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Ha! I just linked to Basic Instructions yesterday on my blog!

Brett Battles

Hilarious. I like the strips. I've printed the physics one out and am taping it to the door of my office! This is a great new strip. Too many strips don't make you think so there's no reason to read them. This works well!


The four panel format was better. These are very funny. If he can't get enough newspapers, he could compile them in a "Basic Instructions" book. I'd buy it.


really good

the tee shirts are great!

the alien saying 'I have podlings!' how to calm children was very amusing.

this brilliant Now I have 2 comic s to look at

larry horowitz

I think your suggestions help the strip a lot, but it still isn't very compelling. The premise is fine but visually it turns me off. The characters need to look more interesting and there's too much black.


Most folks do not have enough patience to read the long ones. Instant gratification. I do not even read most comments over 3 lines. All were funny, but the panels will have wider appeal.


I really get this comic. Do you know why? Because I get the drawings. I get why he does it in quarter panels. So many of you recommending the change in drawing, or style of comic, don't get what Scott Meyer is really trying to do. Think of the name of the comic. Think of what other drawing styles have realistic looking characters and lots of information on them. Sure, it takes a bit longer to read, but that's why I like this one. I wouldn't change a thing, because I get it. Whether the rest of the world gets it is better answered by Mr. Adams.

Kevin Kunreuther

I laughed I cried I found a new comic I give fuck about, thanks to Scott Adams. I'm glad this guy doesn't live next door to me or interacts with me on a daily basis.



Those 2 strips
made me laugh,
especially the last one!
:D :D :D




Great cartoons, lets hope you can help him.

I agree the format needs changing for newspapers but his 2-up 2-down strips would make for excellent desk calendar pages.

Now... to link him everywhere.



"Yes, he is a lucky bastard. But talent causes luck, so it’s not a complete accident."

I would have said that having a talent is down to luck.

Talent causes luck and luck results in talent. This guy's going to explode once the vicious circle reaches critical mass.

I like his comics though.


Am I the first to identify the favorite video to share with someone you love as "Big Trouble in Little China"? Loved the movie but laughed pretty hard at being described as a beat up a 500 year old man movie.

I liked the four panel strips better but I can see the genius in turning it into a two or three panel strip. Looks like a little more fine tuning and he should be able to get something going.

As for being too dark and gloomy, there is a lot of humor in that. I think that Boondocks does a good job of presenting that side of life in a humorous way.

Randal Starbuck

Thanks Scott. I found these comics ages ago and I loved them. I read all the ones I could in one sitting and then next time I internetted I forgot about him. Thanks for reminding me. I'm putting him in as a favourite.


To those who criticized this cartoonist, read a bit more. Some of this stuff is hilarious....
Dear Pope,
I Strongly diagree with your stance on birth control. You mainly see people from a distance. I've met them close up, and we don't need more of them.


I like it... but I think it'd have wider appeal if the characters (especially the women) were either less realistic or more attractive. My mom, for instance, openly prefers to watch movies with lots of pretty girls/handome guys than movies with ogres/mythical beasts.

Even though Shrek is 20 times better than 80% of the movies she watches, she still prefers those movies just because of all of the pretty girls in pretty dresses.

Mark Fefer

If you want to see how well Meyer works in the single-panel format, you can check out the great cartoons he did for our 2007 Dining Guide here (
Mark Fefer
Editor, Seattle Weekly


I like the 4 panel versions better. The "How to Disguise a Yawn" and "How to Lie to a Child" made me giggle out loud. . . and want to yawn. And lie to a child on my way home.


Scott A,
I think the original strips were WAY funnier. Part of what makes him funny is the buildup of material before the punchline, which is the funniest part. Unlike in your strips, which I find to be the most funny in the middle (the second block or whatever you call it).

Anyway, because he is so good at the longer strips, I hope he can make it into newspapers which seems to necessitate conventional methods. AND being a dilbert fan, I HATE CONVENTIONS! However, you gotta do... Scott B is obviously very funny and I do like his drawing style. He could work on the wording a little bit in parts. I also think the frame around his original cartoons has too much going on and should be simpler. Finally, I don't like the info about the upcoming week. We have already surmised that he has too much info for papers.

All in all, I really like his work and I hope he makes it. Mostly because I hate conventions and like to see people make it "their own way".


Alex Hallatt

I preferred the original format. It works well on the web and perhaps that would be the best business model for it in an era of declining newspaper space/money/attention...

I so wish it wasn't true.

Chris Benson (Asparagus Pee Guy)

Although I would not deign to disagree with your assessment of relative marketability, I think I prefer his original format - it's an obvious homage to This Modern World, and I find it stands out from the "strips."

As for wordiness, I have this agument with our marketing guy all the time, but some of us actually LIKE words!


I love the work and want to keep reading them. The art is appropriate and works for me. Stuff the papers - they'll be dead soon enough. Stick with the format and stick online and do books (I think they have a longer shelf-life than papers!) Strips would work well as TV shorts, don't you think?


What a great cartoon! I love it. I've bookmarked the site and added it my daily must see/visit list.


Not quite as funny, but still good.


The newspaper industry is on it's deathbed anyway. The original format is much funnier because it gives him time to develop the situation fully and deliver more laughs per episode. I would buy a book today if he had one. Get a faster server, hit the page with some Google ads, set up an online store, and promote the crap out of it. Don't kill a good thing just to get in some papers that won't understand it anyway.


first one: funny
second one: had to look up ennui, but still not funny

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