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Karl N

This made me happy because it reminded me of the leaping armored fish post.


He looks like a giant Mr. Spock, Holy Ganbaatars Jim!!


"Ganbaatar breath." LOL!


This is the funniest thing I've read in a long time! And I haven'nt even showed you mine...

Kelsey H

Above it? Far from. I knew a similarly mismatched couple a few years ago. The man was about 6'5", the woman like 4'5". I was troubled too, and I'm glad I'm not the only one who has these disturbing thoughts. :/

...although the Ganbaatar shower thing...ew, Scott. Just ew.


Are they going to do a movie?
Is she a "snake charmer" by day and a ganbatarr charmer at night?
I wonder if she smiles when she looks him in the "eye"?

Thanks, todays blog made my day!


Help, this post didn't end with 'Go', now I don't know what to do. Do I have to stay?


Thank you for the disturbing images and analogies Scott....

That man is probably suffering from the joint-issues that tall people get and you dedicate a whole blog to his gun-batter? I can understand if its a tall women with a balcony you could do Shakespeare from (thank u 'family guy').
Well, to each his own I guess...Its your post ye women.



Don't be such a Ganbaatar.

Craig Masson

Brilliant! Oh, you're going to get me sacked...............

Enough Wealth

I'm now waiting for a Dilbert cartoon to appear one day featuring the newly appointed external audit firm:
Ganbaatar, Ganbaatar and Johnson...


richard hunter

Interestingly however large or small a person is they have the same amount of blood (give or take a very small amount). So if the chap is in proportion then his time his Ganbaatar perks up, he will faint.....I would imagine fun was had at his stag do with that :-)

tim c

Apparently the female dolphin is anxiously searching for another plastic bag.
Seriously, I wish the bride and groom every happiness and a long life.
And you should know that Borat is 6'5" (six foot five).
It is such a luxury to discuss stuff in inches and feet; here in Britain we are being forced to swallow the metric. Who could ever be tall in centimetres?


try to google Ganbaatar


I don't have any problems with this kind of humor, i usually enjoy it, but, sorry, not this time. Maybe it is the context.

Robert Synnott

And, as if by magic, Scott Adams has introduced a new euphemism for the naughty bits of the gentleman.


WICKED!! Loved it!!

Paul O

I'm not above it. But at least I've progressed beyond grade ten. So while I understand it, I have no laughs to offer.

And while I've always understood your desire to manipulate your blog readers, I've never felt compelled to react either in line or in opposition to such manipulation: apparently unlike both those whom you mock and those whom you adore, I make my own choices.


There was nothing else that came to mind when I read the story, honestly....The writer and readers of this blog need a collective brain clean up!!! Or maybe not...why spoil a good thing

stuart - velkairiwyth

On a roll today! This post made me giggle so - and the Random policy generator is the closest match to my workplace you have come up with yet - and so far I have a "dilbert wall" at my desk with some dozen comics on it.


Ganbaatar... I think thats Klingon aswell isnt it? Probably for big wet pointy thing.

Ming the artmaker

Okay okay i admit i did think about it.

Vinay Pandey

On the other, dear Scott, what if the Ganbataar turns out not be a long snake but a small fly.
What will the 5'6" high wife think?

Indian Stallion

I don't think height is an indicator of how long your Ganbaatar is, otherwise I would be like 10 feet tall?

The Hammer

I'm getting married tomorrow, but it won't make news headlines for several reasons:

1. We are both of average height

2. My endowment is slightly below average

3. I don't like dolphins much.

I was not made for the spot-light.


The Ganbaatar is not a muscle and when excited is enlarged by blood. Tall boy may be long but probably not hard. If it was long and hard he would pass out from lack of blood in his brain to support the monster. Having said that, there are probably plenty of petite damsels out there that could, as they say, “Cut more capers on a long Ganbaatar than a monkey could on a mile of vine….”

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