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I cannot believe I missed this :(


My husband stood behind my shoulder when I was in there and kept yelling at me to kick you in the nuts... so, I blew kisses instead just to tick him off. :-)
Ah, nothing like marital bonding... laughing at Scott Adam's avatar rolling around on the ground in apparent agony after being kicked in the nads by Dilbert. That's art of some sort.

Suki the Ocicat

That was my Day 1 in Second Life.
During which on my MacBook Second Life crashed 4 times so I missed a lot of action but I managed to sit down.
To nobody's surprise, BT Broadband turned out to be not fit for the purpose.
UK's digital infrastructure is just like London Underground or Thames Water piping systems - hopeless.
Anyway it was fun so thank you Scott and everybody who worked so hard to "kick" something unreal.


Bah!! I need to start reading The Dilbert Blog from home... I usually read it from work, as it relates to my job more than I would really care to admit.

I was in Second Life when the nutkickerama was taking place... completely unaware.


Jack Heath

I tried to kick you in the nuts, but all I could do was stand on the stage near you in an unintentionally annoying manner. Turns out I'm really crap at Second Life.

Good thing I love your work and had no gripe worth beating you virtually up for. Keep up the good work!

P.S. I'm having some copies of your book sent to Australia for me and as gifts for my friends. I'm sure it's fantastic. :)


Hey!! I have an interview program in Second Life--called Virtually Speaking. Every Thursday at 6pm Pacific (except thanksgiving). It'd be cool if you could come by, and promote your book. (We put up links to your book). Also we record the interview, in Second Life video, so that you can show it on your website.

I figure, if you do a really good interview, we might be able to get PZ Myers to show up. So, please, get in touch. [email protected]


it says the location is not available
directing you to nearby somewhere
hm, teleportation..
but i liked to fly

David Becker

I'm unfortunately running Vista on a laptop with graphics that Second Life really doesn't like AT ALL. So, no Second Life for me. :(



I've just found out that I'm not going to be able to kick you in the nuts. My dear old computer has officially now been declared obsolete. So could you send me a signed T-shirt as an apology for not warning me that kicking Scott Adams' virtual self in the nuts requires atleast 256 mb of RAM, and making me sad but productive?

I bought your book. It's the least you could do. Please!


No problems with you plugging your book (you know, the one that we wrote), but as for Second Life - well, I'm still trying to catch up with my first one.


Why no comment on your Freakonomics bit?

Mr. Wampus

Aren't you the least bit concerned that by offering up your virtual nuts for abuse you might encourage someone to abuse your real ones? There are a lot of people out there who have a hard time telling the difference between reality and fantasy. You may get an unpleasant surprise the next time you do a REAL book signing and someone gleefully kicks you in the willies and laughs satanically while you whimper on the floor in the fetal position. It wouldn't be pretty.

You should probably invest in an athletic cup and where it when out in public for a while... That is, unless you have faith that the average person on the street can tell the difference between fantasy and reality... No, I don't either.


dont be so hard on yourself!


WE abuse YOU? You rarely go a day without insulting your readership.


I remember reading something about car "warning labels" in one of your blogs. Well, there you have it, in Europe of course.


This robot has managed to program eyes such that the last few lines of every blog are ignored. whatcha gna do about that scotty???


Jeebuz Mice Scotty... Second Life is the pinnacle of looserdom. You should have held this event over at World of Warcraft, where the geeks are so much cooler.


This robot has managed to program eyes such that the last few lines of every blog are ignored. whatcha gna do about that scotty???

Brandon R

I think I smell a social experiment...


Good luck with your Second Life experience Scott ! I'm not returning to that territory. See :

P.S. One question for you : surely with Dilbert appearing in a zillion newspapers, two restaurants that have a fine turnover and loads of merchandising and other deals you must have more money than you can poke a stick at. So why do you keep on promoting your new book all the time ?
Please tick the correct answer :
[1] to make even more money
[2] because I just want it to be popular
[3] I'm addicted to fame
[4] my editor has threatened to kill my cat if I don't
[5] all of the above
[6] other (please specify) :



I am regular reader of your blog and its the first site I visit post lunch.

However, the recent rush of greed thats posessed you and is making your advertise your book again and again is similar to cheap third rated porn.

Do try and moderate the advertising. I might have thought about buying the book but the execessive publicity just wants to make me puke.

I don't like that feeling. Do something about it.


Brian Ashworth

I spend enough time queuing in real life without having to virtually queue


I'm not gonna kick ya in the nuts, but I will in financial sense by stealing your boook if you keep on taunting me with it!


uh....wouldn't we be kickin the 19 year old marathon runner's nuts instead of yours? is there a way you can change that, perhaps? age his nuts a little, so to speak? then it would be a little more natural :p


How many experience points do I get for doing this?

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