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Grant Horn

Scott -
Of the "all hands" joke and the "golf outing" joke, I understood the humor present in both jokes and both made me smile. I always enjoy it when Carol tries to "do in" PHB because imbeciles are always so easy to make fun of. I guess it's true what they say - life is like a cesspool. The big chunks always rise to the top! Which makes me wonder, if PHB is such a doofus, what is HIS boss' boss like?


i liked the second.


The first one I don't quite get. I get the creepy part but I've never heard of an all hands meeting so I'm stuck wondering about that and that prevents the funny from getting through. The second one made me laugh out loud. Afterwards I just thought, "Oh, poor woman. That's not going to work."


I really enjoyed them both. Carol's attempt to kill the P.H.B took about 10 seconds longer to figure out than the "All Hands", but the satisfaction afterwards was longer.
Maybe reading your blog has attuned me more to your sense of humour and way of thinking?


I love reading the comments to your posts - I've become hooked - it's a party in here. But this is impossible when you go about inviting comments and there is a deluge. I feel unsatisfied when I have to go to bed without having read all the 942 comments. I don't like to leave even one out just in case that one is the funniest or most original comeback.



Hey Scott,

I thought the comic strip was one of your best. Keep up the good work.


Both were good, but I did like the second one, I actually imagined what you wanted me to.


I have thoroughly enjoyed the last few strips with Carol and TPHB. Being a Secretary myself, you have been right on target - in fact, I had to hide my stapler so it would not spontaniously fly across the room at any of the four guys I support. :-)

A constant reader...


I've heard of an all hands meeting but don't know exactly what it is, so the Hands comic was not super funny to me.
The Golf Cart comic cracked me up. Loved it. :)

a person

You got NO positive email about the gag with Carol?
Consider this a positive email. That was one of my new favorites.


First, I like the fart comic better than the all hands meeting.

Second, there are two that stand out in my mind as my favorites when I think of all the Dilbert comics strips I've read. I like the one where Wally and Dilbert go to watch the "numbing" and the one where Ratbert breaks the XBox.

Ashok Subbarama

Even though I attend "all hands meets" all the time, baked beans & sauerkraut take the gas ..err cake. Also, the next one (sand wedge) was pretty hilarious too!!



I have to say I like them both. Dilberts are like ice cream. I can enjoy the chocolate as much as the vanilla as much as the [insert any other flavors here].

Truly tickles seperate but equal areas of my brain.


Golf toon was better. The 'all hands' toon was just to obvious/simple...I mean, we have all hands meetings where I work, but that doesn't make it funny. Oh, and I saw some arms in there, too.


LOVE LOVE LOVE the one with Carol...but I am currently planning 2 golf tournaments at work. so I'm biased.


They were both okay. I had only vaguely heard of all hands meetings, though. And for some reason I didn't get the second one the first time I read it. Now I get it, and it's just okay.

My favorite one lately was the one where the PHB asks Carol to set up a dinner for all the key players. She asks who the key players are and he says "Everyone but you". That is a page right out of my life as an Admin. Assistant. Our jobs consist mostly of doing all the work while everyone else has fun and makes more money. Which is why I also loved the one where the secretaries decided to take over the world, but the idea was scrapped when they realized they'd need their own secretaries to do it. Ha.

Harvey Sugar

I think they are both great but appeal to different aspects of my sense of humor. The "All Hands" comic is visually funny and made me chuckle. The "Golf Cart" comic was funnier after it sank in.

I don't know how you do it after all these years but you've managed to keep me laughing.


I thought both we hilarious, but any comic / joke involving farts always takes the cake no matter how subtle it may be.


The golf toon was most definitely funnier!
My former boss was a *terrible* golf player and a real jerk... I'm behind Carol 110%!


I agree with you, the golf cart exterminating executives is funnier.


The all-hands meeting cartoon was awesome, but the second one was a real screamer. Glad I wasn't eating/drinking when I read it or I'd have done a spit/snort-take.


Both cartoons were funny but the one about the gas leak is not a stand-alone. It is funny because of the one that preceded it. Excluding the person who has to plan the event is very common in organizations so you drew the obvious next scenario--even though in most cases they are thought and not actually done. The humor is imbedded in the reality of the situation. Responses vary because corporate experiences vary. I was, at various times, a department manager, a division head, and a human resources executive so I find most of your cartoons scarily funny.


I loved that cartoon! I've had the same feelings about most of my bosses, and as years go by I'm losing faith in the "they'll get what they deserve when they die" motto. I guess I'm just not patient enough : )

Renato Andara

Hey Scott, check out this article "Uranus has no diamonds after all" ( This would make the kind of material for some Subjective Humor.

Best Regards from Venezuela, the land whose (nutcase?)president calls "the devil" your president.

Steven Brandt

My 5 year old son has a favorite Dilbert commic. It's the one where Wally dreams he can increase his IQ just by thinking about it and wakes to find out his pillow is gone. He asked to look at it several nights in a row.

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