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you have not answer my qestion . i mean what is the name of tallest man and shortest man on earth

Johnny C


from time to time, I drop by to see if you've updated your blog "World’s Tallest Man Marries".

I think you're doing a great job. Excellent work!

Please feel free to set up links with my own blogs:

World's Tallest Ever People:

World's Tallest Living People:

Tall Sexy Women:


Johnny C


I was wondering, if she was on top during Shish Kabob way; could he still kiss during the up and down motions? Like him sitting in chair and she sits *ahem* on it facing him? Someone please do that math. LOL...


I've had a few women, in the past, who only went out with bald and receding young men. The reason, you ask, wasbecause of a simple medical fact....

Premature hair loss is caused by excess Testorone in the system.

The majority of male Testostorone is generated by the genitals.

A man with larger than average genitals produces too much Testostorone and will suffer premature hair loss.

Conversely, men who can grow long girlie long hair lack Testostorone and therefore....

You'd be quite surprised how many women use this knowledge.

And it has been a known medical fact for more than a century.

So next time you see some babe smiling broadly, arm in arm with a balding or bald dude, you'll understand why she's smiling.


Conjoined twins with two heads and one vagina - did you mean these?


I know it's a joke, but in the interest of scientific accuracy, there is no correlation between the size of some body parts and the size of THAT body part. Since feet, arms, et. al. are part of the skeletal structure it's logical that height correlates with those. Obviously, what we're dealing with here is an organ, not a limb.

I can't find a study that focused on the height question directly, but for one that focuses on feet, (which correlates with height) follow this link:


It doesn't work that way!

Make a fist, then open your thumb and index finger. If the guy is tall like your index, then the Ganbaatar is short like the thumb and vice versa. For further scientific study notice the thickness of the thumb vs index finger etc.


[And if so, how does the tallest man’s diminutive wife explore her passion without dying in a Shish Kabob-type accident? - Scott]

This is one of your funniest lines in a long while, so I had to repeat it.


Mongolia is strange. They have the world's tallest man and the world's shortest man. The shortest man is only 29". Doesn't it make you imagine that his Ganbaatar might be the size of his shortest fellow countryman?


Gotta love a herdsman who brings his own staff.


Hmmm.. I wonder how the shortest man in the world is doing?

Also, I'm going to start calling people Ganbaatar from now on.. It's fun! :)


Use the metric system, Adams.


She must really like him, and he must be nuts over her.


Ganbaatar = a famous Mongolian soccer player:

I wonder how long he is....


Not sure if anyone mentioned this, but is there anyway we can make a character out of this guy. He can roam around the office and all you see is from the waste down. You can call him Ganbaatar. I would die every time he was in a strip.


I once heard a radio interview with Britain's tallest man. He was around 8' if I remember right. The female interviewer asked if everything was in proportion. He replied that if everything was in proportion he would be over 12' tall.


You Ganbaatar breath.....
I don't know scott I like Stupid lemmon eater better :)


FWIW, not to get too technical, but yes, "Boov" is the correct Mongolian vernacular for that part. It's actually a euphemism for pastries, and I have no idea why it refers to those bits. It does make it hard for the foreigner to politely formulate "The girl has pastries" without sounding like he is making some kind of off-color remark.

Anyway, since he's Inner Mongolian, they may be using the Chinese term "jiba." Off hand, can't remember what that stood for. But again, another in a long line of comments online and otherwise failing to denote the difference between Inner and Outer Mongolia.


Proportional means:
If 6' guy has average 6" dong then
7'9" guy has 7.75" dong

How tall are you? ;)


Having done extensive, impromptu analysis of, er . . . comparative anatomy, I can attest to a lack of correlation between height and length.


Hahaha this is the funniest shit ever!

Cube Critter

I think Cindy's a Lucky Bear


You are a sick, sick man Scott... I hadn't thought of any of that... well not all of it...well not the sewer saving bit...


This guy is the smartest guy in the world. At her height he has gotten himself a full time ball washer.

jerry w.

It's a pity that no one speaks about the problem that "arises" whenever the worlds tallest (and longest) man has an erection. He usually passes out from lack of blood flow to the brain before he can make use of it.

Just curious though, when he talks his wife into performing oral on him, does he have to ask her to "go up on him"?

And one more question: If he converted to Judaism, would he then say he's circumcised or circus sized?

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