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[If your waiter asks you how you liked the soup, and you give him your valuable input, do you expect to share the restaurant's profit? -- Scott]

Please don't cherry-pick 1 variable from the list of 2. If my reasons for giving you my input on the soup include among others my desire to make the restaurant better (not just from personal goodwill to the waiter or the owner) so I may benefit somewhat by being a frequenter of said restaurant, then if the restaurant not only opens a 'premium restaurant offering only diners' favorite soups across the street' BUT ALSO takes those soups off the menu of the first restaurant, I would surely be less inclined to give my opinion next time, and my goodwill decreases.

Of course, if the owner decided to give me an economic benefit then we may be indifferent, but that's just as unexpected (and impractical) as your sharing the book royalties with the commenters.

[That's a good analogy if you like reading the same book over and over in the way you like the same soup more than once. Otherwise, the value of a book you already read for free is trivial. I acknowledge the rightness of your argument in a trivial sense. -- Scott]


regarding your WSJ article, you mistake 'inherent value' for 'market price.' Since content creation like a blog post is becoming financially cheaper (like these comments, or craiglist humor posts), the quantity supplied increases so much that you must give yours out for free to attract the eyeballs. Then you can sell other goods in the same brand, such as nicely compiled edition of the book (but that's less valuable as screens continue to become better substitutes for paper and personal printing becomes cheaper, so as you observe, the sales from that 'service' shouldn't be much). A better bet is if you took the best posts and also added new content (see Paul Graham, Hackers and Painters, or Gordon Atkinson, RealLivePreacher for such blog/book combo), that would be more valuable.

But as Mark Thoma of Economist's View blog points out, you should not expect the 'online editors' of your blog to be happy while you deny them both their fruits of labor and the earnings from selling those fruits.

I think you're smarter than that.

[If your waiter asks you how you liked the soup, and you give him your valuable input, do you expect to share the restaurant's profit? -- Scott]

Noah Vaile

Was it really love or a one night hump? True love or simply infatuation? So many questions left unanswered. And didn't those nosy "cleaners" get some punishment for unlocking his door and coming in while he was in the throes of a passionate embrace? Where's his "right to privacy"? And maybe he was just providing the bike with a very personal lube job? "Just basic maintenance, ma'am."

Noah Vaile

What about "man loves gas powered lawn mower" or "man loves chainsaw"?


Scott. Here's one for you - Toilet conference opens in Delhi

Remillard Vestrit

This blog would be a wonderous journey of social commentary if it wasn't for the constant "By My Book !!"

Steven McDaniel

I would never marry a bicycle - they're always 'two tired.' Or a gay cowboy: ("Not tonight, dear - I've got a saddle sore").


I wonder if anyone in future will tell him that something is "like riding a bike"...I bet he'll be at it like a shot!


If it was a bicycle built for two would it have been a ménage à trois?


New creature : BIKESEXUAL!!!!

Aditya Simha

He should try pleading guilty now, and then later on retract his case, and go on the Matt Lauer case to replay the act. "Matt, this is what I was doing... I had no idea...."

Whoops! Senator Craig already tried this!


To respond to another poster... I don't think he was a pedalfile, I just think he was bikecurious.

le Big MAC

Notice the inner tube when partially inflated, resembles - well, just check it out :0

bloody hell

Why the hell would that be considered illegal, he was in the privacy of his room. Next, masturbation will be outlawed. I guess we don't know all the facts, but if it was his bike... I'm sure a lot of woman are able to gain pleasure from riding their bikes, are they sex offenders too?

In fact, I bet less than 2% of people on the list are women.

The Restless Mouse

I asked my wife's bicycle for some of that but

she said she was two tired.

D. Mented

Scott, there are bicycle seats designed *not* to cause sterility in males (or chafing and discomfort in females)
I think the name of the original brand is "Liberator" but my memory's not what it used to be. They have a cutaway section where the ridge is in most seats.
(I wonder if he was humping that type of seat)
Rita Mae, I notice you've been skipping penis references in recent posts!
D. Mented


Scott, You arnt nearly as funny with these type of stories as you used to be. A year ago, you would have nailed a story like that.

You seem to be reaching for the gags lately. You must have had a lot on.

Shawn Dunn


Initially the bike said it was two tyred.

I heard that he asked another bicycle to join him, but it was already spoken for. (puns anyone?)

The Sound of KOINK

Neep, "Concrete Concubines" is an EXCELLENT name for a band!


your rent a weasel gag was one of your best ever!

I'm sorry but what is the problem here who doesn't do that to their bike?

what if a woman had a bicycle shaped vibrator would she be arrested as well?

The Sound of KOINK

To DavesNotHere:

I think it (the title) would have more impact if was, "STICK TO DRAWING COMICS, MONKEY-BRAIN - The Sequel".


Did the bicycle have its (her/his) own roomkey? If not, how did the guy sneek the bike past the hotel - er - dick?

Peter Dunford

I don't think bike shops have to consult the Sex Offenders Register before employing people. I bet he could get a job in Halfords tomorrow. I think I see the makings of a tabloid "scandal" four or five years hence.

I also think that Robert Stewart should sue his legal council, if they couldn't get him off this they are utterly useless. What more could epitomise the term "victimless crime" (innanimate object, locked in privately...) if it wasn't for the bafflement of how this was a "crime" full stop.

I notice the "offence" was committed in Scotland, and the alleged perp has a Scottish name. Now, if he'd worn a kilt, easy to raise for "penetration", easy to drop when pervs burst in on you, the sporran covers the erection, the phrase "getting away scot-free" acquires real meaning.

What an advert for "Broon's Btitian"! (For the uninitiated, that's our prime minister, Gordon Brown, the Brown spoken with his native scottish accent becomes Broon.)

I have, however, long since refused to be embarrassed by the silliness of my countrymen, be they perp, police, judiciary, politician. It's all good fun.

rita mae

Made my second round of visits this afternoon in my nun's costume. Went to the Jesuit university where I worked for 14 years a while back. It was fun. Everyone thinks I am a real nun and they treat me nice.

Checking the posts before I go home.

PHILIP you are one sick puppy. You said [Could have been worse. Could have been a children's bike. Though they are so cute with their handlebar tassles, baskets and training wheels....] That is just wrong. You were sporting wood when you thought about that, weren't you? Can we be best friends?

Got to go. The ex-Marine expects me home. He hates Halloween because I go to visit all our relatives' houses and he has to stay home and give out candy. I told him to buy a ranch house instead of a raised-ranch, then he wouldn't have to go up and down the stairs all night. (I said "up and down" tee hee.)

Still love you Scott, but still too old and sick to stalk you.

Rita Mae


Lol either Raye has stolen my brain or he has plagiarized my comment . . . haha

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