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Your Giuliani match-up was pretty good. Mine is not as good, but I gave it my best try:

Mike Huckabee before:

Mike Huckabee after eight years:




I thought the same of our current president.
In fact, I assumed the following realization was why many of his staff resigned...



Ha... ha... ha...very funny

Jedi Kevin

Here are my pics.


my precious


For Fred Thompson Before:

For Freddie After Eight Years:


John Edwards:

Gilbert Huph:

William of Urbana

Sir, you have inspired me to create a new Facebook group to get behind the eventual leader of the free world early in his struggle.

Tallest Guy for President

You have not lived this day in vain. Unless I wimp out on this. In that case, I'm confident you will come up with something.

Chris Maturkanich

Rich people don't usually play the lotto. They view it as "a tax on people who are bad at math". For poor and blue collar people, they view it as the only real way to get ahead and be secure. They want to keep on working because staying home all the time gets boring after a week or so. Some lottos actually have repeat winners (NJ Pick 6) You only hear about the endearing ones because that's all the news will report. There's the guy from West Virginia who won the biggest Powerball ever and then went to jail I think. He already owned his own business before he won. There's Elicia Dickinson who tried to sue her way into the winner's circle. They're not all saints. I'm sure the occasional rich person plays and wins. But you won't hear about that anywhere but the actual lotto website because the general public doesn't want to hear that.

Hey, here's one for you though... In Pennsylvania they always say "Lottery proceeds benefit older Pennsylvanians" Yeah, 'cuz they're the only ones who win! *L*

It Pays To Dream!

Karl N

Ron Paul before:

Ron Paul after:


That wasn't the after picture for Fred Thompson. That was our current Secretary of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff:

We all know you are supporting Mitt Romney now. But we wonder... If he'd tossed his cat on top of the stay-wag instead of his Irish Setter, would you be so enamored with his boyish good looks?


I hate to say this, but WPE! (Worst Post Ever)! Nothing funny, nothing insightful. Hoping for something better, come Monday. We understand -- working Sundays is hard. :)


In Soviet Russia, President picks YOU!!!


Duncan Hunter before:

Duncan Hunter after (not voting for this guy would be pretty smart):


Clinton before:

Clinton after another botox injection:




Obama before:

Obama after:

Kristina L.

It is amazing how being president ages a person.


Even though she's not running, Condelezza Rica after 8 years:

Real Live Girl

How scary is this?

Fred Thompson before:

Fred Thompson after:


in other words, you are asking how is leg
not bad, thank you
it's going to get amputated if you allow me mild exaggeration
so reminds me i'm perishable too

i'd report on the status of the limb earlier
but somebody was acting cold and getting analytical on the middle east :)
though i liked your absurd and funny solutions
as an old saying goes water is stronger than hardrock stone
it curves its way, it polishes sharp edges, it makes sand etc
though the middleasterners'd cherish their pride more than physical harm or financial reward as it is common at least for the eastern cultures

sorry don't have any pics
besides amprez's strictly american matter

Mrs L

Hillary won't age in office, she'll just get another facelift.

Hillary before:
Hillary after:

The Tree

Joe Biden now:
After a few weeks:

alex Deich

Barack Obama becomes The Thing from Fantastic Four.

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