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The most interesting part of the post is how you wanted to use it for dating! How did it go?!! I can just imagine this: It's getting warmer in here, warmer... You feel like taking your clothes off.... It's so hot in here even your underwear is making you too hot... must take them off...

Great post!!


This reminds me of a quote from Men in Black:

J: Why the big secret? People are smart, they can handle it.
K: A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals and you know it.

I work with kids all sumer, so I try to teach them 2 things:
1.)People will lie to you your entire life, so:
A.)Get good at spotting a liar.
B.)Get good at lying.
2.)It's 70% how you say it, 20% how you look, and 10% what you say. So if you have confidence and believe in what you say, you can make people believe whatever you say.



Can you recommend how to find a quality hypnosis school for anybody who is interested in learning about hypnosis? And how long/how much such a class would be?




I think the company was actually named Path-E-Tech or some such at one point.


Scott, you've done it again, another thought-provoking and fascinating post.

I was lucky enough to attend a 2-day course on "hypnosis for self and others" a while back. I don't have anyone who'll let me practice on them and it's been so long now that I've lost the confidence needed for it to work on anyone else, so I use it on myself. I have also bought CDs and downloads on a few of my own personal development areas. I keep them on a playlist on my mp3 player so that I always have them handy.

I shared one of them [an energising one] with a work colleague who was struggling to get through the day after a restless night with a fussy baby. He went off to his car to get peace and quiet to try it. When he came back he said, "I don't think it worked, I fell asleep"! When I asked if he felt rested and energised, he admitted that he was but maintained it was because he had slept, not because of anything else... guess he’s one of the ones who might benefit from a bit more understanding of less conventional areas…

Maybe I'll send him the link to your post...



Great post, Scott. Thank you for writing it.



le Big MAC

first you sway everyone's will with Dale Carnegie complements. Now you're dispensing hypnotism lessons. From California.

Scott, you're starting your own cult, aren't you? Yes! Your home office is really a compound for an elite Dogbertian hypnotist force to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!
I've learned a thing or two about hypnotism today, I really have. But I'm not gonna share until I've trained my cadre of buxom resistance fighters. You wiiiilllll come over to my place.... You wiiiilllll come over to my place.... You wiiiilllll come over to my place....


I have noticed something about your brain, Scott. I think it is pretty good and your thinking is clearly pretty effective. But it seems like you have a tendency to figure things out, and then say, "OK, figured that out," and shine it up and place it in a box in your head with a little square label, and never touch it again.

Do any of the things you figure out come up for review? I could be totally wrong, and I don't know you very well so if that is out of line I apologize.

By the way I noticed that about evangelistas and thought so too. The 'cadence' of their voices.


"But the best super power that hypnosis gives you is a different world view. Nothing in this life makes sense if you assume people are rational most of the time."

Some super power... every time you talk about your half-assed solutions to middle eastern problems, you assume that everyone is going to act rationally. So the so-called super power doesn't seem to work for you, does it?


Awesome post Scott, and I didn't mind the length at all. I know there was a ton more you could've written, and I'm glad you chose to write as much as you did.

As a teenager I had all the misconceptions about hypnosis- that it was mind control, etc. Around the campfire one summer my friend's dad asked if I wanted to be hypnotized, and I agreed. I was totally conscious the whole time and thought I was just fooling him. But I've never ever been so relaxed in my life and it was awesome. The suggestion he gave me that I would want to go jogging upon waking up in the morning (and would feel great afterward) seemed hilarious to me. But I did it anyway when I woke up because I didn't want him to know I was 'faking' that I was actually hypnotized the night before.

But you know what? I did really want to jog when I woke up, and was looking forward to it. And I really did feel great afterward. The man knew what he was doing...

Anyway, I love lengthy and interesting posts like this one, so keep 'em coming.


Best post I ever read on your blog.
Thanks for that!


My high school's "Project Grad" graduation party hired a stage hypnotist. He asked 10 or 12 volunteers to come up on stage. Of that group, one did not become hypnotized, and one became too relaxed by the hypnosis. Everyone else were acting pretty funny though.


Hi Scott,
Long time reader and never commented before, but this was post was great. You picked a subject I've always been interested in, but never found out a lot about. Very well written, particularly in comparission to a wikipedia article on the same subject.
I attempted to get hypnotised once but it was relatively unsuccessful, I think I now know why (I was at uni in front of a lot of my friends and the hypnotist asked me to dance like Michael Jackson... Didn't sound too much like a reasonable suggestion to me). And so, armed with this new information, I'm going to go and get hypnotised to help me give up smoking.
So as a thanks for the compliments in your earlier post:
You may well have saved me from a horrible smoking related death, and for that you are a great person.

Ron Hardin

Lautreamont, on writing as hypnotism (mesmeric fluid is ink), in one of my favorite passages :

To construct mechanically the brain of a somniferous tale, it is
not enough to dissect nonsense and mightily stupefy the reader's
intelligence with renewed doses, so as to paralyse his faculties
for the rest of his life by the infallible law of fatigue; one must,
besides, with good mesmeric fluid, make it somnambulistically
impossible for him to move, against his nature forcing his eyes
to cloud over at your own fixed stare. I mean--not to make
myself better understood, but only in order to develop my train
of thought which through a most penetrating harmony interests
and irritates at the same time--that I do not think it necessary,
in order to reach the proposed end, to invent a poetry quite
outside the ordinary course of nature, and whose pernicious
breath seems to unsettle even absolute truths; but to bring about
a similar result (consonant, moreover, with the laws of aesthetics,
if one thinks it over) is not as easy as one imagines: that is what
I wanted to say. Therefore I shall make every effort to succeed in
it! If death arrests the fantastic skinniness of my shoulders' two
long arms--employed in the lugubrious pounding of my literary
gypsum--I want the mourning reader at least to be able to say to
himself: "One must give him his due. He has considerably
cretinised me. What wouldn't he have done had he lived longer?"



I've read your blog since the begining -and I like it A LOT- but this is the firs time I write a comment.
That hypnosis stuff sounds very helpful, I think I'll give it a shot.
Thanks for making my day -everyday- with such interesting stuff.


What's the deal with the people who can't handle the length of the post?

Haven't they ever read a book before? Those things are much longer than this.

I've only been reading this blog a few months but if you haven't already I'd like to know why you blog! It doesn't seem to be for money...


Thanks Scott.


Wow, that was really pretty cool. Long post, but to some extent, even just reading it worked. This really makes me want to try it.


I am seeking a good hypnotist in my area to help me. I have found listings for dozens, but is there a designation I should check for which would demonstrate quality services?



Thanks for the interesting post. I have questions though!

I am an amateur musician and know well the kind of energy that music, properly performed, can have. I have experienced this energy as a performer and know it is not fake (and is not entirely generated by the performer either...but that's a different topic). There are things that I have found heighten this energy--confidence in one's ability (gained by practice) and focus on the music (being 'in' the music and your part instead of letting your mind wander). I'm noticing parallels to techniques of hypnosis you mention and I'd be curious to know what your opinion on what connection there might be between the two disciplines, if any.

I'm not sure how acquainted with music you are, as you haven't mentioned it much on this blog. In insure you know the kind of energy I'm talking about, here are some Youtube videos that are representative. This is a VERY small sample and isn't the best example because video doesn't do the concept justice--you really have to experience it live to know what I'm talking about, but hopefully you get the idea.

Any thoughts?


It is so easy to blame one's affiliations and memberships for the actions of the individual. I noticed how quickly you call religion evil because evil people use it as their vehicle for extortion and fraud.

Of course, it is not as easy to consider the millions of people whose lives are benefitted by their affiliations and memberships because it is difficult to report on humility, basic kindness, and general honesty.

Certainly there should be more rational and critical thinking in organized religions, and other groups. But, it is very unscientific to discard an entire theory when it fails certain prescribed tests.

Kevin Kunreuther

two excellent blog posts in a row. you've convinced me to check out a dale carneghie course and a local hypnotist course (we had a jim dandy hypnotist in Dallas recently who people actually throw money at, just to listen to his empowerment spiel []).


That was pretty darn cool...

Now I need to stop blinking and yawning...

And this light arm is driving me crazy... ;-)

So when will the secret plot for you to take over the world that you just put inside my head become apparent?

CW ;-)

Robin Burchett

My wife gave birth to our third child under hypnosis, and it was amazing. It should have been the hardest delivery because the kid was facing the wrong way (OP, not breech). That last bit of pushing that normally takes 3-4 minutes took 30. But she was fine the whole time, with no drugs. In fact, she was so fine, we almost didn't make it to the hospital. We were at home with the hyptnotherapist, and my wife was just breathing deeply and keeping her body relaxed when she realized that the baby was HAPPENING NOW. We spent the 30 minutes getting to the hospital! The midwife was stunned, and said he'd never seen an OP baby born so easily. Compared to the first delivery where she was doped up and groggy, and the second 'natural' birth with it's extreme agony, this was a cakewalk.

Coolest thing I've ever seen.

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