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good one


pretty wierd and slight funny

Funny Guy

Nice article, I really appreciate your sharing!

Dan Walter

Hey Scott: Great comic! One of the best. I think comics are the BEST part of any newspaper today. I wish editors would give 'em more space as they deserve. I would actually BUY the paper more if there were more comics in it. No other part of the paper is more creative, or colorful or in many cases, more thought provoking! Keep up the great work.


listen yeah i didnt get any of this and how is Johnson a funny word its my second name

Mike Hawkins

I must confess, I actually didn't "get" the Dilbert comic for quite some time...

This blog post was a very interesting read though. It sort of makes me think of the great actor Rowan Atkinson - he is very serious and methodical about his work. Something you wouldn't perhaps believe when you watc the latest Mr. Bean movie.


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Conjoined twins with two heads and one vagina, huge man with smallish wife, and a Mongolian herdsman with an iPod and the salmon in a canoe.



Just wanted to say thank you for telling me about F Minus. It's made its way into my list of only 4 comics I check daily now to start my work day off with a laugh.


I first saw the story about the tallest man a couple of months ago and thought it was hilarious - specifically the part where he saved dolphins by retrieving plastic from their stomach with his long arms. Now I know why.

The story definitely scores a 10 on the scale of bizarre images (with bonus points for the animal reference). But, it also vaguely brought to mind some kind of superhero (was there a Rubberman with the superhuman attribute of having unnaturally long flexible limbs?).

On that subject, I think you may have made an omission leaving superheros out of your list of funny references. You just need to watch a few old Seinfeld episodes to see how funny they can be!

Marcus Jones

I like F Minus, but I don't know about next big comic. I think a common theme or character is needed for that. I like the one frame format. I wish you would do one or two frame comics once in a while. Some of my all time favorite Dilbert strips are funniest without the last frame.


Perry Bible Fellowship +1

Though the last few haven't been great.


I swear that first zombie looks like you, Scott.

K8 the Gr8

This is some great advice!!
Thank you, Guru Scott.



To each his own, Scott. I read an entire month of F-Minus. The only thing funny about this strip is that the guy gets paid for doing it.


Aptly named comic. Had to use jumper cables to restart my sense of Humor after reading a month of F-minus.

The guy has the comedic depth of a tax accountant.


I like Argle Sweater and Half Baked over F-Minus when it comes to single panel humor.


Do you remember VHS tape rewinding machines? Given the number of induhviduals in this world, I told some friends that I had a new invention idea that would make tons of money - a DVD rewinder. A can't miss idea, right?



F-Minus is just mediocre. Pick something better Scott.


Scott, F-Minus is good, but I think "The Argyle Sweater" is more my level:

Give it a chance etc. Chickens are just funny. If there is a chicken involved, I'm already laughing.

Also - what has happened to the Dilbert portfolio? Not being cheeky, I just noticed that one of the shares is up from where I "tipped" it.


Joel Odom

You're a champion of humor, Scott. I really enjoy your writing.

For many of us, myself included, the naughty portion, when overdone, can turn us off if it gets too crass. Dilbert and your blog are about equally clever, yet I usually like the comic better because it's not as crass as the blog.

Just an honest thought for you to consider. You're a genius. Keep up the great work.

Brian Rittenhouse

I promise this is TRUE!!!

Bizarre...A mongolian herdsman with an iPod

I read this and died because the day before I was working in the Apple Store and a mongolian herdsman (and family) came IN THE STORE complaining that his iPod was not working!

this leads to many other questions;
did he bring any pak animals into the store with him? any yaks for example?
no yaks

Was the ipod not working because it was broken or because he had no electrical outlet?
or computer? I believe they had a hand cranking generator...

How & Why did he end up in Chicago to get tech support?

I believe he also mentioned he reached the end of the internet...he had surfed the whole thing...but I could be wrong, he had a heavy accent.

What are the chances?????



If you didn't find this month's F Minus funny, here's some older ones from a few years ago:


I've been a fan of F-Minus for a while. Actually, it first reminded me of my all-time favorite strip (even over Dilbert, Scott; sorry), "The Parking Lot is Full". Probably the most bizarre comic strip ever written. The authors, Jack McLaren and Pat Spacek, killed it off a few years ago, but when it was alive, I loved it.


I remember there was once a Dilbert cartoon where Dilbert himself came up with the basic elements of humour. If you made a joke involving prunes, weasels, chainsaws and a reference to Gilligan's Island, it was guaranteed to get a laugh.

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