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Hey, does anyone know where I can buy a hookah online ??
I have around 100 dollars i can spend


Hi everyone,

Just wanted to introduce myself. This seems like a nice place and I look forward to hanging out here :)


Roman Humpelstetter

What do women when they are sad? They shop shoes.
What do men when they are sad? They have a beer.
What do women when they are happy? They shop shoes.
What do men when they are happy? They have a beer.

I would therefore suggest to open a shoe shop and bar. And finally couples have time to spend some real quality time together.

john from Oneonta

actually you were playing under the pool, so i guess it was good you didn't kick a column down...


So you don't want it to involve sex? So you'll have to find something that targets married couples -- especially those in their 30s and 40s who are looking for something to do (and which doesn't involve sex). How about Chuck E. Cheese.


indoor miniature golf. it's a classic, and it's very enjoyable.

Dave Oblad

Here's a super idea I had many years ago: A Jacuzzi Restaurant.

A party of one to eight enters and logs in. If they don't have a towel or suits and desire such, a rental desk & cleaning facility is available. Also, a changing room and security deposit lockers, are provided. They then proceed to their assigned booth.

Booths are public (no barriers) or private (walled in).
Private booths also have small lockers for those that decide to change clothes in the booth or soak sans suit.

On entering a booth, the pool is empty. They push the fill button to get fresh (recycled-purified?) water. They select the mood lighting and music channel (private booths). Or use the available CD player. Ease into the bubble pool and relax to mood lighting and music.

Other services include an intercom for ordering food and drinks to be delivered to the booth.

When they leave the booth, it auto flushes and auto sanitizes. A Bus boy is dispached to do a quick clean wipe and pick up trays etc. It's now ready for another party.

So, it's basically a Spa and Restaurant combo.

Tell me when you open one in my area, I'd go several times a week. Best regards Scott.. from Dave :^)


One of the "modeling studios" where the girls are nude and no one has film is probably the highest profit per square foot. After all, the customers are desparate (who else would go there), the only equipment necessary is a camera, and it doesn't have to work. The business owners probably don't invest a lot in decor and lighting, and they don't locate in the high rent district.

Alice in Wonderland

Sounds like a great idea. By the way, I saw you in Reader's Digest!


I don't know about revenues, but for cost of development "Ski Dubai" has got to be at the top!

Tom Gao

Have a feeling this is already mention but can't be bothered reading...anyhow I'm gonna pretend this is a reinvention of the wheel.

Gambling in [Classy Casinos] + Sex in [Luxurious VIP suites] = [Best Business Model EVER]^(infinity).

Assumptions and Issues:
* Managing obsolescence - replacing ugly small-slotted assets with newer, sexier-slotted ones.
* Product mix - busty, petite, long pins, fetish, I dare not go on.
* Strategic adaptability - ie. what if the world turned gay and poor in the next 5-10 years?
* Tactical responsiveness - ie. what if the world turned gay and poor overnight?
* Incentive alignment - employees must be tertiary qualified, horny and compulsively obsessed with poker & poking

Tolf Inventor


It's amazing. It's like those small putting greens you see in executive offices, but you can do it yourself at home as long as you have a putter and a tennis ball handy (Ah!). Ok, now for the hole - if you have tennis balls, you have their containers, put them on their side (one or more) and start putting. Try assigning points to each depending on accessibility and distance. A great way to waste time. Especially when you are half drunk . Which I was when I made this up.

Tokyo Joe

I had a new girlfriend once tell me that to her sex was recreational. Does that count?


Depending on where you play, indoor soccer frequently does have walls and even columns to bounce the ball off of. Field size varies but is generally fairly small (although I admit it could be smaller). And profit margins for indoor soccer centers are lousy and highly unreliable.
No clue what would be more profitable.


You should check out the pachinko parlors in Japan sometime. LOTS of money running through there.

The Sound of KOINK

deeplyflawedmuslim sez: How about a tension release centre, where you are armed with an iron bar, and you can smash old cars to smithereens? Tell me that wouldn't be fun!

I sez:

I'd rather take a tire iron to a room full of new Hondas.


No sex, huh? Wow that makes it hard - well, I like video games, the computer, reading, and a plethora of other things.


Price of a service depends on its location. So it should be in some snobbish place.
Maybe some drinking games with hazard, at some restaurant for brokers...?


What's my favorite indoor activity that doesn't involve sex?

Oh, that's easy. Xbox 360 on my new HDTV. ^_^ And ya know, you could probably make a few bucks off of something like that. The same as ping pong, just bigger screens in the middle with other smaller ones around the edge for people to watch. Then small areas with a decent HDTV in each, and a couple game systems.

If you replaced this with PCs, and put it in Korea, you would have to hire an additional two people just to manage the amount of money coming in. ^_^


Not so much as a new idea, but a new way to use space in a Gym. Every gym has a racquetball court so play wallyball. Wallyball is volleyball played in a racquetball court, so you can use the side walls to bounce the ball off. The back walls are out, but everything else is game. Spiking techniques get real intresting.

David Tufte

I played 2 variations on this in college.

1) Bumper Chairs: large office, tile floor, swivel chairs, beer, you can imagine the rest.

2) We also played a game like bumper soccer but it required you to hold a beer bottle in one hand. This helped the floor get slicker the more you played.

James Yeamans

whatever happened to that classic game Pogs? Remeber the Alf pog?

Jason Levine

I agree with Avi. Nintendo Wii's. I was just thinking about this the other day. My idea first started as your typical gym/health club, but with an added Wii-Room. Then I thought, why not just go all-Wii? You could buy a few dozen Wiis (I'm assuming availability here) and hook them up in and internal network.

When you join the club, you sit down and create your Mii character (the avatar that gets displayed as "you" onscreen for those out there who have never played Wii before). You could then go from room to room playing different games. To increase the workout, you could rent weights to strap onto your wrists/ankles. (Perhaps some weight rentals would come with your membership. The higher your membership level, the more you could get.) You could even bring in friends to play Wii/workout together. (Friends would get pre-made generic Mii's and would need to pay a Guest rate.)

Nintendo is coming out with a WiiFit game/controller next year, so this would give the WiiWorkout Club more activities to do.

I don't think I could ever implement this idea, so I'm putting it out there. If you open a WiiWorkout center, I'll just take a few percentages of the profit... or a few free Wii games and free lifetime membership. ;-)

Rob Mandeville

Here are two ideas, but I'm not accountant enough to figure out the dollars per square foot.

1: In a rainy area, find ways to fit outdoor activities indoors. A warehouse could fit one or two minigolf courses, batting cages, and the like. For a perfect example, there is a water park in Anchorage:

2: Along the lines of your bumper soccer: bumper car soccer. Take a standard bumper car arena, make sure you only have two colors of cars (in lieu of "uniforms") add a beach ball (or some other inordinately huge ball), and make most or all of the short ends of the arena into goals.


We used to play contact-Basketball, looks like basketball but you can check, push, block the other team (even in the wall). There's no outbounds or lines. Not stop in the game ever. It's brings on a lot of action.

But you have to have a little common sense and good humour to reduce the risk of lethal fights.

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