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ABSOLUTELY! I am a higher intellegence female generally only attracked to men equally or more intellegent than me. I got WAY below average amount of sex from my ex-husband (according to the study I heard about on NPR). I figure this way I could actually get laid and find a bigger dating pool to draw from at the same time.

Listo Cómics



I have read that both Richard Feynman and John Nash were good looking and from their biographies it seems like they had an active sex life.


"I could sign away 10 pts still be slightly above avg. and and get to sleep with two or three paris hiltons."

If your wanting to sleep with paris hiltooooon doesn't that make you pretty much below average already?


i had low IQs and no inter-coarse partners. but i canot afford 10 IQs score. can i get discount?


Is it just me, or does it seem that the mere suggestion of having more sex lowers people's IQ by 10 points? Following the logic of the post, smart people aren't as attractive and have less sex, and good looking people have sex with other good looking people. If some magic button lowers the inteligent person's IQ but gives them more sex, they are still going to be less attractive...and thus will be having more sex but it will be with other ugly people. Does that sound like a good trade?

Hi Man

Why would I possibly want to have sex when I can look at porn and masturbate to my hearts content. Its free you know. Do the cost benefit analysis on all the resources you'd spend trying to get laid and you'll see its not a very smart thing to do. Not to mention all the additional calories you'll be'll have to make up for those by spending $$ on excess food.


I think this theory works in the reverse too. If you start having more sex, your IQ starts dropping!

Did fine

Been away from the blog for awhile, so am commenting late.

I'm a Mensan. Average--at best--looks. Before I married at age 46, 15 years ago, I had about 250 sex partners (all female). Includes 3 sets of sisters & several 3 & 4-somes. Charm & sense of humor are more important than looks. Even those who weren't very good were wonderful. Partners do not get in the way. Still doing fine with my bride, though I'm in my 60s. And in my 70s--well, there's always Viagra!


I don't know where you got the idea that ugly people are smarter. Research shows otherwise. People with symmetrical faces and high forehead to jaw ratios, both measures of beauty, are thought to be more intelligent. I think that humans are generally just lazy pleasure seekers and those that can use beauty don't bother to exercise there brains as much. Ugly people don't have the luxury. As for giving up IQ points... I really enjoy thinking but I am not sure that I wouldn't enjoy it more if I could hold on to my bad ideas longer, i.e., think that they were brilliant. So yes I would like to experiment with the idea of taking off 10 points. Since I am 53 years old this experiment should be starting soon.


Sorry, I thought this post was about sex, but this uqestion you ask, I can't really understand it. What is IQ - is it how many times you have sex? If I had it 3 times yesterday with 4 different partners what IQ it would be? I am blonde if that matters.


Perhaps you should have asked people about losing points from their ego quotients instead. With so many extraordinary IQs posting here, I should feel blessed that my primitive grunt-hoots might even get posted amongst the top .2% of mankind. Excuse me I have to go sniff my finger now...


Possibly. I have a high IQ as is and the more I understand, the more disappointed I am with the human race. 10 points may actually have a positive impact. If I'm happier, perhaps I'd have the increased energy and influence to help improve things - no matter how little I actually contribute.


I realise this comes so late that it's likely noone will read it, but: "I don’t need to tell my readers that when you have an excellent imagination, a partner just slows things down." Did you just call your faithful readers a bunch of w**kers?...


Hmmm... let me think... YES!
But not for the reasons you may think...
I am sitting here in an office driving myself nuts wondering how all the robots around me can cheerfully sell thier time at $20 and hour. I'm driving myself crazy by not being able to switch off and just get on with the drudgery! So take a 10 point in IQ and get some more sex at the same time? Deal. It would make my life a whole lot easier...


I have a feeling just 10 points off IQ might not be enough for an amazing sex life. It must be costlier than that.




Sorry, for the additional post, here is the youtube clip for the opening of Idiocracy. It's less than 3 minutes, not 15.


From the smattering of comments I have read, I did not see any references to the Mike Judge classic "Idiocracy". Just watch the first 15 minutes of that film to see your theory played out visually. Overall, the movie had more potential than delivery, but it was entertaining.


take twenty


As the brazilians say, SÓ SE FOR AGORA!!

Suuuuuuuuuure!! I have a huge IQ. What would be a less 10 points IQ compared to an amazing sexual life?


sure i will .. if its a permanat solution as in you are giving away 10 Intelligence Quotient points for 10 Sex Quotient points !
hmm.. i wonder i can swap all of them ;)
wel.. first time visitor here & should say a great blog :)

Bill Jackson

Smart people aren't more ugly or geeky looking than dummies; that's just the movie version. In the real world, ugly geeky looking people are just ugly geeks. In high school they studied a lot to make up for having no cool friends, but the really smart ones got good grades without studying at all.

Statistically, smart kids are more likely to be taller, more attractive and better at sports than their peers. Or rather, fellow students. The theory is that looks, brains and athleticism all suffer when the genetics are a bit off. So being smarter than average is really just being less mentally handicapped than average. You may have noticed that severely mentally handicapped people are often short, clumsy and funny looking. I'm not quite mean enough to call them ugly, some of them are lovely people.

But you know statistics. There are still enough of us who fit the movie stereotype to keep it healthy.

I once hit a high enough test grade to qualify for Mensa (you only have to do it once, not every time) but I'm afraid I was an uncool, unathletic, average looking virgin throughout high school. And I didn't get particularly good grades either. So I guess both ends of my stick were a bit short. But at least I qualified in the sex category, so that's something.


Maybe we should try uniting our high IQs and see if we can use the power of our collective minds to warp reality and force people into sexual overdrive at the sight of us.


Well that explains alot. I must be a friggin genius! But no, I wouldn't drop my points, if I really wanted to randomly sleep around even a smart chick likes me knows how to go to bars late enough to pick up guys that are drunk enough to sleep with anyone, but not so bad to just fall asleep. LOL

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