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Choda Boy


I want to thank you for giving me back the 5 minutes I waste each week on your work. Now that I realize your political motives, I will take my business elsewhere.



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Speaking of... I think McCain could win if he'd die his hair. He just has no distinguishing characteristics. Dark hair wouldn't blend so well with his skin tone.


Interesting... I followed your link to the Republican Party website and my Anti-virus and Data theft software went crazy. The site went phishing for my credit card number and I had to clean out TWO trojans and a data mining cookie after my very brief visit.

I'm glad I'm Canadian and have only apathy to vote for, or not, as the spirit moves me, or not.


I am pretty sure this is how the people picked Warren Harding... and I wasn't alive back then, but I hear it didn't turn out well.

Kyle Olbert


It looks pretty ridiculous for you to attack the looks of the two people who pose the biggest threat to your candidate's chances of winning the party nomination.

The minute you use this blog as a propagandist's tool again, I'm deleting you from my iGoogle.



Scott- check it.

Can you please use for those long-ass links. You're messing up my bloglines viewer.


PS- keep up the good work. Your blog is always a refreshing look at the day's events....

Mark Bowness

These are all very funny and a very true comment too.

Mark Bowness

isabelle dolce

Paris for President. She looks terrific even after doing time.





Steve Warner

Actually, I have noticed for some time that Bush is the only world leader who never looked as if the cares of office affected him. Remember when he started his new job with a vacation? That is the kind of attitude that lets you ignore stress (or reality).





D. Mented Clinton smoked weed while studying Government at Oxford University, smoking cannabis has been illegal in English law since 1928 (whether you inhale or not)

Harry Krak

For a man who doesn't vote, you spend an awful lot of time discussing why people should, or should not, be voted for.


Hilary Clinton after 8 years???

Akira Yokota

Condoleezza Rice Before:

Condoleezza Rice After:

Noah Vaile

How come every time you come up with some extremely funny but even semi-political post some anti-Bush a-h has to say something that shows what a moron he is? Some damn fool has to say something nasty about our pres at every opportunity, even if it isn't one.

The man can't be that stupid. He managed to get the hardest to get job in the world without trying all that hard for all that long.


Rudy Giuliani

is also an actor/politician!

And if Hillary Clinton were Brazilian

she would be our Tourism Minister, Marta Suplicy [also a presidential for 2010]

Joel Odom

I always vote for the guy who tells the funniest racial joke during the debates.


Obama before:

Obama after:

Apolitical is the Only Way to Go

Finally, a post I can guffaw at. There's so much political reality in the news to laugh at that most of your political posts just aren't that funny. This one was good. Must have been the visuals.

Greg K

Before and after of Fred Thompson.

Kevin Kunreuther

Funny funny,funnt.
I'm not gonna' vote for Clinton, now, though, doesn't she look kinda scary already? Brrrr! How about Sharon Stone, she looks almost hot at her age?

Enough Wealth

That's why you should do away with humans as president and install a computer system - in 8 years time it look as freah as the day it won office.
ps. Even a commodore 64 could make better decisions than the past few presidents (all you need is a random number generator)





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