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Best band name of all time:

Nut Sack


Death Oker
Rex Apache
Chevenne Quick
Meteor Falls
Big Scoop
Munch Museet
Colt Trigger
Titanium White
Black Tempest
Space Hurricane


Death Oker
Rex Apache
Chevenne Quick
Meteor Falls
Big Scoop
Munch Museet
Colt Trigger
Titanium White
Black Tempest
Space Hurricane

Vince V

Black Wednesday
Stucky Bockwell
Blip and The Jelly Beans
Bad Boy
Giant Mass
Murder Was The Case
Gun Star
Contro Vert
Cleve Crunch
Plan B
My War

Vince V

Bandana Jam
Hardcore Drug
Cale Sol
Dagger Mansion
Thunder Qayks

Vincent Vermeer

Guitar Gods
Divine Paragon
Dervish Airo
Metal Gear
Red Opal
Fender & The Gibsons
Moon Strider
Hot Stuff
Illegal Harvest

Vincent Vermeer

Jigsaw Yankees


Illegal Danish

(I don't take credit for this)


Here's an awesome one:
Thus Spake Zurathustra
It was a song we played in band
Its the greatest title ever


20 Years of Sloth
Between the Shoe
Lime Compass
Hard Cheese
Cynicism At Work
Rusty Brick
Fastidious Boot
Triple Router


The Normal Automorphisms
Pissing Weasels
Workers in Trees (saw this on a construction sign today...)
Rice Nine
Box of Lemmings

Roby Bang

I think Dave Barry beat you to it.

EX: The Italic Squirrels.

Also, he coined the slang IM term: (ATWBAGNFARB=Actually, that would be a good name for a rock band.)

Come to thing of it, you and Barry share simular beliefs and ideas. Maybe you and Dave Barry are using the same hologram programming...


"Stark Naked and the Car Thieves".

This was a real band in the 80s FL keys. The stock band joke was "Which one of you is Stark Naked?"
to which the band replies in chorus:
"Whoever gets lucky!"


The Day the Grilled Cheese Died
Crap in a Hose
Speedo Six
Dead on the Crapper
Mass Mooning
Nuclear Cheeto
Permanent Yodel
Lead Pipe Blowout
Dark Condiment

Bob Davidson

The Eleanor Roosevelts


How 'bout:

Prozac Run
Forbidden Spot
Full Conviction
Irate Demon
Rabid Crystal
Rancid Conspiracy
Pounding The Cadet
Psycho Bullet
Puppet Spirits
Calm Bang
Cynical Carnage And The Nocturnal Flame
Decompressed Beaver
Fragile Eclipse
Acid Apple
Element Octane
Azure Abbott
Church Of The Democratic Kaos
Resisting Power
Endless Outcasts
Addressing Eternity
Almighty Predator
Death Of The Rational Faction

billie d

my mate is in a band called "fastest kid in fifth grade"


My favourite band when I lived in Australia was called Machine Gun Fellatio.

Now that I've moved back to Hong Kong, I'm becoming a KillerSoap groupie.


The Candyfloss Tigers
Monroe & Manson
The Nosedigger's Wives
Tartan Tattoos
The Zipped-up Squealers

Loren Bell

Bad Religion... not exactly ironic though.

I know a local band called Benedict Arnold, not very patriotic are they.

Monday night party?



oh... "band" names.... I thought you were talking about "brand" names....


Well, Vanilla Ninja is taken by a some what popular eastern-europe girl rock band :)

Will D Beast

Parson's Nose Elm

(drunkenly inspired by Wishbone Ash...)


My best friend was once in a band (had a total of one song that wasn't a cover) with once of the best names (in my opinion) ever:
Hard Drive.


i'm not much of a music buff.
but there's a pretty famous indian band called
"thermal and a quarter"

and it's not as illogical as it seems. its really a band made of three mallus (short for ppl who talk malayalam (an indian language)) and another guy who has one grandparent who speaks malayalam making him one quarter mallu.
three mallus and a quarter and if u speak it fast enough
thermal and a quarter.

anyway- i really do like that name.

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