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Subliminal Self Improvement

thank you, i felt myself great from your compliments.


Well, I really agree with the writer. Especially the talk about dale carnegi


Dan V

Scott wrote in the article...

"So unless it’s your first time here, I have no doubt that you’re one of the smartest people you know."

This is my first visit. Therefore, I am participating now so that I can come back later and establish myself as someone smart (which, BTW, is contrary to all other indicators).


Wow, Thanks for both great articles. It is always better to teach with humor. I highly recommend anyone interested in hypnosis and confidence read these explanations. My life is hypnosis. I'm a hypnotherapist, instructor and most of my work is the fun of bringing out peoples creativity in the hypnosis show. I enjoyed the your perception.
You are probably good at reframing the negative or glass half empty folks, yes?
Again Thanks, Laura


A friend of mine recommended this particular page to help with speech class, which I'm terrified of. I actually DID find a little condolence in it, too. Thanks for writing it!


New reader just today, via "And So It Goes".

This was a great post, all well and good, but then I noticed... it's filed under "General Nonsense"!


Jennifer Lee

Scott!! A friend of mine sent me the link to one of your articles and now I'm addicted to your blog! I still have a bunch of posts to go through! It's so cool how you got to take a Dale Carnegie course! That man was a genius!

Pat Sciacca


I belong to a listserv that sent your blog site to me.

I was really taken with your blog. I have read your cartoons for years but did not know about your blog.

I really agree with you about compliments. My son, who is now 27 and a successful business owner had a Learning Disability when he was in school. I noticed then hos much compliments helped his try even harder with his school work. I often thought of writing a book called Praise them when they are right they know when they are wrong but never did.

Your blog brought back those memories and reinforced the importance of compliments. Thanks again.


reading this post made me feel warmer inside that those complements did. ;)


When I took Carnegie I knew that the instructor had to compliment everyone. For me, anyway, it gave all the compliments a false ring since each and every one of us would be complimented whether or not there was something worth complimenting.

That doesn't mean the technique doesn't work. It just means it doesn't work on me. Even though you could easily apply "above average intelligence," "open minded," and "a good sense of humor" to me, I did not feel uplifted or complimented.

Well - maybe a little.

Almost Lucid (Brad)

Ha, I thought, "Theres no way his generic compliments are going to make me feel better." And then they did. Thanks.

For what it's worth, this blog is my favorite, and I read a lot of blogs, articles and whatnot. It is the dessert in my Bloglines, saved for last. Thank you for educating and entertaining.


Hey Scott,
I liked those compliments. So much so, that they energized me and made me happy. The language used in the compliments had a very nice rhythm. Almost like you were hypnotizing us to have a good day.
Were you?


I disagree with the cynical postings hinting at insincerity behind the compliments to the readers. After reading halfway through the comments I couldn't help but notice that the readers of this blog are indeed of above average intelligence.

Why wouldn't people of similar nature be attracted to this blog? Birds of a feather flock together. It's easy to see that this blog attracts intelligent, open-minded people who enjoy new or different ideas. You wouldn't be here if you didn't have similar interests to the author. Eclectic, fun-loving, etc. The author is simply recognizing likeminded people. It's doubtful he's trying to manipulate you or whatever.


Thanks for the ringing endorsement of the Dale Carnegie program. You have successfully taken the place of those that appeared on the stage during that sales presentation so many years ago. It is truly amazing the power that honest sincere appreciation has on people. When I say this I do not mean flattery, which is insincere. I mean the compliment supported by evidence just as you wrote at the end of your entry. Congratulations to you for making it part of your life!

And just a short note to those around the world interested in Dale Carnegie programs...check the Dale Carnegie website for our worldwide locations. We are in 79 countries around the world including India and the UK for the writers from thoses locations that were wondering where to find the programs.

Thanks again Scott and keep up the great blogging!

Diana W

The compliments list reminds me of a story I read years ago. An elementary school teacher wishing to boost the confidence of the children in her class did the same exercise, having each child write something nice about all the others in their class. Each child received their list of compliments and was bouyed by the nice things said about them. Years later one child, now a teen, died in an accident and the teacher was invited to the funeral. The boy's mother told her that he had kept and treasured that list, and several other classmates proceeded to reveal where they kept theirs and how they pulled them out from time to time to lift their spirits. Every school should make this a standard exercise.


Thank you Scott.

I know your feelings on religion, but your words here may very well give me a deeper and closer more meaningful relationship with my church family. I may be unoriginal but I intend to compliment each and every one of them.

Thank you, really... I appreciate it. This post made a difference for me.

Lazy Boy

Thanks Scott my inner child is happy and my cynic self is now thinking of looking for new employment.

Leading by inspiration is more work usually but always produces the best and longest lasting results. Any moron can point out flaws, not everybody sees the true effort some people make everyday to better themselves. Thanks again for demonstrating that point.

Lazy Boy

Charlie On the Pennsylvania Turnpike

I was offline for an extended weekend, so I am playing catch up.

The power of positive thinking is wonderful, isn't it? Nearly all of the above comments express love or other compliments towards you in response to the presumed compliments you've given them.

Don't get me wrong: you assessment of your readers is dead-on. Demographics rarely lie. I imagine if Paris Hilton gave compliments to her fans, she would include specific praise on their sense of style, because that is probably something her demos reflect.

But I wonder how many of your readers (who commented above) feel a certain warmth when the shop-clerk says 'have a nice day' as she/he hands over change?

True compliments, to me, have significance if they are rooted in some trait that a person possesses that cannot be viewed in a demographic.

So while I appreciate your efforts, perhaps more than most realize, I understand that it was merely an exercise.


Thank you.


I took a Leadership course with Dale Carnegie in the UK and thoroughly enjoyed it. Highly recommended.


You're just too cool, man.

Best writer ever.

Most insightful potical commentator I've ever read. And tied first for funniest and cleverest writer ever (with your second cousin, Douglas).

I'm too tired to form coherent compliments.

Another time.


this really works.. Thanks Scott. I see what you wanted to put across. Point very well made!

Alok Ranjan

Dear Scott! Your blog is my homepage. So, maybe your compliments to the readers apply even more to me. :)

I have jotted down a few reasons why I keep coming to your blog. 1) The simplicity and intelligence in your writing 2) The wide range of topics you cover 3) The positive energy and optimism which shine through your blog.

I've gone through Dale Carnegie's books. They have helped me a lot. But after reading this piece, I feel I should go through them once again more seriously. Unfortunately I'm not sure if Dale Carnegie's courses are available here in New Delhi, India.

Please do keep writing such stuff. They give the pleasure of reading. Even more importantly, they tell us how to make our lives better.


I always knew it, if I stuck around long enough, along with being entertained, I will definitely get something which will make me better.This one certainly is a gem.... an amazing outlook on public speaking, confidence and other things important.

Free William

Then again some of us can't take a compliment.

I run IT training courses. I used to have feedback forms to help me improve the sessions. I stopped using them because I used to get lots of compliments and positive feedback. They did make me feel good but I am smart enough to know that my sessions can't be that good.

Your closing compliments made me feel good too but I have started looking over my shoulder, sometime soon someone is going to realise I am an imposter and don't belong at the Dilbert blog.

Maybe I shoud have read this on Friday...

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