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Minister of Silly People in Green

You mean bush isn't the Sith Lord? WTF!


65 comments for the Emeror Papaltine's look alike, over 500 for ESP.


Absolutely classic! I haven't laughed like that in AGES!! Thanks so much for brightening my dull monday morning... you made my week with that one!

The resemblance in those pics is uncanny :P Explains a lot!!



now starring Pope Benedict !!


that is a good article
thanks dilbert!



i didn't want to read this post.. i don't know why.. the title scared me.. the very thought of the pope instantly bores me in a disgusting way but cos you pointed out the the worlds 'holiest man' has the worlds 'most murderous eyes'.. i'm pleased. cheers!


This is outrageous! Lets go burn some protestant churches and kill some pastors, make a big demonstration yelling "waapapapapapa" and let them know the power of the Force, MUAHAHAHAHA! (imperial gregorian chant playing)

Billy B

"How do you offer advice to a guy whose other advisor is The Almighty?"

I would tell him too fuck off being as I'm the Almighty and he is a piece of brainwashed crap.

Hey pope, fuck off.
Hey Almighty, fuck off.

Almighty my ass, there is no such thing. God is an evolution and we are it. Well I'm in good form today aren't I? LOL
Billy B

Nicki Lagrange

I was going to say he looks like "Uncle Fester" from the Addams Family, but Senator Palpatine is much more appropriate - after all, Uncle Fester is quite nice...


In the style of your almost-makes-sense humor I came up with the following two:

That is smarter than anti-intellectualism.
That's stupider than anti-intellectualism.

In your opinion, which is better?

Pandu das

The pope as a kid reminds me of Damion from The Omen movie back in the 70's or 80's (whenever it was, and however the name is spelled).

Your words, not mine

Muhamed was the last person to talk to God. He told us that. He said he was a prophet. Anyone who believes in prophets, must believe that anyone claiming to speak for God for the last 1500 years is a fraud.


He does loke realy evil in the first picture.


I remember there was once a bit of a huff about a product called Pope-On-A-Rope (POAR). It was a pope version of soap-on-a-rope.

I wonder if the pope handlers first used this POAR to practice handling the Pope. I wonder if they also used the Pope-Soap to clean themselves. I wonder where they spent the most time cleaning themselves. I wonder how much rubbing was involved.

I wonder if the image of POAR became too much for the all so human Pope handlers. I wonder if the thought of "on a rope" became "tied down with ropes". I wonder how far this forbidden passion was allowed to go.

Do the Pope handlers handle more than just the Pope. Do they handle parts of the Pope? Which parts? How often? How do they clean up afterwards? Do they use Pope-On-A-Rope to clean up their splatters of shame?

Bondage. Shame. Humilation. Sounds like my weekends. I could very well be the Pope. Sadly, I'm disqualified on the grounds of not being related to Charles Manson.


In the title-bar of the news article linked, it says "Pope: Jesus formed 'only one church'".

That was the first thing that loaded for me, and I couldn't help an image in my mind which, well, is accompanied by the robotic cranking sound from "Transformers".

Seriously, if he could form *more than one* church, then he would just be a massively overpowered transformer. Especially if each church comes with real congregation-launching action.

Also, apparently "Jews have concerns over Latin mass." They can probably get it surgically removed.

Dave K.

Next month's news from the Vatican:
Everyone who does not speak Latin is going to Hell.
KIX cereeal is not really "cereal".
Jesus would have preferred Cherios.


I think that is his "Blue Steel" look.


The Pope can save all sorts od money visiting countries all over the world.No need to rent a venue, when all he has to do is show up at Star Wars conventions.


Where else can you insult the symbol of a religion and have hardly anyone be offended. Even the Catholics who read your blog weren't insulted. That's the way it should be, with everybody laughing.

D. Mented

I have a very poor memory for faces and names. This sometimes comes out pretty funny.
When I saw that picture, I thought to myself "Wait..Isn't that that guy that played the emperor in Star Wars?"
The resemblance has to be HUGE for me to notice it at all.
By the way, a good photographer can think of something to say on the order of "Your Holiness, I'm getting shadow in your eyes. Can you raise your chin a little? Great! Now focus a little above the camera...Perfect!" and get something that looks human out of literally anyone...Unless he WANTS to show us the real Ratzinger.
(Whose nickname *in* the church was "God's rottweiler")
It's my opinion that Humanity will be better off (especially the Catholics) if his lack of a living heart is exposed in some scandal so outrageous it makes the child molesting priests look like...choirboys.
There's a belief from several popes ago that this one would be the last one...Let's watch and see if the prediction is true.
My favorite Ratzinger quote: "I prayed to God that he wouldn't make me pope, but he didn't listen."
The arrogance of a man who assumes if God listened to him he would automatically agree stuns even this devout Atheist.
D. Mented


Senator Palpatine? I thought that last Star Wars movie was supposed to be an allegory about W's failed War on Terror.....oh, right, George Lucas outlined those stories years ago......but that means George L is really pulling the strings here........MAY THE FORCE BE WITH US!!!!!

Jason Allen

His evil appearance matches my opinion of him. Before his papacy, this "man of God" was in charge of the Church's priest abuse "investigation." He reportedly met with one of the worst offenders long before the scandal was exposed in the press. This "man of God" did quite a bit to cover up the world wide molestation of children, but did little to stop it. This corrupt "man of God" is the now leader of the equally corrupt "One True Church." It's a match made in Hell.

I truly wish I believed in Hell. If I did, I could take solace that Pope Benedict will one day take his rightful place in Hell next to Jerry Falwell. One day Pat Robertson and Fred Phelps will join them.


I don't think it's a question of you having too much time on your hands. The problem, as I see it, is that your intellect and sense of humor exceed the narrow parameters of your comic strip.

Having followed your career, I know that you set those parameters over time - realizing you could make boo-koo bucks turning DILBERT into a "bitch-about-your-job" strip. You've made those bucks, and continue making them, and I respect you for that -- most people who get rich in America do so much less admirably. You could've been a war-profiteering Halliburton investor or some such, but you've made your money drawing funny little pictures and writing captions for them. I think that's cool.

And yet, as a comics lover and aspiring cartoonist, I can't help feeling sad that you've narrowed the parameters of your strip to an extent where you can't talk about things like this in DILBERT. I think the comics page would be a much more interesting and funny place if you did.

But I'll keep reading your strip and checking your blog. At your best, you're the funniest gag-writer around. You're an inspiration and a generous teacher. I apprecitate that more than I can express.

John Woodward

I just can't ADD anything to this:


"Hallowed are the Ori"

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