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Will Von Wizzlepig

The old 9/11 issue, yet again.

If the three WTC buildings that fell on 9/11 did so as a result of nothing more than the planes and fires, I'll eat my hat.

I guess that doesn't carry much weight. I am just some random weblog comment poster.

I think, though, if you actually look into what happened, you would likely agree with me. But then that would make you a 'consipracy nut', too. Especially since that would imply a LOT which is hard to explain.

Three modern steel and concrete skyscrapers fell as a result of plane damage and fire within 12 hours of each other, when the two that were struck were designed to resist such a hit, and no steel and concrete skyscraper has ever fallen down because of fire, even fires which burned for DAYS.

It's practically fit for the Guinness Book of World Records.

The rest of the world has not been bombarded with the media propaganda we have. They don't buy it either.

But never mind, my lazy fellow American. You're over it. You don't want to think about it. You're fine with our country killing innocent Iraqis (in addition to the guilty ones) over a war which should never have been. Go click on the intarwebs see what Britney is up to this week.

Or maybe watch this clip of Cheney explaining why we didn't go to Baghdad in 1994:


Quoted from Doonesbert: "You doubt? So you are telling us you think it's possible our government flew passenger planes into buildings"

Weren't you listening to Scott a week or so ago? He said it's impossible for a mere mortal to be 100% certain of anything. Therefore, of course he thinks it's /possible/ that our government staged 9/11.


Scott, you've declared that you feel good about someone in authority using lies to start a war of imperial aggression.

If you're a moist robot, your programming is so full of bad sectors it's amazing you can eat with a fork without serious injury. If you're not a moist robot, as I contend, but morally responsible for your choices, you're despicable. Really. Do us a favor; have them remove your feeding tube. In this area, the facts of the conspiracy or non-conspiracy are irrelevant: you are evil to the core of your selfish, childish little heart, to be happy that others are being so horribly killed and their babies turned into nightmare monsters with depleted uranium, for the pathetic needle-dick-who-wishes-he-had-a-big-dick political system called "empire."

And don't try to dodge by telling us that post was satire, either. That was a lie on your Mexican post, and I'm pre-emptively disqualifying it here. Don't try it.

Click these links and see the horror being visited on unborn infants so you can rest in peace that the war is really about empire, not terrorism:

You look at those horribly deformed babies, and tell me that it's better than ANYTHING. It isn't. Had I the power, I would cheerfully give my own life to end this horror. And for those of you who lied about me and called me White Supremacist, notice that I just stated that I would give my life to save brown babies, and I mean it. Shows what you know, dumbfucks.

Better still, had I the power, I would give the lives of those who created and supported this horror to end it. Scott, by supporting this, you have, in my book, committed a crime worthy of death. No one deserves this. No one. That's not a threat; I have no authority to sentence you. But if I had that authority, I would, in a heartbeat.

YOU, Scott, are murdering those children, by supporting the empire and everything it stands for. I've read a lot of what you've written, and you have yet to deviate from the party line, like a common presstitute. Just as it boggles the mind that a conspiracy so huge as to take down the WTC could happen, it boggles the mind that such a large group as a political leadership could actually be right all the time, yet you have no difficulty swallowing that idea. Why is one possible but the other not? They're equal stretches of credulity, so explain it, would you, please, so us mere morons who depend on verifiable facts can know whom to trust? Woodja? Pleez?

And the rest of you...tell me something. How is it that the steel that was used at the WTC was tested by Underwriters' Laboratories before the building was built, and did NOT EVEN SOFTEN at 2300 degrees, yet the relatively cool fires of jet fuel melted them? How is it that the WTC was built with a seven-fold safety factor, which means you could stack six more WTCs on top of it, yet the weight of a couple dozen floors, "suddenly unsupported," brought down all the others? Please explain those two little items, so that I know that I am dealing with intelligent life. Anyone; hop in here; enlighten me.

I'm not offering any conspiracy theory, I'm just sniffing the conspiracy theory offered by the government, and it stinks to high heaven. There are other shit-globs in it, too. How is it that five of the nineteen hijackers have been positively identified by authorities as being alive in other parts of the world and having never been on those planes, yet the official story hasn't been modified to exclude them? Hmmm? Anyone? It's awfully quiet in about this little question: How is it that the Army's lab has completed the DNA analysis of all the little bits of goo picked up from Flight 93 in Shanksville, and positively identified everyone on that plane, and there were absolutely no Arabs on board at all? Anyone? Please?

Or, as was earlier mentioned, why does the FBI have Osama on their Top Ten Most Wanted list, but not for 9-11, and freely admits that they have no evidence linking him to 9-11? Please? I really want to trust my government, but I'm not willing to move to the Land of Make-Believe to do so, so help me out, here, somebody, give me some explanations for these little problems that make sense, would you?

If you're going to offer a conspiracy theory, like our dear government has, please offer one that fits the known facts. Goatherds who couldn't fly a paper airplane, who were Islamic Fundamentalists YET who just happened to drink heavily at titty bars (big-time NO-NOs according to Islam...) and leave Korans strewn about in their wake, and most of whom have been proven to have been on distant parts of the planet when the events went down, does NOT fit the known facts, nor does it make sense to anyone with three funtioning brain cells.

So somebody, please, offer me some explanations that don't involve suspending the laws of physics. Or admit that the conspiracy theory offered by the government, and used as the excuse to cluster-bomb children and poison a huge part of the world with Depleted Uranium, is a lie. You can't have it both ways.


Ok Scott,

Time to plug the movie which will actually wake your audience up:



Where has the movie gone ?
The link doesn't work for me anymore

Dale Lane

The zeitgeistmovie website is no longer available

If you want to watch the video before the site is back, it was embedding a Google video clip which is still available at


Christoph Jekins

For those who didn't have the zeitgeistmovie website work, you can see it in crappy quality on in the documentary section

Pat Curley

While I can understand that people find conspiracy theories amusing and entertaining, keep in mind that the 9-11 kooks are accusing high government and military officials of plotting the murder of thousands of people.

As for the Bin Laden nose, that has been debunked. The video was originally recorded in PAL format (common outside the USA). When it was converted to VHS, the effect was to scrunch things down a bit.


"No, Scott, the intent of the movie is to inspire Americans to commit their lives to terrorism, and in the meantime, to undermine support for the war on terror." - WCE

Now, this is some serious conspiracy theorist here.
Or someone just got a cognitive dissonance wake up call.
Dance, Monkey. Dance.


I watched the movie, but now the site is down.
How's that for a conspiracy theory ?
Kudos for stirring the cognitive dissonance in so much of your readers on so many topics.


Posted by: Becky | August 16, 2007 at 04:11 AM

The fear caused by 9/11 did make the President look better for awhile as everyone cowered in their closets. As if he, or any president, could actually protect us from such outlandish events.

Remember his political ad for the next election? The poor little girl whose mother died at the WTC. The little girl says: "all he wants to do is keep me safe". How sad to politicize the loss of a little girl's mother.

I have researched the 9/11 hijackers a lot from several sources including the FBI and the 9/11 Commission report.

Not one of the 19 hijackers was from Iraq. The majority were Saudi nationals. Yet Rice has been working on an arms sale deal to the Saudis that could eventually total $20 billion. Hmmmm. Selling arms to a country that supplied the majority of the hijackers who attacked us on United States soil. Interesting to say the least. But hey. There's $20 billion to be made. That's the really important thing, isn't it?

Al Quaeda (whatever the current spelling is today) was not an influential force in Iraq and was not in cahoots with Saddam Hussein.

Conspiracy theories aside, please tell me again why we invaded Iraq when they had nothing to do with the 9/11 attack. If oil, money and no-bid contracts to Halliburton aren't part of the reason for invasion, what is the real reason? And why did Halliburton relocate their headquarters to Dubai?

I'm open to a reasonable explanation here if anyone has one.


I rather enjoyed the movie. The religious bit was totally full of shit, such as the suggestion of a link between "sun of God" and "son of God", but convincing on the point of emerging dogma being influenced by prevalent ideas. The other bits I'm skeptical of, but all in all I agree with you on the entertainment value and the general persuasiveness of the narrative.

WCE posting here is probably not so wide of the mark in saying it adds to the canon of agitprop, but there are enough conspiracy theorists out there to cast doubt on the assumption that this is terrorist propaganda in the mould of "Shadows". Whether or not it is designed as agitprop, I am inclined to think that whether Islamists are radicalised by international bankers using religion for their own ends or by an organic assortment of Muslims, this movie will not help. If you are familiar with terrorist agitprop you won't discount the possibility. The producer does apparently issue a reasonable disclaimer, so there's a good chance it's just fun from his perspective. I can't verify that now as the zeitgeistmovie website has presently mysteriously vanished.

For most of us this is just well made entertainment not to be swallowed whole, much like most any movie.


" It made me happy to think there might be a plan. If the war on terror is real, it scares the shit out of me. But if, as the movie claims, it’s entirely manufactured, and the war in Iraq is meant to be a permanent conflict to sell weapons and control oil – that is much less scary. It means the war will stay where it is and no one will “follow me home.”"

And americans are getting killed "over there" for money. Cool!

functioning moral compass (the section on War Seizures Controversy)

The Glomar Explorer was successfully covert. A ship was purpose-built for a secret mission that the Bad Guys believed was impossible, and managed to carry out the mission before its cover was blown. Since all they wanted was information, it didn't matter if the "truth" eventually came out. Furthermore, serious spies don't expect gains from this sort of thing to last. Not a conspiracy.

The attempted coup in 1932? Fell apart in the early planning stage. This is in fact a canonical example of why conspiracies are impossible to maintain. You gotta pull in co-conspirators, and the more people you recruit, the greater the chance of exposure. If you have to get outside your initial core, you're screwed.

Perhaps only successful conspiracies are impossible.


"For example, I doubt September 11th was staged by the U.S. government." You doubt? So you are telling us you think it's possible our government flew passenger planes into buildings, since you don't know for sure who did it. Really sane, there, Scott. Or are you just trying to rile us again?


The strip is great today. I love Wally's philosophy.

Wally for President!


Years from now it will come out. Flight 93 was shot down... And no need for chips in your passports, they are already in your body. Did you really think you need all those vaccines as a child? Sleep well and know that the NSA is watching over you.


"functioning moral compass" - that post was brilliant


[It wasn’t, and I’m glad I know that now.]

Huh? Why are you glad you know that it was lies (ok...lies and 1/2 truths) now? Just wondering how that changed your life in any way?

LA Clay

The old saying is actually a Ben Franklin quote "Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead"

rita mae

Scott, don't have any quiet time to watch your link. Will trust your judgment for now, and check it out later.

Roswell landings, JFK assination, Area 51, alien abduction ..... (Brett)

Eve talked to a snake? (Lucky)

The CIA asked you to post this story. (Jamey)

Got my tinfoil hat on. (sam)

Don't forget we didn't land on the moon. (drummerjoe)

God, I love your blog. Only in America!

Scott, still love you, still too old to stalk you.

Rita Mae


"I believe the intent of the movie is to alarm people into being more skeptical of their government."

No, Scott, the intent of the movie is to inspire Americans to commit their lives to terrorism, and in the meantime, to undermine support for the war on terror.

And by promoting this video, advertizing it to your readers, suggesting that they view this crap, you're increasing the number of chances they have of recruiting a few more psychopaths to strap explosives to themselves and kill as many innocent Americans as possible.

I know you're going to defend your action here by citing the qualifications of "the DilbertBlog reader", but it isn't the normal people I'm worried about, it's the abnormal, and they're 5% of every group that you can think of. Statistically, you've just increased the political base supporting terrorists, just by suggesting people view this piece of crap.

Robert Roaldi

The reason they can't find Bin Laden is because he shaved and is now a tenured professor of Islamic studies at a correspondence university in northern California. He loves to surf in his spare time. I swear it's true.


Don’t mean to be a party-pooper but, conspiracy theories bore me. They are just theory (look up the word) and are more about the teller than the tale itself. There are so many other wonderful reads in fiction, the classics and about real life, ideas and people that are far more socially redeeming, instructional and fun to contemplate. But the National Inquirer mentality will always be there and as a diversion once in awhile fine, but for serious consideration……get a life. I like donuts, but after the first few, yuck!


I invested 5 minutes watching this film, nothing said, just a series of images set to music. That's 5 minutes I won't get back.

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