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Joe S

I had the same issue at an art show this weekend with my comics. Most people got the jokes but some were scratching their heads. One even asked if I woke up in the middle of the night to write this stuff!! I just said- nope it comes naturally!

Big Al

The exploding golf cart is one of my favorites along with the one that followed!

Free William

On Australian TV a few years back there was a series of 'Great Debates'. In one about whether science or comedy was more important my favourite line was: "if comedy is more important than science the greatest moment in human history would not be harnassing a load to a wheel but the harnassing of the fart for jokes"
- the second one gets my vote...

(apologies to Andrew Denton for any inaccuracy in the above quote)


"I'd have to say up the butt, Bob."


The second one made me laugh out loud. The hands down winner. ;) The first was OK, but not hilarious.

Al Newberry

I liked them both, but the second really got a laugh out of me. Sadistic and twisted all the way.


I preferred the all-hands one specifically because it was so different and odd. The flint one, I got it, but it just seemed rather bland and pedestrian, like you were phoning it in.

For comparative purposes, I've actually been rereading my (really) old Dilbert books this week, and here are a few I marked as favorites in the book I'm on right now to show to a friend:

(1) From 5/16/05 -- Nowadays this seems OOC for Dilbert but it makes me laugh. It's something I might just have been ballsy enough to say :D

VP: "I could give you marketing's approval right now... or I could flex my vice presidential power and send you to gather more useless data... my ego would expand and I'd be a major stallion with my wife tonight. Do you think you can top that?"
Dilbert: "I'll try, sir. What's your wife's address?"

(2) 5/24/95 -- one of my all time favorites

Dogbert: "You can create the illusion that you work long hours by leaving voice mails for your boss at 4 AM"
Dilbert (on the phone): "Hi, this is Dilbert. It's 4 AM and I'm in my underwear and I thought of you... oops... erase... oops" (beep, boop, Dogbert's ears flare up)
Dogbert: Did you just send an obscene message to your boss?"
Dilbert: "No... I think I hit the group code."

(3) It's too long to go into, but the 8/13/95 one about the ant farm engineering is delightfully hilarious.

(4) From 11/10/95

PHB: "How long will it take to fix any problems we find in our beta product?
Dilbert: "It is logically impossible to schedule for the unknown."
PHB: "Try to think as a manager, not as an enginner."
Dilbert: "In that case, we'll fix the problems before we find them."


I prefered the second one. I think that's down to my toilet humour, but it could also be down to not understanding the all hands one. All hands may be an American thing, maybe I'm just slow! Either way, I love reading the Daily Dilbert!

Queen B

I am a secretary at a construction firm (trade is notorious for golfing often to assuade the customer) and I laughed out loud and for a very long time when I read the golf thing.
Holding the newspaper.
In our lunchroom with 10 other people.
And I am the only one guffawing like a psycho.

I so related.
Thank you.

And I scanned it and send it to my boss.
He was not amused.


Wow, 599 responses! Lets make that 600, even if it is a few days late. British, so what exactly is an "all hands" meeting? Therefore I like the second one.

I have a few favourite strips cut out and framed around the place, and one of my all-time favourites is the one where Dilbert makes Dogbert the Auto-petter.

Aren't you overdue for the second edition of the Treasury of Sunday Strips?


Scott, I'm guessing you read these comments not for their useless value but because you get a kick out of people who have accomplished practically nothing with their lives, trying to tell you what you shoud do.

As far as answering your question, I had to flip a coin. It came up edge. Next time I'll try a dime instead.

P.S. I would still like to find your sock puppet pages somewhere. Mine was a tie-dyed sock that attacked me. I had to put it down, unfortunately.


Many years ago when I was little, I read one of your strips on Cognitive Dissonance. When I was undergoing my Psych degree and learning about the concept, I recalled the strip and finally understood it. :) That was my favourite. Any idea how I could get a copy of that?


I have to admit to preferring the second one. I love the "all hands" meeting, because its so simple. But the other requires *gasp* thought, and a mental visual, and well, that works for me.


The all hands one made me laugh out loud. I used to work for the Navy, and we had All Hands meetings all the time. They were not usually creepy, just instensely boring.

I liked the golf one too.

You have once again divided the humor audience into two groups: those who like wordplay, and those who like fart jokes. I'm not usually a fan of fart jokes, but the golf cart one was really good, because it appeals on other levels as well (like comitting mischief on the boss). :)


The flint golf ball is one of my favorites.

I have never written to anyone about any comic, so it shows response doesn't mean that much, it just means that people that have enough time to send you responses didn't like it.

keep up the good work with the blog and the stripping.


i liked the hands one better. i didnt get the second one, and then when i read the explanation, i still didn't find it very funny. but the hand one is good. i like that sort of thing.

Pandu das

The hands comic was dumb. Sorry it took me a few days to say that. They put up a new web filter at work, so I can no longer access your blog while getting paid. However, I can read the daily comic between 11 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. They presume I'm having lunch then.


My favorite Dilbert comic:

Taking "casual day" too far. Dilbert is in his robe and slippers, and Wally is buck nekkid.



Flint golfball wins hands down

Steve Chapple

The first 'hand' strip - weird not funny. I can tell you that from firsthand experience, but maybe it's because I'm Canadian.

The second 'golf cart' strip is hilarious - one of your best. LOL


Fortunately or unfortunately I actually liked them both...

The all hand meeting definitely hit a nerve and I sent it out to a few ex-coworkers as I think they have one of those on Monday. Luckily enough at my new job we don't have those BS meetings.

I really liked the 'flint' one too. Funny enough Caddyshack 2 was just on [okay not an all time great but it fits here] and Chandler Young [Robert Stack] hits a exploding golf ball and it blows up in his face. Plus who was it that said farts = funny :)

Johnny D.

I loved the golf cart flatulence comic. The "All Hands" one was just okay for me.


Didn't get the first one but suspect that's my good luck.

Loved the 2nd one. Right with you.


I liked the second one better, but I grew up in Kansas.


I got them both, and liked the first one better. I am subjected to *way* too many all-hands meetings from different organizations, as being an IT guy, I'm matrixed to a lot of them.

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