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Eric Crampton

Aumann proved that rational truthseeking Bayesians cannot disagree (see ). I consequently conclude that most people are not rational truthseekers when they disagree with me.

Steven McDaniel

"bcammack" says (the uncut version):
"Kudos to "Steven McDaniel".."
1 "..for quoting back somebody's ENTIRE message just to tack a small-minded, non-productive insult on the bottom of it."
2 "Now, get back to fantasizing about Anne Coulter, Steven and stop working those pesky brain cells of yours forming sentences like that!"
3 "Funny how all of your conservative icons in politics are having all of those inconvenient morality issues these days. Trying to utilize their shortcomings to somehow insult liberal-minded people is simply pitiful. You are pathetic."

Bcammack, when I grow up, I want to be just like you and be able to attach three whole 'small-minded, non-productive insults' without those cumbersome quotations cluttering them up. By the way, even though I was liberal-baiting, and it worked - thank you for the confirmation - I am NOT 'conservative'. There are actually other positions. And, dear Lord, if I started fantasising about Ann Coulter, I don't know if my wife would be able to kill me before I killed myself. But YOU are a liberal (and so's your mother). 'Kay, Bye!


i feel that anything doesnt have to sound or feel good to all of the people to become popular and sell. all you need is a good sponsor or a promoter. even if you sell crap, there will always be a tiny percentage of people in the world who will buy it. since the world is so huge, a tiny percentage means a lot of money and fame.

in your case, your promoter is the syndication company. i like dilbert, but there are other 99 colleagues of mine (in the same profession, same company, about the same age as me) who do not like it. But still, even if 1% of the people like dilbert, it makes you a huge celebrity. Similarly justin timberlake, britney spears and himesh reshamya have their own promoters/sponsors and 1% fans.

this theory explains a lot of popular people i hate to see/listen.


I enjoy Dilbert. Some others do not. Therefore the understanding of the hilarious commentary of society and good humour of Dilbert is at my end.

Incidently, "normality" is defined by numbers, the largest group being "normal", the smallest "abnormality". In this instance, maybe we Dilbert lovers are "abnormal". But heck, if we are "abnormal", then maybe "normality" isn't what it cracked up to be.

All you people out there, who go against social trends, you are "abnormal"!

I am Nick Jones. I am 16. And I love Dilbert. ABNORMAL AND PROUD OF IT!

Think about it this way: if they don't like it, there's more Dilbert for us!

Robin Burchett

Hi Scott,
I hate going to the mall at Christmas. I have mild sensory integration issues, and the noise and chaos are unpleasant. Also, I am given to understand that a normal man would find televised sports interesting. I'm happy to report that I have more interesting things to do, but must admit that some social interactions are awkward, even when I don't come across as a pompous wanker.


Shrimp. I and my girlfriend call it "sea cockroach". I think people like it because it's a bit expensive - not enough to make it impossible, but just what it needss to make it a delicacy.

Brazilian author Fernando Sabino tells of a guy he once met who said he didn't like whiskey. He answered:
— So who do you think you are to say you don't like whiskey? It's whiskey that doesn't like you!


It seems to me that once a person crosses that invisible threshhold into management, they no longer "get" Dilbert anymore. I find that true in my office, and highly entertaining.


I am a software engineer. Whenever something goes wrong, there is a very slim chance that the computer has incorrectly executed the instructions. Otherwise, any deviation from the behavior I intended is due to a software bug. There is a small chance that such an error is in some of the well-tested operating system or utility software. That leaves a large chance that the problem is in my own code which just ran for the first time. Having accepted that I am the most likely source of error leads me to the proper correction much faster than trying to blame something else. This happens every day, and now seems perfectly normal. Perhaps this is why I get along so well with my wife.

Tracy Robinson

I do not enjoy Dilbert, but since many people do, I assume the problem is on my end. Something is wrong with me and I am just writing to let you know I am defective.


Every time I see a professional sporting event. The appeal of wasting my time or worse, paying money, to watch someone I don't know play a ball game is incomprehensible to me, yet it's a focus of such a vast quantity of humanity that it's clear I'm the strange one. And the response I get when people discover this is always "you don't like sports?". No. Active dislike would require an exponentially larger amount of interest than I could ever muster. It's more of an overwhelming indifference. I enjoy participating in many sports, and watching my friends play, but why people are interested in pro or collegiate sports is something I'll never understand.


As an instructor at a computer training firm I read online about the Dilbert phenomena, read a few strips, and was unimpressed.

Months later as a manager at the same firm, I read a few more strips, and realized how defective I had been.

Dani Shorel

Have all of you forgot about the term 'acquired taste'?

It means that some things that you initially dislike, and probably dislike in a very repulsive way, can over time and memory-shifting become not only good, but exceptionally good.

For example, when I was 4 years old I though that beer was too bitter and repulsive. Nowadays I truly enjoy beer and have a very different opinion.

Classical music, and Jazz, are the same, acquired tastes. I don't enjoy them now, and probably never will, simply because I won't put the time and effort to finally appreciate them.

JT is the same. His songs are bland and tasteless to me, except the one he did for SNL, that one is hilarious and absolutely fantastic. With enough time I would start to enjoy his songs more, but frankly I consider that to be a waste of time. I prefer to lack the ability to enjoy 'Sexyback' than lose most of my neurons in the process to begin enjoying such song. Some other people don't need the neurons as long as they have a good looking female body, so it's OK for them to enjoy JT.

I do enjoy large amounts of music, not relevant to mention in this thread.

However, in all the previous cases, and others I have not mentionend, I know that if I invest some time, such things can be made very enjoyable to me. I just prefer to use my time in other stuff.


This is what I always say when pressed on the more subjective aspects of life:

Well, there's no accounting for taste.


In India, Cricket is a religion. I never liked it. While in the teens, I seriously thought that something was wrong with me. How could I not like it when everyone else around me did?
Anyways, eventually I realised it didn't matter what others liked or disliked. Have been at peace after that.


I'll go you one better and describe the double-loop problem I have. I cannot, for the life of me, understand those people who disdain popular music. I must be defective because I cannot seem to find it in me to dislike music which is popular, and cling to some obscure band, until such time as they hit it big, at which point I'm supposed to say that they sold out. I like popular music. There must be something wrong with me.

More Equal Than You

Mozart and Bach are two shining examples for me. I know, rationally, that their music is phenomenal, especially in the case of Bach. I've read Hofstadter. I know I should love him. But I don't.


Hip hop. I cannot stand it. Millions of people love it. And I'm a music lover, but ... I cannot. Stand. Hip hop. (Or J.T., for that matter.)

I don't think that hip hop musicians are untalented, or "bad." In fact I do think that some of them are very talented. I just don't like their music. Or the whole cultural and fashion movement that has sprung up around it.

I do, however, like alternative country music a lot. And although there may be millions who also love it, there are just as many, maybe more, some of whom I am close friends with, who cannot stand it.

Music is a very subjective thing. I think it all comes down to a matter of personal taste.


Maybe the problem you are having with Timberlake stems from the fact that his first name starts with 'Just' . Its a marketing/hypnotists kind of thing which we all know works.
Imagine his name was 'Elton Timberlake', or 'Lenon Timberlake', don't these sound like names of a more successful artist?

Lloyd Harder



I'm defective because I like porn stars with labiaplasties.


I want to kill you all. Zombie apocalypse, throwing rocks from orbit, something.

The rest of you think that is a bad idea.

I'm probably wrong, so I'm holding off for the immediate future.

Dave K.

I despise "Cathy" and "Family Circus" comics.

There is magic in "breaking through". An object in motion tends to stay in motion. There is no normal or abnormal; there is only stuff that breaks through.

Jay Amundson


I seem to possess the same defects you do, I can't appreciate JT, but I can appreciate Dilbert. Your comments on this concept were very thought provoking and I enjoyed them.



I watched the VMAs. I didn't think Britney was fat. After all the media coverage about it calling her out of shape and fat and overweight, etc., I decided that the rest of the world was right and I was wrong. I'm dieting again.


"[Justin Timberlake]’s a hugely successful artist."

I hate when I hear people like Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, etc referred to as an "artist". They're not. They're singers or vocalists, but not artists.

The artists are the ones who create their own style of music, write their own music, direct the music so it has a certain sound, or even sings and plays an instrument. Paul McCartney is someone I would consider an artist.

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