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Hermano Cabral

Someone once said that if you have an army of a thousand monkeys typing furiously on typewriters (ok, ok, so the quote is old, so what) they eventually will produce the works of Shakespeare. Reading your blogs, and especially this one, I can say for sure that this army wouldn't EVER produce your writings.

Man, you are GENIUS!

Cheers from Brazil.

Jason Levine

Wow. Judging from the posts here, there are quite a few Albany area Dilbert fans posting here. (Myself included.)


Say hi to Prattsville for me. I finally got to visit there again last year. It was probably the last time I'll go back since we just moved my grandparents down here to Dallas. I'm sure going to miss taking hikes up Pratt Rock.


I'm surprised to not see any reference to your claim
"As we dragged our luggage from Albany airport". I would assume that as you left Albany airport, your luggage was in the trunk of your rental car, not being dragged behind.


Why the subtle changes? Is this a test?

Today I am visiting the small town where I grew up: Windham NY. I have to compile this post on my BlackBerry. If it looks odd, that's why. They've heard good
things about the Internet here, but there's still a wait-and-see attitude.

"This is what 'ten percent chance of rain' means in Windham," I explained to my wife. You don't want to be here on a bad day.

Luckily, traffic was not an issue, since most of the time we were the only car on the road. If your car goes off the road here, your best bet is reincarnation.

I kid, but Windham is actually a shockingly beautiful town and the people are nice. This is where I learned the art of humorous exaggeration. It sounds funnier than "It rained." And they have high speed Internet everywhere but where I am now.

The dime-sized hail was true, but I am assured there is only a ten percent chance it will happen again today.


Funnier than the double post is that they have differant names, and are dated a day apart. LOL If I were a cynical person I'd think that was intentional.


Did you have a bet with yourself today over how many people would be compelled to point out that you posted two similar posts today?


And you're telling us that a car breakdown in San Francisco isn't potentially life-threatening?


Haha, the wait-and-see attitude about the internet had me cracking up!

Steven McDaniel

All right, Scott. Since obviously no one else is going to let you know, I will. You posted this blog twice.



Was that reference of blackberry an attempt to prove you have one? I indeed felt so. But then looking at the identical posts thought it might be a result of strong payments from iPhone team to pull blackberry down. I feel you were quite successful in that attempt.

By the way are you aware of Murphy's law. Sir Murphy looks out for such incidents. So if you don't take your umbrella with you, there is a 99% chance that "10% chance"d rain will pour down :D

Lame-ville USA

Scott, you should relive your stress next time you are passing a toll booth; here are 4 ways, they're all funny, and the toll booth guys will think your crazy

1. Play bluegrass music, and talk in a southern drawl while you are paying.

2. Play a song by Billy Joel or Elton John, use a handerchief to make a du-rag and have some one yell 'Yeah Boyie!' or 'Flavor Flav!'.

3. Listen to death metal and have the other pasengers play air guitar, while singing 'diddle-dee, diddle-dee, diddily, diddly, diddly, diddly!' in a high, screachy, guitarish tone.

4. Listen to Tenacious D, but have someone lip sync, while making dumb hand movements like Jack Black, make sure that they are in plan view of the casheier

I don't know about you, but this is how I deal with stress about living in a small town (or stress in general)


[Scott - can I suggest you look up the definition of "got fingered" in the UK as it makes your town tour take on a whole new level of "the wife REALLY doesnt want to know that"!!!!!!!!]

God yeah - I was wondering about that... remember the film 'Freddy got Fingered'? What the jesus creeping shit* was that all about? Never did dare to watch it, as a) I really wasn't sure I wanted to know, and b) It looked ghastly anyway.

* creative 'cussing' courtesy of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - the book, can't remember if it's in the film or not... maybe I should watch it again - now there's a good film :)


[Hi Scott, "write" is a more accurate a description. "Compile" is what you do after you've coded something.]

Actually complile means;

com·pile (km-pl)
tr.v. com·piled, com·pil·ing, com·piles
1. To gather into a single book.
2. To put together or compose from materials gathered from several sources: compile an encyclopedia.
3. Computer Science To translate (a program) into machine language.

Note that the computer science definition is last? Never forget that just because something has more common meaning for you (ie for the word 'compile' to mean a specific, computer related action)that doesn't mean it is the ONLY meaning it has.

The world is full of wonderful diversity - don't let yourself become blinded by your own restricted existence, maaan :)


Death-rain...that turns into hail...stuns small animals and makes small chidren cry.
That cracked me up!
It inspires me as well since I am notoriously NOT funny. I look to your posts and especially your comments for inspiration in the humor department.
Have a great time on your trip down memory lane!


There is no de ja vu... CAREFUL readers would note that the last part of this post is "The part about the dime-sized hail was true..." Yesterday, it said "The dime-sized hail was true..."

So, anyway, he added the words "The part about", meaning the post is not redundant. There isn't any de ja vu, even the rest of the post may look the same.

Cube Critter no more

First, there is a reason why i have never gone to the place i am from with my wife. because there is bound to be one from among my old cronies who has morphed into a total loser and is living near his parents, if not with them, and still working at 7-11.
Second, I'm no fool Mr. Scott Adams, we know you are in New York for the U.S. Open. Deny it!


Damn Scott, I'm from Windham, don't worry that's not the only reason I read Dilbert/the blog. My Dad and Uncle went to school with you, remember Craig Goettsche and Peter Peters? Enjoy Windham as best you can, you should have waited a bit longer for the leaves to turn.


Wow, I thought you only had horrible luck with technology. Now the weather? Besides having the best job in the world, I'd hate to be in your shoes :P


I also grew up in a town where the weather can get to you. I learned that 40% chance of showers meant it was going to rain for 40% of the day


Since when are Blackberries high tech? Although Bossy admits to preferring Raspberries.


Just a guess, next year you be planning a trip there on Ground Hog Day ... i m agree with you.

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