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Chris Burns

At this point, no. 30 years ago I'd have given 30 IQ points...


No way. Especially if I could remember that I used to be smarter. I don't really know how much 10 points really is on the IQ scale, but it's not something I would give up. Being smart is like a hobby to me. I spend a good deal of time thinking, and it also applies to real life situations too. You can make a better life for yourself if you are intelligent. Become a doctor. Doctors are smart, make the money, and get laid. I also agree with some of the other comments that dumb people are less picky about their mates because they're all dumb.

An interesting question is, "How many people would give up sex for IQ points?"

And also, how many people would agree to both of our scenarios. I think sex and intelligence would be fairly interchangeable for a lot of people, and depending on how you proposed it, would agree either way, to lose or gain IQ inversely to sex.


My first thought was, "hey, with plenty to spare, why not?"

But my second thought was, "chances are that increased sex will be more likely to be with people in whom I generally do not have an emotional interest."

Which, the way things have been lately, would be nice for a while, just to feel better temporarily... but it's hardly a permanent solution. I won't love them and in the end I'd be giving up a piece of strength for a few moments of pleasure.

So, assuming I'm not incredibly horny and surrounded by a harem of women who match up with my (physical) fantasy ideal, I'll have to pass.

Now, if trading off those points could get me the kind of overall romantic relationship I want... I'd have to lean towards yes (a small sacrifice for me, for a much bigger reward).

sam g.

IQ tests are bull. Just ask Richard Feynman (IQ 125). It's not the size that matters, it's how you use it.
The article you cited basically states that higher IQ corresponds to less libido. So you're asking us if we would give up ten arbitrary points so that we can want more something we don't want as much, thus resulting in getting it more. What an ironic question.
Great blog though.


"Would you be willing to give up 10 points of IQ for a dramatic and permanent increase in your sex life (with other humans)?"

I'm glad you clarified the otherwise ambiguous question with that last parenthetical. I have to say "no." With other humans, ehh, I'll keep my nerdish brains and continue to masturbate. But if I thought losing the 10 would help me with that cute sheep yonder ...


I'm not sure whether or not I'd be willing to "give my left nut" for $50,000.

Penny S.

Well, I got another theory. I think smart people get bored of things quicker than less smart people. That includes sex. I wouldn't be surprised if someone found a correlation between intelligence and those individuals cheating on their partners and/or using online porn and/or being into kinky stuff more than average.


I sometimes wonder whether intelligence itself isn't the big stumbling block to smart people getting laid. Think about it, intelligent people do not discuss the latest episode of Dawson's Creek with their partners, but rather important matters like the theory of evolution or the existence of some god. That sort of talk may be interesting to the propeller-head in question, but it doesn't exactly stimulate the sex drive of the average female - unless she's the world's first supermodel-nuclear-physicist.

Posted by: Attie Naude | August 02, 2007 at 10:00 PM

If the boys I usually hang out with were willing to discuss the theory of evolution (and anything else cerebral and interesting) with me, I'd probably hump them on the spot.


I almost forgot about this, but part of why smart people have less sex is a greater opportunity cost of time. Not only the time to pursue the sex, but the time it takes to deal with the consequences if something goes wrong. That's why smarter people in general will do less of most leisure activities.


I'm fairly smart. 10 points? I give them up in a heartbeat.

Did you know a houseplant has an IQ of 3? After all, they're smart enough to reproduce and feed.

Anyway, I don't really need the help, but, yes, if I had the opportunity, I'd jump on it.

Hey, there's a place here in NC (one of the colleges) where, if you donate a "ball" (testes) they will pay you $50,000.

So... I think a better question would be, "For $50,000 would you give up one of your balls?" I think I would do it... but I kind of need to do a little research first... Anyway, what do you think?


Look at all the "I'm so smart I could lose 10 points and still wipe the floor with the general populace" comments.

Reading the comments on blogs like these only made me aware of how annoying it is when I validate myself because of above-average intelligence.

Back to the question:

Seeing that sex life seems to have a greater effect on happiness than IQ, I'd sacrifice. .... I'll say it - I could probably get by without the 10 points easily enough in any case.


I need to figure out where i stand first. Never taken the IQ test, so don't know whether I am a joker posing as an intellect (got a good job with KRAs demanding a rational mind). I am married for 8 yrs now, so the sex life graph is following the pattern of CAGR of a typewriter manufactuing firm; mortally afraid to have clandestine rendezvous, lest the wife finds out and chops my balls off and walks out with the kids (not enough savings to pay alimony without going bankrupt). Everytime I borrow the mobile charger from the pretty girl in IT (she smiles and gives me the look) I have an urge of humping her right there on her desk. Help me Scott........, make me smarter so that I can have sex without the wife finding out or I'll die of burst testicles.


Scott you've missed the most important rule:
1. Men want sex. The details of how they get it are secondary.
Intelligent women who know this can get sex pretty easily by playing on this fact one way or another.

Failing that, another rule:
2. Men like beer. Beer makes everyone more attractive.

By means of explanation, I'm an intelligent woman but no model, and yes I've snagged a few gorgeous but dimwitted men for meaningless sex :-)

Oh and I wouldn't sacrifice 10 IQ points for more sex. I already get plenty.


this is so funny and kinda on the topic


Yes, I would be willing to give up 10 points. If it's possible to survive with a -ve IQ, that is.

(And yes, needless to say -- I have a rollicking sex live already!)


To be honest sex or not I wouldn't mind shedding a few IQ points. I'm really not sure they make my life any better.


I don't usually respond to your blog, though I'm a big fan, but I just have to say that everyone over at MIT is getting a big laugh over the fact that someone actually took Counterpoint figures seriously. What a joke.

As for your question, I consider myself a physics nerd (not the same as a geek!) yet I still manage to get plenty. No trade for me thanks!


I have an IQ of 283 and I have sex five times a day with the hottest virgins ever to exist.

Did I mention that I'm a deceased Muslim?


Studies like these don't really do much good other than reinforcing preexisting stereotypes. In fact, if it wasn't for the geek/sexually frustrated male stereotype, this study probably wouldn't have been done in the first place.

What really matters is the individual experience of myself and those around me. I know absolute idiots who probably haven't had sex in years, and I know people of high intelligence who have girls hanging off them.

I think what it really boils down to is force of character, which perhaps more intelligent people might have less of because their minds are preoccupied with concerns that are less pertinent to daily life (mathematics and science are important in a global, altruistic way. Car repair is important in an immediate, tangible way). And maybe girls aren't interested in what I can do for humanity, eventually. They want to know what I can do for them, now. So would I take 10 points off my IQ? Irrelevant.


I wonder if IQ measures how enthusiastically one rationalizes a poor sex life.

The comments are encouraging.


IQ is just another pointless statistic. Having a high IQ does not improve your chances of being successful or rich compared to someone with an "average" IQ.

The only thing IQ is good for is for bragging by people who obviously aren't that smart if they think it's a good idea to run around telling everyone else how much smarter than those people they are. IQ isn't even a standardized statistic, as the same person can score a different IQ on multiple different evaluations.

I had my IQ evaluated when I was a kid, and it was high enough that I got put into a "gifted" program (which is kind of a stupid way to segregate kids that age), but my parents wouldn't tell me the actual score because they didn't want me getting a big head about it and use that to justify telling everyone else how smart I am. I did enough of that anyway, without knowing my IQ. It annoyed me at the time, but I think they made the right choice to "forget" the number.

So while I don't necessarily have much confidence in what the nebulous measurement of IQ is, I believe the gist of your question was, "Would you willingly be a little bit dumber, if it meant you'd be guaranteed more sex?"

To that I say that if I truly wanted to have more sex, I wouldn't need to lower my intelligence, just my standards.


i wonder if theres a correlation between IQ and EQ


brainy man is dissapointed with lack of sex, so uses his noggin to solve this problem.

wipe on sex appeal anyone?

besides, animals (with the exception of dolphins) only have sex to procreate, they get less sex, and their not as smart as us.

besides its a steriotype that brainy people will also be geeky.


Speaking as an intelligent woman who somehow manages to have sex slightly less often than we exchange presidents, I would still have to say no, I would not. I value my intellect.

If I really wanted to have more sex all I would have to do is date men instead of women. But by the same token I could eat a lot better if I decided styrofoam cups, and fast food wrappers were a food source.

David Kimball

Here's why. The average intelligence people are intelligent to know that the most sure way to get sex is to pay for it. They've learned how the game is played. The really low intelligence ones have never learned that that's how it's played. And the super intelligent ones have learned that 2 self-hand jobs are worth more than a $200 job with a prostitute and with the risk of STD's thrown in.

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