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Jayabrata Bose

Thank God.

Johnny Dillinger



yeah, a very nice summer this year, not hot and humid
though haven't seen dew yet
which is for me a criterion of the perfect summer
sure you enjoy your weekends all right :)


You must have gone to Elbonia for a luxurious mud bath, right?





BTW, Sunday's strip was hilarious. Anyone who doesn't think so is a humorless moron.


You were dead? Well, glad you're feeling better.

le big MAC

were you fighting off the complaints about todays strip? My apologies, but did you think that was funny? The likability quotient of your characters has taken a serious nosedive.
Am I taking this too personally? See the next thread...

Real Live Girl

Oh, just say it -- you were reading the last Harry Potter book.

Ok, I'll say it...I was! Got my and my nephew's copy at midnight on Friday and started reading right then.

Very little internet for me this weekend...or sleep...or food... Mmmm, probably wasn't in as happy a place as you then, was I? :)


you were in Canada eh? that's awesome, did you bring me back a beer?


Hey, so was I!

Wait a minute ... are you stalking me?!


Hey, so was I!

Wait a minute ... are you stalking me?!


Hey, so was I!

Wait a minute ... are you stalking me?!


When I think of places where the sun doesn't shine. There's a very personal place that comes to mind. How did you get in there?


A happy place without internet?
I always thought the only place without internet was heck?

LA Clay

about freaking time you took a day off!


When did you know you were going away? I was worried sick about you!

Repent for your sins!


hmmm...looks like someone went to a secluded place to read harry potter :)


Me too. Well no, I was reading the new Harry Potter book so I could spoil the ending to everyone who I felt to be annoying. Then I felt happy.

But good for you, everyone needs some time off.

(Ron marries Voldemort, and lives happily ever after in a popsicle called Sweden.)

v kap

Any place would be a happy place if the internet dunt shine there...cud be happier with cellfones out of the way too...


Hmm... So who is approving all these comments?

jerry w.

Just glad to hear that you're not blowing dust farts,
and looking at the grass from the wrong end.

Awaiting your return.....

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