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(Blair, Bush, Brown, Cheney, Clinton, I, You) (shot, killed) (JFK, Osama, Lincoln, Diana, Lenin)

Jeff Odell

From the world of REAL bands - I always loved the name of a band in Washington DC in the 80's:

Johnny Sport Coat and the Pink Crustaceans

There was also a band:

The Squirrel Nut Zippers


I was in a high-school rock band called Guerilla Bus Fare.

Andrew Weaver

Being a baseball fan, I've always thought...

High & Inside


Torque Wit


some stupid names off the top of my head:

Liberty and Death

Logical Paradox

Dilbert and the Cubicles (really lame)

Cognitive's Dissonance

Heavy Metal Objects

Electric Chocolates

The Trans Fats

Scott Adam's Cognitive Dissonance Club Band

Greener Grass

Kick the Bucket

Ocean on Fire

Spoiled Milk

Burnt Popcorn

Kansas October

Deep Fried Stupidity



Katy and the Cure Icks
Dan and the Rathers
Back on the Cheney Gang
Noble Gore
Fox and the News Hounds
O'Reilly Bites
Obermann and Out
Barry and the Bondsmen
HG and the Whore Moans


I always thought 'To Be Announced' would be a great name for a band.

Bob Mills

Great list from a local morning show in Omaha, NE:

Yet Another Todd n Tyler Great Band Name


Tweezer and the Nose Hairs
Foul Mouthed Couch Potatoes
Bratwurst Typhoon
The Crashing Chandeliers


Honest Bob and the Factory to Dealer Incentives


My favourite band name (an actual band) is "G-Spot Tornado"

David Cartwright

Well, I have a CD by a local band that my friend used to be in. They were called "Doomweasel".


How about 'Bulls Hit' ? :)


Cake or death?


My favorite real ones are "Free Beer" and "Barenaked Ladies".

However, here are some I like:
Porcelain Panda Orgies (came up in AP Euro one day back in high school)

I have to save the A-material for another time though.


How about "Giggle and Stink"? (A line from "The Simpsons")


Japan as got to be the land of weird sounding brand names that, incidentally, might work as band names! [hadn't thought of that actually...]

some of the funnier ones, IMHO:

- Pocari Sweat [sports drink]
- Aquarius [another drink...just kinda screams 70's]
- Kiss Mint [comes with the tag line "...For Refresh!"]
- Calorie Mate
- Hello Kitty [sorta overdone now I guess]
and my personal fave, spotted on the side of Nissan car one night, years ago...

-- Viscous LSD! [which is just the name of a kind of brake technology, but c'mon! hilarious!]

Zach Leatherman

Butt Sweater

Definition Trifecta:
- a knit or crocheted garment that grandma might give as a birthday present to warm your bum.
- an individual known to profusely emanate liquids from their butt pores.
- an ass so hairy, it might look as if the person were wearing aforementioned knit garment.


The Homer Simpson/ Peter Griffin Brain Trust

Lord Darth Beavis

Hey, Scott, how about--

Britney's Panties
Quagmire and the Giggity-giggities
Spark Plug and the Wires
Turtlehead featuring Wino Spittle

Man, I need a hobby!


A couple of (real life) UK pub bands:

The Flying Buttresses (that's one for the architects among us)
Dumpy's Rusty Nuts

Tillman Fan

Rock-hard Fetus.

Andrew w

There's a street in Detroit called Romeo Plank. I thought it sounded bandish before M-Manson (think Max Planc the physisist). I often here phrases that sound like band names or bad lyrics.


Umm, The Restless Mouse struck me as funny one time when I had been drinking.

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