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tester aposter

Mimio Mimonno

Mimio Mimonno


I build F*****g big sawmills in Russia, despite working for a company with a consensus based management system.

SPC Jeremy Mitchell

"Most of you work in technology, but there’s a healthy dose of doctors, lawyers, fast food workers, cops, Moms, pastors, and at least one prostitute who is writing a book."

Does that make me the only one in human resources?

Dmitry Z

I got to re-word my post now. Being a landscape photographer, I show people how beautiful this Earth could be without their turd.


TOTD - Turd Of The Day

after its chrome plated, polished, spray painted, and repooped .. Can someone put a brush guard, a lift kit, NOx, BIG knobby tires, and 4 wheel that bloated smelly thing back where it cam from ?!

LOL eewh! the image !!

Yes, I am talking about M$ Vista.

car free since '93

I liked the one who talked in other people's sleep.

CFS '93

Kevin Kunreuther

I sheperd traveling turds in the wee small hours while reading and answering your blog - there's more, there's always more, but it's complicated.

[Hotel Night Auditor]

Billy B

Well, I'm a spiritualist that doesn't ask others for money. So what do you have to say about my kind?
Billy B

Clarence Rubin

Your job didn't get harder unless you decide it should. Finding out who your audience is doesn't mean you should pander to us; you didn't get us that way, and you won't keep us that way.

Of course, you probably know that perfectly well...

(I was the meat-puller, i.e. Jimmy John's employee. Also a computer science undergrad, but that doesn't make for nearly as funny a job description as "I pull meat".)


i read them some of them and their pretty funny. but from what i read im the only one who never had a job (im to young to legally work by the im not lazy) and therfore i may be the youngest person to read Dilbert at 14. i started at 12.


That was yesterday. I thought today was the 9th! I am SO confused!

David Kimball

Why do you think there is a difference between pastors and whores? They both bilk money out of people for something that should be free.


"his job is to eat turds and repoop them"

Coincidentally, that's my Jack Russell Terrier's job too. Literally. He seems to really enjoy it too. And no, we didn't give him this job. He took it upon himself.


This reminds of how much people love to fill in polls and answer questions about themselves. This is probably an internet only thing because I can't see it working when a total stranger asks you questions on the street.

I'm sure if you ask some questions to your readers a lot of lurkers will start replying. You asked us a question of how to improve your restaurant. Your entry hit above 1.000 replies.

People love polls on the internet.
Correct me if I'm wrong but I've seen it happen too many times to dismiss it as a coincidence.


You tempt me to read the comments. hmmmm.


You must reincarnate the LOTD.


Your capitalization of the profession, Mom, was much appreciated!

Real Live Girl

Pastors and whores, all creatures great and small, brought together by a turd. How 'bout that?


this is a mini comment. 'nuff said.


This thread is so anal.

Cathy Dee

Scott, I've been wondering how your posts on reader compliments and hypnotism are connected...and now I have to add how "turds" figure in there. I'm not sure if you're brilliant or scary, but thanks for such a good daily mind-working read.


Must resist urge to make Ted Haggard joke.....


Now, it's normal to comment on regular posts, but should we make comments on mini-posts as well?

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