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Thanks, John

John Taratuta

A wise man once said problems are not solved they are survived.

A good leader provides the means for his/her followers to solve their own problems.

All the good leaders have been replaced by administrators.
I am looking forward to a small pension and a bad liver.


I think you've hit upon my old favourite problem with representative democracy, equally applicable to any mass opinion scenario. Members of an elected government are members of the populace chosen from the populace by the populace, and are therefore as ordinary as those they represent - as mediocre, bigotted, ordinary, but slightly more driven (the average person doesn't want to run for public office). This system will produce uninspiring, leaderless governments aimed at ensuring their own continued existence (self-preservation being still high on the agenda for the average person). Anyone not 'representative' of the mass opinion is obviously wrong if not dangerous, and must be pulled down immediately. The politicians who believe that they have an inane right to govern through their superiority will be first against the wall when the revolution starts - which can only happen when the masses accidentally and simultaneously believe that the masses are already rising up.


You missed the latest scientific findings. Bio fuels (corn etc) actually produce MORE CO2 than gasoline.

They don`t produce any !
While growing the plants they take up CO2 from the air, and when You burn them the exact same amount is set free and is taken up again by the next generation of plants.
This way the amount of CO2 is not growing.


Much more feasible for us to grow hemp for bio diesel than sugar cane for ethanol.

You can grow the hemp on marginal land with little fertilizer.


What's your full name (and other?) for a write in?

Jason Preston

Incidentally, my solution to the low-milage SUV problem is simple, elegant, and completely politically impossible: make SUVs obey truck speed limits.

Right now, SUVs are TRUCKS when it comes to fuel economy standards and CARS when it comes to the speed limit. You can't have your gas and burn it, too.

Either SUVs need to conform to car standards, or they need to drive slower. And nobody wants to be going 45 on the interstate, no matter how cool their Escalade makes them look.

See? Perfect solution. Completely impossible.

Manu Sharma

Another hilarious post with three more than brilliant ideas disguised as jokes!


hell, if i remember to vote, youve got mine dude. gotta be better than hillary....


Better to have been last than never to have joined the fight.
I have policy too. I review TV programs I think I might like- decide and usually never watch most of them again so I really do not like to read about the idiots in a blog but you have a pass this time.


Pointy head guy will make a great VP, and Dogbert a great advisor. Have my vote, just cant do any worse.


Since we are bashing politicians, here's another reason to vote for Scott... The officials in DC are not even doing their basic job, that is, they can't even agree upon and then pass the federal budget. The Energy and Water funding, for example, has been running on "continuing resolution" since 2000. Those "liars" are so busy "transfering wealth to crooks" (Well said, Scott!!) that they can't even perform the basic tasks they were hired to do. Oh, and they get full pay and wonderful perks upon retirement, regardless of bad (or "non") performance! What's wrong with this picture?

Gianluca Bevere

You are so funny and witty. Go on!

it's me

I agree that "Scott Adams" is too general. We should write in "The Dilbert Guy."

Sam Thornton

Scott, here's your campaign slogan:

"Scott's so nice, I'm voting twice."


[Christophe Thill wrote: Well I don't know. I'm the idiot, remember ?]

Now that you've reinforced the point, I'm sure we will.


"I misread your post and thought your reality TV show involved regular Tanks (rather than the thinking variety) competing to solve the worlds problems."

Now THAT is a fantastic idea!


A reality show once a week is not enough, politicians can just put on their act for that day and then go back to their regular ol' game.

I say that along with a TV show we should tap their phone lines, implant a GPS chip on every politician, and have a camera follow them at random at any time. The general public should have access to this in the net.

You'd think that with the technology available we'd be able to keep better tabs on the government; not just the government on us.

This would be a (dis)incentive for many to run for office, but it would really keep the ones that actually put in an effort.

jerry w.

One great thing about being the president of the United States is that you will be able to use the word "Turd", as the so-called president Bush referred to his handler Karl Rove as "Turd-Blossom".

Until elected, you could use the word "Rove" in place of turd in your strip, and most Americans that haven't been renditioned yet will know what you mean.

Go ahead and polish that Rove, move that Rove to another pocket!


Bri - no - I didn't name my imaginary child - I just tyoed four because I was thinking 4 bedroom rambler and failed to double check my text before submitting. Stone me.


Michael W -

My wife and I have two children of our own - she has one child from a previous marriage that I support. Both my wife - one of my daughters - and my step daughter moved to the USA about a year ago. My second (unexpected) child was born last Feb and I love her very much. My wife is attending a community college learning to read and write enough English so she can work. Planning is good - but circumstances sometimes dictate your situation. Right now things are tight - and yes we are planning to make things better in the future. Thanks for your concern.

BTW - I was not complaining about our situation. I understand that we choose it as much as it choose us. I was just providing myself as a real life example of why 80k a year is a tight budget for some US families. It would help if health insurance costs for my family were lower. Say only $800/month instead of $1000/month - an extra $200 a month income can go a long way.

LA Clay's presumption that my income group is spending our money on new luxury cars - boob jobs - and plasma TV’s needed to be corrected. His statement that we are not taking responsibility for our families - well that was just an idiotic thing to say.


You wrote "But I’d watch a reality show about it if the losers were insulted by someone witty"

Like us losers who read your blog?

kavi chokshi


I had the first comment on this blog's post yesterday.
No, I'm not here to brag >_>

It was just weird, because I was in my 9:30 college class, and already had the page up from the last time I was on. So I hit refresh but got the day old post. For some reason, I hit refresh again, and this time the blog was updated. o.O

Random chance occurrence? Or was it posted long before, and my browser just acted weird?

Does this go in against the notion of free will? Or does it mean nothing at all?


Simple solution, declare that all americans must eat baked beans for breakfast and you can run all cars on methane fumes. Special lanes for carpoolers who have 2 or more passengers plus the driver contributing to fuel. I figure that you have to sit down to drive anyway, why not drop your trousers and help the environment. For those of you that only drive 5 - 10 minutes to work, you will be allowed to skip the baked beans, but you must walk or bike to work. Public transit? Same rules as carpoolers, hook up and propel yourself to work.

The good news is that Dubya has a plan for when the US economy reaches rock bottom. The bad news is that he is carrying a shovel...

Christophe Thill

"If elected, it’s a virtual certainty I’ll get assassinated"

I'm sure you'd love to see your face printed next to John Kennedy's. But perhaps you need to learn a thing or two about humility. Oh, and reality, too.

"As president, I would solve all the world’s problems by creating a reality TV show where think tanks compete for the best solutions to everything from health care to energy policy to immigration. The judges would be experts who help viewers sort the squirrel shit from the caviar, but the final decisions would be made by viewers, just like on American Idol."

Yeah ! Free markets are God ! How could it now work ? Look at all those great singers "American Idol" brought to the world !

"I think you can see many problems with this plan. But you have to compare it to the current political process where idiots elect liars to transfer wealth to crooks. How's that working out for you?"

Well I don't know. I'm the idiot, remember ?

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