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I'd rather die a couple of years early than give up my Diet Coke. I mean, do I really want to live that long anyway??? The longer I live the more people there are who want to tell me what I can and can't do = )


I was a diet coke addict up until 3 weeks ago when i stopped drinking it.

The cold turkey i suffered was 10 times worse than that i had when i quit smoking. But now i feel 100 times better in myself and dont even slightly crave another coke (as i know now it'll make me feel bad).

I'd suggest trying it (if you're prepared to go cold turkey)..


I had a thought the other night that related to a previous blog. It seems obvious that what we eat would affect behavior, but I'm betting the real science won't back it up. It just sounds like one of those things we think should be true, but it will likely turn out not to be true.

It's a Job

People tend to believe anything that is attributed to a scientist without questioning whether all scientists are capable/talented/intelligent.

I figure it is much more difficult to become a professional baseball player than it is to become a scientist. Still I would have to search far and wide to find a person who hasn't at some time in their life said that so-and-so major leaguer sucks. Yet that same person will often take what a scientist says as gospel and that scientist as infallible.


Many of those things don't kill you.

The food/swimming combo is just how cramp-prone people explain why they get cramps while swimming, instead of a more logical explination such as "I'm an unhealthy bum" which would cause severe damage their ego.

Cell phones on airlines... they interfere with the signals received from those in air traffic control. It doesn't crash the airplane, but can sure screw up their walkie talkies.

As for the other things (minus Al Qaeda) most of those things can't kill you. It just makes you incredibly sick (or can).

For example, cell phones. Cell phones apparently fry your brain cells with their waves. No one has died (although a few have gotten cancer). But in general, I've noticed that people who frequently use their cell phones lack rational behavior, common sense, and are generally brain dead.

Archana Bahuguna

Non vegetarians! I invite you all to come and stay in India for six months and you will know at least a thousand vegetarian recipes which has a perfect balance of all nutrients that humans need to live without health problems!

And please don't just go by numbers on magazines that report protein problems with vegetarians. It is because those guys did not eat the protein options available to them.


From these posts I have learnt that Aspartame gives SOME people headaches and there is a lot of confusion about artificial sweeteners. Saccharin tastes bad and the early sugar-free drinks had this in and put a lot of people off diet drinks but I say give them another go. These days they use aspartame and they taste a lot better than the old saccharin ones did. The sweetener that has a laxative effect is not aspartame but sorbitol which is also characterized by a cooling taste in your mouth so it is often used in cool-mints.

Using your mobile (cell) phone at the pump might interfere with the electronics of the pump and cause a fault with the amount you get charged (could be less but might be more so why take the chance?)

Concerning Al Quaida, here in the UK we have embarrassingly dumb terrorists but that's no excuse for the BBC to be giving them ideas - they are currently running a news item suggesting that the increased queues at airports might make suitable targets.


My late great-uncle, born ca. 1895, used to tell the story of how, when he was young, he went swimming with a friend shortly after eating and the friend died. Not sure if it was cramps or what, but the punch line of the story was that when his body was pulled from the water, there were chunks of meat in his mouth. It probably matters how much you eat, and what kind of food. It does make sense to me that, since digesting a heavy meal competes with supplying blood to arm & leg muscles, possible ill effects could be fatal while cavorting in a hostile medium.


I used to know that the one kid who was from Africa emailed me because he was inheriting a bunch of money but needed someone to give him some money so he could send it to the US was telling the truth.

No, I'm not that stupid.


The only thing I know now, and would bother to comment on is people's marked inability to pick up on sarcasm... and to take life in general and themselves and what they think *they* know wayyyyy too seriously.

Great post, Scott... had a good laugh ;)


Hi Scott

I did some research on the oral sex question, and while there is no reliable data on this, a broad study (sorry I lost the reference) has shown that 7% of infections could not be associated with vaginal or anal sex.

While some subjects probably lied, that still leaves a small share of infections (maybe 2 - 3%?) for which we do not have another explanation than oral sex.

Even 1% is not a risk that I want to take, because 1% risk on oral sex twice a week during 6 months adds up to 40.7% probability, and during a year to 64.8%.


I offered my condemnation of a healthy lifestyle for humorous effect. I don't need to provide a cite or other evidence. You are going to die from something, and your fatal condition will have to be cancer, because all others are excluded by my express assumption that you "succeed in avoiding all other forms of poor health."

Conclusion: A healthy lifestyle increases your chances of contracting cancer.

Sheesh, it isn't funny when I have to explain it. Sorry about that. It amused ME, anyway.



jake everyreader:

I'm glad you laughed, but it does not appear that you actually understood the (somewhat dark) humor in my post. Keep working at it.



Why do so many people care about the dietary habits of other people? Vegan, Vegetarian, meat eater... who really cares? It hardly seems to be a topic worthy of a few comments, far less the couple hundred pride-filled responses posted here. To each to his own.


Scott, if any of those virgins that enjoy giving blowjobs e-mail you, and they happen to live in Canada, can you forward me the e-mail addresses of the female ones? Thanks in advance...

Of course, I would want the ones that don't have AIDS or HIV.


A note to michaelc - there is no sodium benzoate in Diet Coke. It was used for a time in some coke products but was discontinued before this study was released.

I am a long time coke drinker who switched to diet coke about 5 years ago when I figured out I was drinking more calories than I was eating (funny that realization happened when my metabolism started slowing down)

Like all substances, aspartame affects some people dramatically and others not at all. The only real problem I have with it is it causes water retention, particularly in the belly. If you're in great shape but just can't seem to get rid of the love handles, try eliminating aspartame and see if that makes a difference.

Sadly it appears that I love diet coke more than rock hard abs.


I love Diet Coke and Coke Zero, and drink at least one everyday.
However, I stay away from nitrites, which are commonly found in processed meat, which is just gross to me anyway.
When aspartame and nitrites are combined, they form a deadly chemical that is a leading cause of many cancers.
I stay away from Splenda at all cost; I actually know a seven year old girl who has been hospitalized and had to undergo a form of chemo-therapy because of an adverse reaction to Splenda.


You'll enjoy this:;_ylt=AqB.EO0MdIfdttW_6N4gBlsZ.3QA


I know at least two former vegetarians who had problems with their diet- essentially they got sick, and instantly got better when they went back to eating meat. I also know a perfectly healthy vegetarian, who has been on that wagon for years. I think the essens is that the last one consulted her doctor first- being a vegetarian requires a controlled diet because you may easily get malnutrition otherwise. But if you watch what you eat, it's fine. I just don't think it's better that watching what you eat and getting a little meat. regular diet is for people who are too lazy to plan- like me- it'll kill me a few years earlier, but I honestly don't care.

Alan Monroe

[Have you ever heard of an adult vegetarian being hospitalized because of protein deficiency?]

Nah, they just look pale and pasty.

Phil Lynch

I'm a Brit and have a question about today's Dilbert. Is 'feeding the squirrels by the east entrance' an American euphemism for some unorthodox sexual practice?


I'm a lifeguard. I've never noticed people getting cramp who aren't overweight and/or trying to push themselves to hard - it doesn't seem to be much to do with eating.

I have, however, seen people throw up in the pool when attempting 1km front crawl immediatly after their Sunday lunch. I don't know if you've ever seen bits of roast vegetable spreading through a pool, but I assure you it isn't pretty.

David Huntley

Perfect symptom of "Alarmism". It's the new disease of the double oughts. Gorebull Warming, DDT, Aspertame, Drinking Water, Avian Flu, The 2007 Hurricane season all Alarmist BS! Why do you ask? Just like when you parents told you not to go swimming after you eat, to keep us in line, and to do as we are told.

Bodo Eggert

>>> When I was a kid, it was common knowledge that you would get cramps and drown if you went swimming within an hour of eating.

It may be possible, but if it is, you need to eat a lot, and you probably have to exhaust yourself while swimming.

>>> Now it’s common knowledge that your cell phone can bring down an airliner.

It can interfere with the instruments. Every car radio or set of active speakers shows this influence, too. It won't bring down the plane, but you don't want an extra landing because of a fake engine-on-fire alarm, and unless you tested your systems to not have this problem (or similar ones), you would rater err to the safe side.

>>> Everyone knows you can get AIDS from oral sex. Any doctor will confirm that. It’s common knowledge. Yet there are plenty of teens engaging in oral sex and no other kind of sex.

First of all, in order to spread AIDS, you have to have AIDS. But then, any fluid exchange may spread it, and if your mouth is wounded, you have a certain cance of geting AIDS.

>>> We Americans know that Al Qaeda has cells in America planning to attack. And we know that there are more terrorists than ever, thanks to the Iraq war. It’s easy to get people and explosives into the country on private boats or across our porous borders. The woods must be full of terrorists by now. Apparently all the slow ones came to America.[...]

The problem is: You don't know them until they do an act of terror or untill they are caught.

>>> I have been thinking along these lines lately because of all the comments on this blog about my high intake of Diet Coke. Many people believe the aspartame is dangerous, [...]

Count me in on that headache-from-sweetener-list. (And diet coce tastes filthy.)

One more thing: Bicycle helmets are supposed to protect you, but among the bicycle users being injured on the head, the share of those wearing helmets is three times higher (about 15 %) than among all riders (5 %), even when including all dead cyclists as having died because of not wearing a helmet. (numbers from germany)


shoot.. i was Hoping you'd address the diet coke thing but.. not so truncated-ly ..more on this please or.. is there more to be said than that?

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