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I grew up not far from you. I grew up "knowing" that 10% chance of rain meant it was going to rain 10% of the day. I believed this right up until my teen years, probably because I was usually right :)

At least it's not snowing. Woke up in Albany, NY one Oct 7, thinking, "funny, feels like it's snowed, but it's Waaaay too early". When I looked out the window, there was about a foot of snow on the ground. So many trees were down, pretty much everywhere in Albany was cut off from everywhere else...


Is this another one of your wacky experiments? Don't make me smack you on the head.

Steven McDaniel

Scott, I wish you a happy and restful holiday. I can empathise with you over rainy weather. In England, where I came from, they have two seasons: a cold, rainy season and a colder, rainy season. If the sun ever came out there, there would be many reports of UFO sightings. All the best!


I'd love to see pictures of Windham

gl hoffman

Gearshift confusion from yesterday---I have been searching for that German TV ad with the same topic, and finaly found it for you. ( worry it is NOT all that dirty...


Quote: If your car goes off the road in Windham, your best bet is reincarnation.

And considering the fact that reincarnation would be moderated by the chinese government....whoa!! scary!!


Cheryl Thetford Frueh

Windham still has no traffic lights last time I was in town. I guess your family is still in town. Mine moved out. Hope all is well with you. Everyone in our family relates to Dilbert and especially (unfortunately)the pointy-haired boss.
Cheryl (Mr. Holcomb's bus rides)


Hello from Schuylerville, NY, about 40 minutes north of Albany. If you need any help with your luggage at the Albany airport on your way home, I can send my two kids to give you a hand. I am always tripping over the Dilbert books they leave around the house. And neither one has ever worked in a cubicle (they're 11 and 14).

By the way, we got no rain yesterday, although I hear it poured in Lake George. We must have been in a special weather hole.

Enjoy your weekend in beautiful upstate NY!


Today? I live 15 minutes from the Albany airport, and it wasn't raining...


woohoo! within stalking range

ssssooooo beware of weird, vaguely smiling, frequently nodding, prolongingly staring females of appropriate age and unknown intents in possession of looking glass and biochemical weapon namely vanilla

just kidding, i'm not that degraded yet morally and else to ruin people's vacations :}
you can nod in return though

or if you announce a sase hunt or ipod signing session
only f.e for your favourite blog readers, i would participate within NY perimeters
but no, that's a bad idea, sure you just enjoy your vacation

i bet you'll delete the other post, not this one
the reason - patriotism, no?
in our parts f.e hails reach the size of eggs sometimes :)


Are you still in the general area? Tomorrow night (Saturday Sept. 1st) there will be a Zombie gathering in Saratoga, where people dress up like zombies and shamble around the town. No idea if you'd have any interest in something like that. I expect it to be amusing. It starts around 5PM.

Here's the flyer for it:

I'm sure if you're still in town, you have other plans that don't involve driving 2 hours to Saratoga to watch a bunch of geeks pretend to be the undead. But on the off chance that you'd be interested, now you know.

Obviously, unmoderating this comment so the whole world can see is not necessary.



First Comment


Whats with the two nearly identical posts?

Adam Lawrence

Oddly enough, I come from near Wymondham in England, which is pronounced the same, but where it rain less.

Jess Sightler

The fact that you posted this twice from your Blackberry proves your desperate need for an iPhone.

Noah Vaile

You're a funny man Scott. Were you trying to be twice as funny?


chalet fondue in windham is amazing!

Justin Long

Heh, you just love to make us your lab rats don't you...Double post, each one saying the same thing, but the grammer and language different. I don't know exactly what your testing, but given past expirements, I guess I'll know tomorrow.

exalted wombat

Is that the first time you've mentioned your wife since the wedding? I was beginning to wonder, but didn't like to ask :-) Hope things are good for both of you.


Enjoy your stay.
It has also been about 25 years since I have seen my hometown, and I refuse to go back.

D. Mented

Sounds like my kind of place!
Every time I try to find someplace like that to settle down, though, as soon as I get there, it turns all hot and sunny.
Maybe if I move to Phoenix, Arizona (where they sometimes have to close roads because the asphalt is melting, and any vehicle driving on it would leave 8-inch-deep ruts) The trend would reverse...
But it would probably just go thermonuclear.
I was told Colorado Springs had winters, so I moved here.
"Snow on the ground from September through April! Forget snow tires - you'll need chains all winter long!"
We get about 3 inches of snow in Aptil. All at once. The rest of the time, it's between 30 and 65 degrees. WORTHLESS!
I thought about moving to Alaska, but they're already having enough problems with melting permafrost sinking buildings, and insect populations breeding through the winter...I don't need to aggravate the problem.
D. Mented

Humaid Merchant

Umm...Double post? :P

Maurice Condie

Double post

You are human.

Do you also occasionaly forget to attach attachments?

Kevin Kunreuther

My maternal grandparents were both from Brooklyn but settled up in Orange County, used to be lots of farms and fields but I understand the whole county got suburbanized - malls, trash mansions, billboards, etcetera.


OK, the only odd thing is you posted the same thing twice under different titles.

Oh crap, I'm writing this like I need to tell you because otherwise you'll never know. I feel like a moist robot today.

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