE.

2) Exercise daily at 60-70% of your max heart rate, 30-60 minutes.

3) Adjust your input (calories) and output (exercise) so you lose about 5 pounds a month.

4) If life intervenes and you lose focus, start over ASAP. Every day is a new day/new start. NEVER give up.

For me, almost every other piece of advice was useless or worse.


My girlfriend's a nutritionist. So this post was wonderful for me - we'll have lots to talk about over dinner tonight! It also makes me a little guilty for dragging her into the dark side, so to speak. There was a time when she ate very little fats and oils, but when she's with me we eat out all the time!

By the way, have you ever heard of a woman named Frances Lappe?


what you read from the book might not be so true... as you may or may not know, the chinese food in U.S. really can't be called chinese food..

David Huntley

I can relate. Every morning I would fill a tall mug with half strong coffee and milk. Did this for years. Last springs I found out I had a mild but significant food allergy to milk and coffee. I quite drinking it, and I feel like a million bucks and have ever since I got off that stuff. I had no idea that this is the way "normal" people feel. I say go to an allergist and see what you might be allergic to. You can be allergic to certain foods with out displaying sever symptoms.


And it's not just eating. Breathing inappropriate gases is bad for you, which is kinda ironic for most vegetarians.


Three candy bars and he can hover? No one has ever been able to prove that sugar makes kids hyper. They have tried and failed. No proof whatsoever. It's a myth.

Will Walshe

Just saw this post:

"Cavemen lived a completely organic lifestyle with plenty of raw vegetables and died at age 30. As far as this book goes, someone needs to show me the same data for rural India before I am buying into the theory."

Cavemen died of infections, major trauma and bear attacks. They did not die of cancer, diabetes or heart disease.

Don't know about rural India, but here's some data that might be of interest:

Diets are worse than religions. People ignore the data.

The Man Disguised as a Tree

Speaking of food, when is Dilberito going international? Like to my home country of Sweden? Now I better go, apparently a polar bear is attacking my Internet connection.


Go Scott!

I read this book a while back, and among my reactions was "well no shit nutrition influences health" - but it is so well researched, and in my mind convincing, that it did give me the reason to switch my diet. I'm near vegan at this point, and feel great.

One reaction I have to this book is that at the same time, I want everyone to read it - but at the same time I full well realize that the majority of the people I know would never be able to cope with the findings. Food is too emotionally charged for most people to cope with information to the contrary of what they are actually doing. I read it at a time when I was already interested in nutrition, and had already started down the path toward vegetarianism.

To each their own. But I'm completely annoyed now by the "findings" that this individual one thing will cause behavioral changes, or greatly affect cancer, heart disease, etc

But I do love it when I have an inroads to talk about the book and it's findings.

I also agree with the earlier posters that "The Omnivore's Dilema" by Michael Pollan is fantastic - I actually read that before "The China Study" and liked reading them in that order.

Will Walshe

I offer this debate between Dr. T. Colin Campbell (the China Study Guy) and Dr. Loren Cordain into evidence as another one of the many examples of the China Study being murderously debunked:

It's a shame that only 3 people on here will read it. And I'm rounding up.


Most of the popular food and drinks people consume are loaded with caffeine, salt, sugar, saturated fat, preservatives, hormones and other questionable additives. The people that eat and drink these in more than moderate amounts are actually addicted. These over eating proclivities are no less than an addiction to alcohol, tobacco or drugs which are treated as diseases. Denial is common.

We all fall into our own natural pattern of eating. An irritating part of all this is when self-appointed organic food-Nazis preach their conflicting nutritional dogma telling us how to eat. Endorsements for crapy drug and food products are incessant. A person can follow all the rules and still croak on bad Chinese toothpaste. Think I will only have Twinkies for lunch. Live, eat well and prosper.

Mark Ventura


I'm curious: how do you get enough protein and iron? My girlfriend doesn't eat land animals, but does eat fish, eggs, and dairy. She doesn't get anywhere near enough protein and has iron deficiency, which makes her tired all the time and cold at 72 degrees.

Do you just eat a shitload of beans or something? I assume you limit your soy intake, given the apparent negative effects, such as accelerated aging (especially of brain cells).

A balanced diet and exercise will lead to good health. This is elementary.

If eating a reasonable amount of meat caused stomach pains, then the problem is within you, not the meat. I did a modified low-carb diet for about 2 years. I ate about 1200-1500 calories per day, 90% protein and fat. The only vegetables and fruits I ate were bananas and lettuce. I felt quite good. I was happier because I was losing weight. I ran two miles a day.

Do you practice calorie restriction? It's well-linked with longer life and according to wikipedia, "CR is the only known dietary measure capable of extending maximum lifespan."

Mike Michaelson

Keenan wrote:

"I will have to try the no carbs till dinner thing. Just fruits and veggies. 6 hours of sleep and feeling great would be a dream come true."

FYI, fruits ARE carbs!

Danny from Milwaukee

How interesting (and somewhat ironic) that it was our hunger for meat, and desire to catch it, that led to the evolution and development of our big creative brains.


Couple of pointers to all those who comment(and will not read after they have written)
To the one who mentioned about
Of course veggie diet is supreme.
The US food industry in its ways of Quantity over quality (as in for everything) has messed up this generation. did you know that the milk that you drink everyday is white , but is basically meat-derivative, i.e. meat products given along with other milk-inducing agents to a cow (which is itself reproduced in God knows how!)
This explains why as one of the comments about menstruation age being 9-11 in the US vs 17 else where..
It is very pleasing to know of so many who have moved from red meat to white meat.
I suggest that each one of us should visit one of these farms and factories where they make saturated frozen food, so we will never eat them again.



There are good reasons to medicate for ADD and ADHD only when the kids are in school. We consulted with our doctor about it, and got her approval.

Biggest reason: As a side affect, the drugs suppress appetite. Kids on these meds don't eat as much and don't grow as quickly as they should. I've never met a kid or teen who WANTED to be the "late bloomer," and for years our son was well under the 30th percentile for his age in both height and weight. He did most of his growing in the summer, when he was out of school and off his meds. Our son understands these issues, and agreed with this approach. general rule: don't put any more chemicals in your body than you have to.

Also, we discovered that our teen was depending on his meds to help him get by with less sleep. Of course, we cracked down on "bedtime," but we also made doubly sure that he only gets the meds when he needs them, so he is more likely to get the sleep he needs.

Third reason: The best treatment for ADD/AHD is a combination of meds and acquired coping mechanisms. It is easier to acquire the coping mechanisms when he is not medicated. By definition, those are the times when a screw-up is less serious, and the point of the coping mechanisms is so you can learn to get by without (or with fewer) meds.

These meds are not for treating an infection, or even a mood disorder, where a defined regimen is crucial. So your instincts about a proper medication regimen do not apply here. These meds are for behavior modification, and ADD/ADHD behavior does not always need to be modified.


Lucy Lynn

Try reading Eat Right For Your Type. Not widely accepted material, but it has worked well for me and my family.


A. I recently went on a diet (not meat-free, but certainly more focused on chicken and fish than red meat (pork isn't all that common here anyhow - I'm in Israel)), lost more than 30 pounds in 3 months, been keeping my weight for over 4 more months, and I've never been LESS grumpy. You don't have to give up the food that tastes good, only moderate your consumption of it, and keep an open mind about other types of food you might also like and never gave a shot.

B. Why do you call it a cognitive dissonance if people prefer tasty food over healthy food? Why can't it be that some people simply make a conscious decision to enjoy tasty food, even if it means a shorter life? What's the point of living a longer life if you're not enjoying any of the fun stuff? Like someone said - all those health nuts are going to feel really stupid one day, lying in a hospital dying of nothing.


Have you looked into Eat right for your Blood type? Very fascinating - although probably not 100% accurate. I have personally found a correlation between feeling bad and eating the things I'm supposed to "avoid" according to the theory.

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