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"Ahmadinejad acknowledged that the holocaust happened"

But I notice that you have not, Mr. Adams. Why not?

You have certainly dropped plenty of hints these past few months that you do not think it happened, but you are always careful to couch your remarks in obfuscation.

Can you please just write clearly without any satire or sarcasm:

1) if yes you do,


2) if no, you do not,

accept as a matter of established historical fact that millions of completely innocent Jewish men, Jewish women and Jewish children were murdered by the Nazis and allies not as acts of war, but in a criminal organized attempt by Hitler and thousands of his followers to physically genocide the Jewish people from the face of the planet?

Please answer the question.

That is all I really want to know from you.


You can find the transcript here:
I also don't like the media filter, so I read the transcript before reading any news on the speech at Columbia

So there are no gays in Iran? Could be true... Ahmadinejad executed them all

John Hancock

Just for the record I am Australian (you know - the one in the south Pacific (Not Europe - we get a lot of that).

Thank goodness there are Americans with a sense of humour. I was highly amused by your rather insightful analysis of this whole situation. You are right of course - it is easy to completely overlook the obvious when your sanity is taken over by obsessive parochialism.

Don't let the humourless morons put you off.


Iran will build nuclear weapons as soon as they can so that they have a sharp stick to wave at American and Israeli forces in case of an attack. Iran will try their best to sneak a nuclear weapon into Israel so that they can deny any attack. The Israeli's and Americans need to force the disarmament of Iran before their nuclear weapons are ready for use.

Daryl Branson

How dare you make fun of blind squirrels?! You awful, awful man!

Free William

bcammack writes "Hitler was a dictator and despot. So was Stalin. The President of Iran may be a nutball, but he's a democratically-elected nutball, not a dictator and despot."

Do they not teach history in the US?
Hitler and his Nazi party were democratically elected before he declared himself Fuhrer. Even after doing that he had strong support in the international community (particularly the US) mostly due to his anti-sematic and anti-communist stance.

I do like joining in the dance...


I wonder how many people know that under the Iranian system of government Ahmadinejad does not control the Iranian armed forces and has no authority to initiate military action?

I also wonder how this simple fact may change the rhetoric we hear about Ahmadinejad and Iran on a daily basis.

Granted, Ahmadinejad is likely a convenient mouthpiece for the Supreme one, and is only allowed to bark as long and as loud as his leash will permit.

Still, a little education goes a loooong way.


Here's another penis joke for those looking:

Q. What's the best thing to come out of a penis?

A. The wrinkles.

Boom tishhhh - thanks for giving this old joke a home.


ew. DMD.

Everything business or division that i've known (ok, there aren't many) with those initials has gone bust. Maybe they died because of the future relevance of DMD in a Scott Adams post.


Why the title of Penis jokes when all this is talking about Iran???

Is this somekind of research where you are trying to check how many people just read your title and not the body...



And yes, it's kind of ironic I spelt Ahmadinejad wrong immediately after claiming how easy it is to say his name now.


I come from Australia so I didn't really get a lot of coverage on Amadinejad's speech (by the way, I could never say his name until someone on here called him "Ama-dinner-jacket" - now Amadinejad rolls off the tongue).

From what I saw, after he stated there were no homosexuals in Iran everyone laughed at him, and he kind of smiled, with what seemed like a "I know it's bullshit, but I like to believe it" look on his face. Like when someone says they've never done anything wrong in their life.

And why were people protesting about the fact he was giving a speech? What is with people trying to silence others?

ANOTHER thing: Is it just me (I'm only 21 so I haven't been around long enough to know for sure) but is the fact the media is so hot on the tail of any political manoeuvres the world has become a somewhat safer place? As in, countries are less likely to start wars for bullshit reasons?


Are you hoping to call off the AIPAC and ADL attack dogs by stating today that Israel now has a legitimate reason to attack Iran based on the speech at Columbia? I can't see any justification for the sort of "preventative war" (based on speculation that something bad might possibly happen in the future) which was condemned at Nuremberg and which has led to such disastrous results in Iraq. And further, it won't still your critics who now have you pegged as an anti-Semite. They don't forgive or forget.


I'm curious about something: I thought you didn't believe in free will either, so what do you mean by giving an event odds? Isn't it the case that it will just happen or not?


Oh, and I have a well-reasoned and extremely relevant point to make. I'm sick of the penis joke jokes. Don't get me wrong, I loved the penis jokes. It's just that now you're acknowledging their presence too frequently. Keep the penis jokes, but cut back on the penis joke jokes. And so help me....if there is ever a penis joke joke joke...I will start reading For Better or For Worse in place of Dilbert. I know it sounds like a bluff, but just try me. There is no limit to the amount of pain I will endure to fight penis joke joke jokes.


I love the way the Columbia audience openly laughed out loud and booed when he answered the question about homosexuals. God I love the Ivy League. Where else are a bunch of people, with an average age of roughly 20 going to laugh at a dictator.


Ah, DMD.
Anyway the Bush thing seemed predicable to me and it didn't take much thought for them..

Reality Check

Courtney, gas in Iran is like ten cents a gallon. It's cheaper than water there.

You are right, though, that this trip is about distracting the Iranian people from their own problems.

No matter what happens here, Ahmadinejad will return the conquering hero. He will make insane claims, and everyone will believe him because reality in Iran is what the goverment says it is. (The same apparently applies here, but only when it comes to dictators like Ahmadinejad. Only the insane and even sane claims of democratic leaders can be questioned, and if you don't believe that go ask a certain Swiss cartoonist with a fatwa on his head.)

There are many who take everything Ahmadinejad says as the truth. The Holocaust didn't happen. A country where gasoline is cheaper than water and which has been at war pretty much since its creation in its current form needs nuclear technology, which it intends to use only for "peaceful purposes." There are no gay people in Iran. They also don't have a civil rights problem. If someone asks for civil rights, they find him and kill him. No problem. Hitler loved children. There are pictures of him hugging babies. Just because his killed 1.5 million children doesn't mean he didn't love them. Saddam Hussein loved Americans. He was so nice to those American children during that photo op, you know, the American children he was holding hostage.

The world looks so much nicer with rose-colored glasses, and Ahmadinejad has lots and lots of pairs he's selling real cheap. For now. Of course, once he gets hold of those nuclear weapons, I mean that "peaceful nuclear technology," the price is going to go up. The question is, who's going to be made to pay the price when that happens.

I was a little disappointed that none of the students at Columbia slipped into a Borat voice to say, "Is it true women in your country must be covered from head to toe, cannot study science or medicine at a university like this, cannot work as doctors or lawyers, cannot have jobs at all without their husband's permission, and can legally be killed by their husbands or brothers for bringing shame on the family? Nice!"


"Hitler was a dictator and despot. So was Stalin. The President of Iran may be a nutball, but he's a democratically-elected nutball, not a dictator and despot."

Hitler was elected. In-duh-viduals know this, but the Scott Adams crew are way, way above that kind of knowledge. They exist on a higher plane of cognation where all you have to do is ask questions like whether Israelis helped plot 9/11 and because there's no substance, there's no comeback. If they do try and comeback, just accuse them of making hyperbolic anti-semitism accusations to shut down debate (dual meaning there, do you see it, it's just beyond your grasp). Don't wait until they actually do, it's implied in every detailed refuation. All in all, brilliant: it's like Plato came to the 21st century stuck a power drill in his ear and became a syndicated cartoonist with a devoted group of followers. Occam's razor begone before the Adams' sword: "if it makes absolutely no sense and is based on lies, I'm just asking questions." It's not quite as useful as the original, but it's certainly all purpose! Eventually he can make wildy untrue claims that Israel gets away with anything it wants and that Ahmedinejab didn't theated to destroy Israel and, hey, if you think its Bullshit they kiss his ass and call it ripperitis.

And yet and yet and yet... we still read your original post and it's still the work of a loathsome hate-filled ignoramous suffering from quite possibly the worst case of Bush Derangement Sydrome seen outside the Daily Kos.


My take on the "there are no gay people in Iran" is, I think he was saying "there are no gay people in Iran like the US" Meaning, there are no publicly gay people flamboyantly displaying themselves in parades on tv, etc. But that its kept in private (for risk of death) He can't possibly believe there are none. Its pretty stupid the way the media reports this stuff.


The question is not whether Iran will nuke Israel. They know that's suicide.

The question is whether they will give Hizbollah a nuke, then deny giving it to them and thus try to avoid responsibility for what Hizbollah does with the nuke.

Imagine Israel is nuked by Hizbollah. Tel Aviv is a flaming ruin, hundreds of thousands are dead. What is the international community's response going to be? "For God's sake, don't make thing worse by retaliating, Israel!"

Israel might, after weeks or months, be able to definitively trace the nuke back to Iran, but then what? Are they going to nuke Tehran on the basis of an investigation, with the whole world screaming at them not to? Could they nuke Lebanon? Forget it! They will be royally screwed.

And then they'll be nuked again.


The problem with opposing viewpoints is that often, both sides are right. I don't know much about Ahmed, or politics at all, but I do know that most people have legitimate reasons for what they do and what they believe - even if they're only legitimate in their own minds. So, when trying to solve world issues, there are no right answers for the group, only the individual. The world will never see eye-to-eye.


As to your comment about Iran helping Iraq insurgents kill Americans. What about Americans helping Americans kill Americans or Americans helping Iraqs kill Iraqs. It seems that you are trying to blame someone else for the mess you (US) have created in Iraq i.e., Iran, Pakististan. Will you take some responsibility!


Your title says it all.



Why does everything have to be us vrs them; democrats vrs republicans?

Perhaps if people here were able to put their prejudices aside we may be able create a peaceful environment that fosters real discussions and solutions.

If politicians would look at a problem and say 'how can we fix this' rather than 'how can I use this to make the other party look bad' things may get done in this country.

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