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sandra heintz

this plane shit just made me lagh


Not true Mike

Richard Rowell

So I'm jet poop eh? I can live with that, I've certainly been called worse. I just hope and pray the 787 doesn't get constipated while I'm on board.


Scott...No offense, but this is quite possibly the least scientific argument I've seen in a long time. Incredibly funny, I'll give you that. But as far as convincing, I think you've got a better chance convincing the 787 to burrow to the center of the earth and dance the Charleston.

Listo Cómics

I don't like to feel like poop...

So I've edited the wikipedia. Now it's alright:

“Life is a condition that distinguishes organisms from inorganic objects, i.e. non-life, and dead organisms, being manifested by growth through metabolism, reproduction, and the power of adaptation to environment through changes originating internally... with the exception of planes, cars, trains and other big stuff”


We eat 787 poop!

Ever wondered what goes into those nutritous plastic in flight meals?

Yes it's reconstituted in flight meals from weeks ago. We eat the residue from the 787 food after it is processed to remove the blue loo chemical.

He He next time the Trolley Dolly serves up your plastic meal think about it.



Hate to be a party-pooper, but living things also have to grow. The 787 won't do that.


I got to this a few days late, but it made my Friday afternoon much more entertaining. Especially since I'm on the 787 team (and really looking forward to Sunday's Rollout).

And I shared this with several coworkers, who also really appreciated it.

Hooray for jet poop


Jet poop! Ha! It takes one to know one!


just how high were you when you wrote this?

Kelsey H.

That's the greatest thing I've ever heard in my life. Thank you, Scott.


Hahaha, "reproduces, with help from humans".
Then, a xerox machine should be called "pregnancy machine"!

"I prefer think Scott's post proves once and for all that software engineers are gods."
Hurray! I am a software engineer! Let me play god, f*ck fortran to have some simulator babies!


Little me

So if I work on the software for a 787, and my creation gets copied into each and every one of the 787 born, does that make me
a) a 787
b) a god?

I prefer think Scott's post proves once and for all that software engineers are gods.


This talk of living ships reminds me of Farscape. Some day perhaps, we'll breed ships and planes that more closely fit our limited definition of alive.


"We actually eat jet poo.

People aboard planes / boats take a dump.
Dump is expelled over ocean.
Fish eats dump.
We eat fish.

Posted by: gordon_goosemonster"

Then we go in an aeroplane. Take a dump...

It's called the cycle of nature.


Must... resist... urge... to... point... out... flaws...

Free William

Well done Scott,

I do love the way you can spark a vigorous debate on the nature of life by posting a piece of infotainment drivel...

Keep up the good work.

Bruce Harrison

I like talking about Paris Hilton more.

Allen Anderson

In order for something to reproduce, it has to take part in creating one of its own. A plane doesn't do that. A life form must also have a central nervous system. Logically a parasite (human) cannot be that nervous system. And it cannot operate on its own. People are not food. They are parasites. Fuel is food.

Johnny Ouais

Scott probably find a meaning to the Joseph Newman energy machine theory.

If a cargo jet is alive, then this stupid guy might not be wrong either.


Damn it, Scott! You're going to make them update their definition again until it fits perfectly their arbitrary judgement of what life is!


Maynard Smith: "entities with the properties of multiplication, variation, and heredity are alive, and entities lacking one or more of those properties are not"; basically to be alive a thing has to consume external energy, continuously changes its internal substance (metabolism), can multiplicate itself creating things similar to itself (heredity) to be alive.


Scott! Man, what the hell have you been smoking???


"Another fact that might give some credence to Scott's theory: I once dated a woman who might have been an early prototype of the 787. This observation is based upon the size of her flaps."

Utterly fantastic :)


The Inimitable Scott Adams!

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