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I hope Second Life is paying you big money for doing this. Thats the least you can get out of this.


Ironically, the thing that makes me want to kick you in the nuts the most is the fact that you're using Second Life.

Johan Hjelm

I'll pass for now. Waiting for the rubber doll.


Wow...Second Life...First they had an entire episode of CSI:NY featuring Second Life, then it was mentioned on "The Office" and now you...guest


NOw THAT'S spontaneity.

D. Mented


D. Mented


chilean dude

mmmm thats not true at all..... cause they will be slapping the 19-year old marathon runner`s nuts... not yours....
the body will have your head.. but not your balls, so there is no fun at all...
so U better be fixing taht avatar.. otherwise it wont be true that they will be bitting the shit out of your nuts.

Punzy (short for Rapunzel)

My darlin Scott,

I am an avid fan of your blog and regularly tell other people that they should read it. However I have no inclination to kick you in the afore mentioned nuts. I hope this will not spoil my viewing pleasure. I must add I am english and rather drunk but normally quite bright and your theories on physics make me larf. Oh and I read some reviews of your book and people dont seem to be happy you pulled those blogs. However I woulda done it too - good business sense! You tightwad!


What did you say the link to your new book was?


I have no desire to kick you in the nuts, virtual or otherwise. It wouldn't change the blog, would it? And you've still provided hundreds of good Dilbert entertainment.

Also, instead of mentioning the book in every post, which my brain has begun automatically ignoring, try pointing a picture of the cover and a link in the sidebar.


What if somebody decided to come up and give you a big smoochy kiss instead?

Bruce Harrison

No problem thinking of a reason.


I don’t know how these things work – will there be a queue, or is it a multiverse model (every event that has a multitude of possible outcomes spawns a multitude of universes where that outcome happens). If there is a queue can you clone yourself a few times to get the average time between kick and clear down a bit .

But seriously, virtual violence makes the real kind more likely, so please – make love to his nuts, not war. (Jaw jaw, not war war…)

Matthew Kovich

You had better have gotten some sort of kickback from Second Life for this.

Also, I dig how you use an apostrophe in the word "'nads". Classy.

Kevin Kunreuther

But I don't want to hurt you even if it is only a virtual you ... I want to hurt OTHER PEOPLE!


Only fair to send messengers to remind us..

rita mae

It's almost 5:00. Have to go home.

Whew! Now I can go home and do the laundry and watch "Law and Order." (Remember, I told you I worked as a Legal Secretary?) Is "Law and Order" a comedy? They could never get away in real life with the stuff they do on that show. I love to laugh at them. I will have to watch tv in the bedroom because the ex-Marine will be watching football or baseball in the family room. I don't get to touch his remote, only other stuff. :-0

Scott, still love you, but still too old and tired to stalk you.

Rita Mae


Better start training, Scott.

Armando Esteban

I can help but admire you, and even a little bit love you....

Don't you need an Argentinian butler? I could do it for free (al least the first two or three days)

Amused Aussie

I'm impressed at your self-control!

You haven't taken the opportunity to comment along the lines of "how do we know that we aren't characters in some second life game already"

So annoyed - I'll be at work here and therefore not able to kick you in the nuts, but one of my friends is going to come and give you one for me!


It's interesting to me. I started reading the comic again about a month ago - not every day, but at least 3-4 times a week.

I've had an epiphany that it just isn't as funny as it used to be. Make no mistake, I'm sure you're at the top of your game. I have no doubt that Dilbert is still a riot. But for some reason, it doesn't seem to resonate for me the way it used to.

Then it occurred to me that reading the blog may have taken away the fun. Now that I've peered behind the curtain, it's just not all that interesting anymore.

I can count on the blog to contain interesting tidbits, but the cynicism wears after a while. You just seem tired. Kicking the avatar is just the perfect example. Now when I read Dilbert, I feel the jaded cynicism - and not in a good way. Where's the joy?

Of course, my side of the partnership is pretty easy. I just pay 50 cents for a paper and a peep. About as one-sided as it gets. How could you not get worn out?!

Here's to hoping that someone surprises you with the Avatar experience - in a good way!


I think for a person to encourage both violence against himself and his own degradation, regardless whether that violence is applied directly to the flesh and/or bone , or indirectly through “avartar” upon “avartar” violence, is pretty groovy-cool and I look forward to doing my part. Please keep in mind my mindless support for all that you do when you start judging blurb submissions

Tom Foster

Have you ever read the Books of Amber, by Robert Zelazny.

Seriously, if you have time check it out. The easiest way to buy it is a single bumber book made up of the ten novellas on the series.


"Kick Me in the Virtual Nuts
Tomorrow night, October 30th, at 9 pm EST, you can log on to the virtual world called Second Life (for free), and have your avatar kick my avatar in the nuts. Or punch me, or slap me."

Or not. I think I'll just stick to my first life for now. Any chance of me kicking you in the nuts in your first life?

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