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Brilliant! Worked everytime I saw so far.

Speaking of, do you have any such tips on other areas? By areas I mean music, action (as in movies), mystery, etc. (I'm trying siphon the rest of you brilliant ideas here.)

Real Live Girl

I checked out F Minus and Half Baked. Sorry, but I thought Half Baked was funnier -- and was already a fan of Wulffmorgenthaler. But there's probably an unfair advantage to being a web only comic like Wulffmorgenthaler - no censoring for one. But Dilbert is one of the few I read every day, so you must be onto something with your funny writing.

Joshua Jacobsen

Neat post! Bad plug, though. I read a bunch of F Minus, and it's just a string of floundering random gags. They're almost funny, but apparently it's hard to tell a joke in one frame. Gary Larsen was the only guy that really pulled that format off. But to be honest, he had about three stupid comics for every funny one. His "crap factor" was still pretty high.

Dilbert is one of very few comics that I've found to be consistently funny. Out of five strips, you probably have one that's frame-able, another that is really funny, another two that are okay, and one that is feeble. You basically have one stupid comic for every four good ones. Calvin & Hobbes is probably the only comic I've ever read that had a better ratio. You're easily the best cartoonist in the world, right now, imo.


I prefer this

Mikey Benny

I must concur with your F-Minus recommendation; I literally just discovered the strip last week, and I think it's almost as good as Dilbert ;) Good stuff on the humorous writing lesson.


I prefer this

Kilgore J. Trout

so when i hit yahoo home page the cartoons i can expect are from you and a dead guy who's best work was in the 50s and 60s.


how apt, although i dont think i would be that generous if i graded it.

trying to be like Greg Larson (Far Side) only it isnt funny (or wierd or anything really). They need to check out your 6 components and other rules. If it gets syndicated then i'll eat chips for a week. even your 80% rule doesnt work. I read 30+ posts and didnt grin or laugh out loud once. Dilbert rarely fails to make me grin/smirk and usually three times a week i get looks from across the office when i laugh. he isnt 80% right - not good enough yet.

unless the whole of June and July were not up to normal form, how can you be so far off Scott? Or are you just building to a sure fire topic for tomorrows blog.


Might have been said, and if so sorry, but I think you did get the 'recognisable' element. That's why pop culture references are funny; they're recognisable, something you can relate not just to life in general [like a wallet] but your own, personal, modern life at that moment [like a fundamental obsession with having the shiniest tech].

Bit short for a thesis, but there you go.

Richard Gosling

Pop Culture references only work if the reader has heard of the reference. In common with (probably) the entire population of the world outside the US, I've never heard of Ryan Seacrest, so that joke fell flat. I wikipedia'd him, and apparently he is quite short, so I guess the joke has something to do with that.

So another hint on writing funny - Know Your Audience. If the majority of them have heard of Ryan Seacrest, and you don't care about the rest, feel free to go with that joke...


You left out an element......truth. Maybe you've rolled that into the "recognizable" category, but for something to be funny, there has to be a smidgeon of truth to it (which explains why so many politicians aren't very funny...they couldn't recognize the truth if it hit them in the head)


Vegetarian Zombies, greatly funny:

I think the "F-" cartoonist is very original and has a great natural sense of humor, sometimes needs a little work on his execution, but will get past that on his own with more experience.

I feel qualified to judge his work like this because I have extensive experience at being amused.


Maybe that's what is wrong.


"You don't have the heart of a true great cartoonist."

Huh? Phooey.

F Minus is funny.

Cameron at Laugh It Off

I'm blowing my own trumpet. The best jokes have very few words like this comic.


F-Minus seems vaguely reminescent of Far Side, but it lacks the humor. I went through a few weeks worth but only a small handful of things even came close to being funny. It's not that his ideas for most of his comics are bad, it's more like he just can't deliver it in a funny or humorous manner most of the time.


F - didn't do it for me. Not only was it clearly an attempt to emulate Larson's The Far Side, a couple of the ones that I saw were pretty much twists on actual Larson comics. I felt dirty reading it, so I guess that might satisfy the "naughty" element, but I felt like it was a lame attempt to rip-off Larson, but with better art. Strangely, the fact that it had better art somehow made it less funny.


THIS wasnt funny . And F Minus has nothing that remotely qualifies as funny. Nothing is less funnnier than analysing WHY something should be or is funny.


Those aren't peacocks, they're flamingos. Sheesh. Pay more attention next time you're at the zoo.

None of the above

There's nothing funny about Mongolian Vaginas. Wait. Maybe there is.

I also found F-minus reminiscent of the Far Side. Any way back when in England there was a series of T-shirts with "Fred" in them, that was somewhat similar (ex, Fred is looking through what looks to be a stamp-album. Caption "Fred was horrified to find a rice-crispy in his cornflake collection". ok, perhaps it loses something in translation).




Actually, I didn't find that comment terribly funny. It wasn't offensive, as some comments say, or at least I didn't find it so, but I think you tried a little too hard. Stick to your own rule. Two elements are generally enough. You write about the simplicity of humor, so stick with it! Brevity is the soulf of wit. That post went on longer than I would have liked.


F Minus is great most of the time, you should also check out the online comic "Boy on a Stick and Slither" it's very good. If you like F Minus, you might want to give the series "Discword" by Terry Pratchett a try. I will now use a magical spell to stop my endless list of recomendations. *POOF*


i re-read your post today and it strikes me, how it's skipped my attention yesterday that you deliberately tried to offend
is it worth to trade someone's hurt feelings for a few laughs
sure my dislike of chinese may be not much sympathetic too, but that's a long talk
'funny' mongolian? how funny?
ipod incompatible herdsman ?
you may think it's pathetic, i don't care
posting this just in hope that may be you and your readers will change a little your perception of us
though not sure, may be the racist gene is also inherent
and does not evolve

today is the last day of our Independence day festivities
thanks a lot for your attention
very much honored by series of your funny posts

D. Mented

...So there I was at the damn party, and after all the trouble it took to get there, the only one worth talking to was the babboon, and SHE was a Republican!
D. Mented

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