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Ahh India and Hinduism ...

The most polluted and disgusting river in the world is sacred and should therefore be swam, washed in, urinated in and drunk from.

The most unhygenic, fly- and disease-ridden livestock are sacred and should therefore be allowed to wander the streets and defacate anywhere.

Wild killer monkeys are the reincarnation of a god and should therefore be encouraged to wreak havoc on the human population...

...Proof that God has a wicked sense of humour.


All I can say is, there's a lesson in here somewhere.


Am surprised this news made headlines...surprised still that its a topic that's being blogged about...

This kind of news makes one think that India is full of monkeys running amok, building an army to wage a war on mankind.I am an Indian and have to say the closest encounter I've had with monkeys is in a zoo,locked up, behind huge bars with a barbed fence between us.Nice and safe, methinks.

Good sense of humor though about the gigantic monkeys swatting jets.

Aditya Simha

Hey Scott, I'm Indian and Hindu to boot....and initially, I was like "What the hell!" but now I do see that it does appear very ironic and begs to be mocked at. Your clever sentence is really funny!

However, do spare a thought for the poor deputy mayor - the poor dude died! I don't know about the Langur training though - it seems ridiculous (akin to putting Blackwater Thugs in Iraq to "Protect" people!) Who watches the Langur?

BTW: this is the difference between moderates and radicals - radicals will bay for your blood after reading this post; moderates will probably chuckle a bit, and go back to being moderate! Hanuman is a pretty cool god - unlike any other god I can think of! The other gods seem to have wasted all their time in writing useless books through their messengers, which zealots follow so damn closely and keep shouting "Blasphemy"!

Another point - no concept of Blasphemy in True Hinduism! Question and mock all you want! Feel free to do so without being worried about death-threats and stuff like so! I must say Hinduism is a pretty secure religion! Paint and portray all you want! In fact, in some festivals, gods are portrayed in different modern garbs!


I wonder if I should start selling monkey insurance in India?

Simon JP

He must have had som very bad Boddygrads.
what did they think?
"hey do you think we should stop that monkey?"
"No he's just playing"
I will post a comment every day promoting this danish cartoon:
why? because they deserve it and besause here you can se the things that can never be printet ind the US.
Naughty things that Scott can only dream off
But hey you say, it's just on the internet, that's nothing!
But they are also in one of Denmarks biggest newspapers (the one that diden't mock muhammed)
see here:
It's also ind their print version.

Simon J P


>In my country, we complain that defense
>contractors are drumming up reasons for war.

Certainly, some Americans do. They are described, in the local slang, as "morons."

The rest of us realize that every war in world history has been started by a government, not a private company.

(Yes, Dancing Monkey Cartoon Boy, I know you think the government takes bribes to start wars. And I also know you think this is not the government's fault. Meditate on that.)


Tim Booth, of the alternative band James, has a very good song titled "Monkey God".

Find it, and enjoy.

Brendon Marks

Tit for Tat. You buy mine,
On your marks, get set, laugh

and I'll buy yours


monkey god, monkey god, monkey god...

I'm actually a little miffed about the disappearance of many of the best blog posts. I wanted to show one to my dad, and I couldn't find it. I looked for a long time. Of course, I didn't have a chance.

I need to buy the book now. Problem is, I live in Amsterdam.

Right now there are only a few comments about the book on, but one of them calls himself an "epistomologist". That's funny because he spelled it wrong. I wish I had an amazon account, so I could tell him "you're a loser. You spelled 'Epistemologist' wrong."

That's it. Maybe someone with an amazon account will read this and say these words to him. I would be happy. Especially because he really is a loser. He slammed Scott's book without apparently having read it.


Not a bad post but not enough fodder for penis jokes. How about this certification?

Daddy Dan

And what about here at home? The turkeys are attacking in the streets!


"So it should come as no surprise that monkeys will occasionally jump on your balcony, grab your nuts, and try to get their paws on your banana."

When that happens, that would be the right time to spank the monkey.


"So it should come as no surprise that monkeys will occasionally jump on your balcony, grab your nuts, and try to get their paws on your banana."

When that happens, that would be the right time to spank the monkey.

Teh Johnald

"Oh crap, animal problem"
"Hey, I bet I could fix it with a bigger animal"

This seems like a familiar situation...I think I've seen it before, in a different form.
It ended like this:

"There was an old lady who swallowed a horse.
She died of course"


> jump on your balcony, grab your nuts, and try to get their paws on your banana.

Yay! Back to penis jokes. This is what all blogs OUGHT to be about. It puts me back in my comfort zone.

LA Clay

Holy Crap! newsletter! Thanks Uncle Scott!


I'm surprised the blatant drug reference got by on today's strip

good job!

Diana Wales

Was one of the apes named Caesar by any chance?


Oh, great. Wait'll the National Rifle Association gets hold of this one!


Well I am very displeased with this. I am a devout Hindu from India. And I must say I am shocked how people in west want to mock other's traditions. Who gives you right to sarcasticallu talk about Hindu religion? What do you know about hinduism? How would you feel if we were to make fun of Jesus christ. I am sure some of the crowd will get hurt.
So I would just say as celebrity cartoonist, I would expect more restrain from you than average westener.

Bill Tkach

I'll buy it if you text JOKE to 55233.

If I send it to you, postage paid, will you sign it and send it back? And draw a Dilbert in it?

I promise, I won't tell UM.


Dave's not here!

Here in the Boston area, it's turkey attacks we have to worry about:

rita mae

RAINMASTER wrote: [Rita Mae - "He died from the fall". True. I'd think the deputy mayor of Delhi would be capable enough to save his banana and nuts from ingressing the mouths of a bunch of malnourished monkeys and let his wife have them instead...]

Well, Rainmaster. Evidently he wasn't capable enough. He's dead. BWAHAHAHA

Rita (don't ingress anything buy food into my mouth) Mae


Cartoonist ignores helpful advice!

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