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"If that is so, then why is there a such thing as group think?
Posted by: James"

Ah, group think is much like "rich" or "left" or "right". It's always someone else. Group think can be phrased as "the thoughts of someone else that doesn't agree with what you believe and you wish to indicate that their incorrect thought is merely a parroting of someone else's incorrect line of reasoning".


i have this friend who insists i'm his god. is there any way he could be right and not contradict this theory? i don't want to lose my only worshiper because of *some guy on the internet* :(


"She cornered me and some friends out on the balcony, and was whining on and on about how she was afraid to go home alone with some guy because she'd get raped in that outfit. So I told her she should have brought a coat or something.

Posted by: Candice"

You could have offered to help her home or loan her a coat. She was probably fairly unlikely to get raped (unless US boys are a lot different from UK boys when I was one) though she might have been pressured into aquiescing to something, she would always be allowed to say "no".

You acted poorly because you saw her as "stealing the limelight" from you and therefore lost any sense of compassion for the predicament. If you'd offered some help and THEN said "mind you, if you were going to be worried about that sort of thing, you should have brought a coat yourself, or dressed a little less revealingly". If she'd pushed you downstairs, I would suggest that saying "OK, make your own way home" would be acceptable.

rita mae

Damn, Scott! You are some guy on the internet. So am I a God?

Thanks, I needed that.

Rita Mae


According to an Old Testament verse quoted by Yoshua Ben-Yosef in the New Testament: "God said, you are gods".

I still fall into the pond when I try to walk across it, though.


"Christians are funny, consider this:

They ask who created the world.
They say God.
They don't ask who created God."

Why do things need to be created?

The temporal has a beginning and an end.

Does the spiritual? Why? On what basis can you infer the necessity of beginning and ending onto a spiritual being?

The easy answer is God always has existed. He created space, matter and time, so this concept of there being a time when He didn't exits is irrelevant.

[A God who couldn't create himself wouldn't be much of a God. -- Scott]

John Radke

Well, in my humble yet god-like opinion, you defined god as "somebody who has their own reality", then connected it with the fairly mundane truism that everybody has their own version of reality. So, sure, we're all gods, but it's got nothing to do with anybody else's definition of god.


So what does this prove? It says nothing about a loving creator of the universe, which is what most of us mean when we talk about whether "God" exists. At best, if it works, the proof shows that "gods" exist. Big deal.

Andy Watt

Interesting to see some quotes from eastern thought in the comments - the inherent cage that is the western style of metaphysical thought is one of the problems, hmmmm?

It's going to be a predictable thing to add, but Mr Adams, you should read "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" if you haven't already (it goes some way to creating something which unites western and eastern structures).

A lot of the questions you've been asking lately were thrown into some very good relief by this book when I read it - in fact, you could see his opening question of "romantic versus classical understanding" as being a question on the "cognitive dissonance" you've been keen on in the last couple of weeks.

If you've already read it, then apologies for the inconvenience (note, should only be read at 10 point and not 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 point).

Sam Davis

The "you are a god" idea is close to the teachings of the Mahayana schools of Buddhism, which boil down to "the human being is the supreme being," and that each of us has the potential for "enlightenment" or "buddhahood." This squarely places the power over one's life within oneself.

Dilbert's Rabbi

Funny post! BTW, if I am God and if YOU are God... it makes me WANT to depend on an Almighty, Omnipotent, Omniscient GOD like the One described in the Bible.


Doesn't that "proof" pre-suppose free-will? Since one is just a moist robot, one has no control over one's "universe". How could one with no control be considered a god? While "perception is reality" may be a useful retail business principle, it is not a physical law. If one walks off a cliff without perceiving the cliff or gravity, one will still fall and become flat at the bottom. How does a rock perceive the cliff or gravity?

Scott Adams and myself perceive the world differently and our communication is imperfect. That doesn't mean the world doesn't exist nor that we shouldn't communicate.



I always figured men who needed women to have skinny little asses were really looking for little boys to *uck. But of course, that's just me. I am sure the women with the skinny little asses would disagree that guys like them from behind because then they look like little boys. :)

One time, back in college, I went to a party, and there was this girl dressed up like Vampirella. Everything was on display, and she got the most attention from the boys, and I didn't like it, and neither did all my friends, who wore jeans to the party. We just sat there while she got all the attention. But we were the ones who cooked for them and all that.

She cornered me and some friends out on the balcony, and was whining on and on about how she was afraid to go home alone with some guy because she'd get raped in that outfit. So I told her she should have brought a coat or something. She started yelling and shrieking, "You think you're my mother!! Shut up, bitch!!" She went on,"You're just dressing like that because you have a fat ass!!!"

She pushed me down the stairs and my knee length flared skirt shot up above my waist and everyone could see my perfectly shaped legs, hips and ass. I had bruises all up and down me for days for expressing some concern for her safety. I had just dressed down because I also enjoy the friendship of other women, and dressing to the hilt can mess with that.

So guess what? I never saw that girl at another party. ;)


People who read your blog are weird.

cr steuusy

reminds me of bishop berkeley's proof of god which went something like; in oreder for things to exist they must be perceived. things outside of our perception continue to exist therefore they must exist in the perception of god.

also reminds me of "god's debris". funny you offer no link to that.


If you let this guy reinterpret definitions however he wants, he could prove anything. I can prove God exists by making up definitions to:

1.People are, by definition, Gods.
2.I am a person, who exists, therefore God (me) exists.

It's just stupid, preachy, dribble.

jerry w.

I'm coming back, and I'm pissed!

And I don't mean that in the English way, I'm dead sober and after more than 2000 years of being dead and having an endless run of a-holes taking my name and using it to promote their agendas, it's payback time.

You ask for proof? I got your proof swinging right here. Those of you who fell under the spell of any of the tele-evangelists with bad hair, or gave money to any of the politicians on the religious right who claimed to have heard from me, you might ask Scott Adams exactly where he buys his flameproof underwear. I'd recommend Nomex, but then it might seem like an endorsement and I don't do those.

By the way, does anyone have a good deli they can point me to? I'd kill (just kidding, see my pops' 10 commandments) for a nice corned beef sandwich and a creme soda. And a pickle on the side.

Jesus H. Christ,


But how could you be sure your message was misinterpreted? Maybe it was interpreted right, but you interpreted their response wrong. Maybe all forms of human interaction is obsolete now.

Anyway, I get emails from people trying to sell me "man pills", so I not sure if an inbox is a great place to get views about God.


Eric posted a 'proof' of God from Jorge Luis Borges called 'Argumentum Ornithologicum'. There is but one response possible:

What a load of bollocks!

So, if Jorge had seen the vision for a few seconds longer and was able to count the birds, does that mean that God doesn't exist?

This isn't philosophy - it's over stretching a very poor use of mathematical set theory. 'Argumentum Arsehologicum' more like!


"So when my house got blown away by a hurricane and the insurance company says it's an Act of God, who are they blaming? Me? Them? Everybody?!!!!!"

They're blaming themselves, but only in a dimension you cannot hope to access.

Neil Sampson

Yes I am a God

and I am an angry God!

so you had all better duck.....



My perceptions almost always differ from those of the Commodities Scam Queen.

Enough Wealth

Yawn. I think all this philosotainment has converted me from a weak atheist (or is that strong agnostic?) into a pragmatist.

Can't we get some posts that are funny for a change? If you've seen 298 dancing monkey comments, you've seen them all.


Homo Engineerus

This is proven on a daily basis with when any man talks to a woman, the question "does my bum look big in this" the answer is complety imaterial as what is heard is "yes it does" and that starts a argument. So this proof women are god and men are the devil.

Possible answers and what is heard by the woman.
"no you look lovely" = "huge arse"
"thats fantastic" = "thats just as big as yeturday lardy"
"yes" = "I want a divorce because you are fat"


Christians are funny, consider this:

They ask who created the world.
They say God.
They don't ask who created God.

So they traded bad question for a little mind numbing. They never meet with with anything like what-they-describe-as-God in real, so they are not tempted to ask where it comes from.

Bible is filthy brainwash, at least The Genesis which I have read.

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