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I hope this one makes the second-printing of your book.


Crosby leads the in points and assists and is near the top in goals.


Wanna tell you I love your way every day... and Hi all!!! Cool site!!!
Shadows grow so long before my eyes And they're moving across the page ...



I agree with andyee2, you need to have a widescreen video player. It would improve viewing for everyone.


Say what you want about her but you got to admit the chick can look pretty hot.
[url=]In this clip she gets on all fours and spins in circles wearing just her underwear. [/url]


go dilbert!


sorry,monday is holiday for me...plz make it tuesday morning...


Do you know Michael Crichton?


WTF?! You're Fired!

Andy Watt

Well, you were as good as your word...

Michael LaRocca

You get HOW many comments on a post you haven't made yet?

sam g.

i figured i'd add to the current record for smallest ratio of blog length to number of comments. just for the heck of it.


Here's another excellent online comic strip for you Scott and today it has some familiar cameos in it:

NB: The link I’ve posted isn’t to the archive of the strips but to a forum in which the strips are posted before they get added to the archive. The URL for the archive is:

Tom Gao

Moist robots ain't suppose to take breaks. How come I don't get a break? And who's going to moderate this post while you're gone?

I'm going to let my complaints known at the next session of the DNRC governance committee.

On behalf of your Aussie fans, aavagdwknd.


"Man in the trout mask", who are you? Have you ever tried a therapy? You should feel encouraged to do so indeed!


Don't you people have anything better to do? No? Oh, well then, carry on.


Sez who?


It's good to get away sometimes and not be so "connected." Everybody needs time to recharge (or as in your case, recuperate!).

Patrick Havens

Really... well you didn't need to go into that much detail, but thanks for letting us know you'll be posting on you vacation. Will it be during a break in BBQing?

Sarcastic Bastard

Cheers for the heads-up Scott.

Dogbert the Conquerer


The Chief

Monday? slacker.

The Chief


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