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"...our current energy policy in The United States involves shooting bearded people."

Gold Scott, absolute gold :-)


I love this blog.

If you want to win an election Scott, why don't you just do whatever it was that W. did in 2000? Who says you need people to vote for you to win?

Then if you do win, invent stories, tell lies & go to war with some random country. It's a proven way of getting re-elected.

Avi Bernshaw

I think this is a really bad idea, Scott.

Have you seen a film called "Idiocracy"?
I think this is a sure fire way to end up with that particular scenario.

Ironically enough, it's a movie made by FOX.


You've got my vote!!


You've got my vote!!


You've got my vote! (and I'm not even a US citizen!)



u have my vote


Good luck finding the "experts." The problem is that most people with actual competence in a field either aren't photogenic, aren't interested in such a show, or don't seem that remarkable at first glance (which, in turn, is what determines whether a pilot fails or succeeds).

Hence the preponderance of "intellectuals" such as O'Reilly who just make up facts to justify their opinions.


hey scott, what makes you think that your reality tv show would become a contest to find the best policy instead of the most hyped-up policy sexed-up with oodles of spin?

Can anyone say Sanjaya?


>vote for Scott Adams as a write-in for president of the United States.

Scott, you're orders of magnitude richer than any of the candidates, and have millions of supporters (even I support you, relative to the existing kleptocrats... though I wish you'd read some David Friedman or Jesus de Soto... your college "economics" is pretty bad). If you want to be President, no one can stop you.

(Of course then they'll either Diebold you or just plain "die" you... but you'd be the most famous dead cartoonist ever. If you check out, you could even be a famous dead FROZEN cartoonist, and make a Futurama comeback!)

D. Mented

As for the energy problem, and resources in general;
the solution for that is birth control (with a side order of sex ed in public schools)
Nothing that we do is all that harmful in moderation; the problem is that there are six and a half billion of us using resources at once, and the count is still rising.
If the population doesn't at least level off very soon, there will not be any solution that can provide for the needs of humanity.
D. Mented

D. Mented

Here's my plan (well, part of it)
First, we give employers back the right to terminate employment for anyone showing a pattern of unacceptable work behavior (violence, sleeping on the job, total incompetence, etc)without proving drug use.
Then we make crimes that are committed while on drugs a compound crime instead of a mitigating circumstance (like armed robbery is more serious because people have to deal with you and your weapon, stoned robbery would be more serious because people would have to deal with you and your shrunken head)
Then we legalise, regulate, and tax the shit out of all recreational drugs. Same basic premise as alcohol; no driving under the influence, if there's an accident you get tested, kids can't have any, but if you can have a good time without interfering with other people's rights, we won't interfere with yours. The taxes should be so high the price doesn't drop when it goes legal, and in the case of very cheap and lethal ones - like "cheese" heroin, it should increase the price dramaticly.
Call it the "uniform intoxicants code"
Only one type of job would still be drug tested without an incident; life responsible jobs. I don't want to wait until a bus driver or a surgeon kills somebody to find out if he uses while at work. Or a judge, either.
The taxes should be earmarked for the first ten years; create a new WPA to rebuild and improve America's infrastructure. The jobs created would be offered as work release to people now in prison for drug-only crimes (no violence, no stealing to get drugs, etc)so they can work their way back into the public instead of dropping all of them into the unemployment line at once. These jobs should pay a fair market wage, and any that the convicts can't do, or there just aren't enough workers for, go to Americans out of work first, before bringing people in from other countries on work visas. No "Undocumented" workers - that system has to end.
This improves the work situation and the overcrowded prisons at the same time.
Some of the drug taxes will have to be given to the police permanently because right now about half of their funding comes from drug seizure-auctions.The rest goes into the general fund after the WPA is finished.
It doesn't solve all the problems out there, but it solves some very big ones. And what we have now does exactly nothing to slow the sale and use of recreational drugs.
D. Mented


I imagine it would air on CSPAN, and then people would actually WATCH that channel! Right now the peak number of viewers relies on how many people simultaneously turn it on for that half second while flipping channels and think "Fuck that. I'd rather watch that stupid Magic Bullet blender infomercial" before going to the next channel.


While diesel powerplants have some tangible benefits to their owners, there is some concern the the precipitous snowmelt seen in the northern regions has less to do with greenhouse gas produced global warming and more to do with accumulations of diesel soot inhibiting the efficient reflection of solar energy.

I don't have an opinion one way or another. I'm just mentioning it.


"...the current political process where idiots elect liars to transfer wealth to crooks."

Brilliant. May I quote you? Best articulation of our current political process EVER. Thank you.

Unfortunately, unless the think tank contestants are "hot," not wearing underwear, high and and possess the attention span of a gnat, the show is doomed.


Maybe if you kill one of the losing think tank teammates on live TV...we haven't seen THAT yet. Sheesh...


hehe, noah vaile, no avail


I'd vote for you


But watching eggheads argue is BORING, even to a fairly bright guy like me. It always seems to devolve into pedantry and minutia. Maybe you should starve them a bit and make them argue with a donut as a prize.


Ok Scott, here's a clue (you sorely need it):

Every issue has a plurality of plausible solutions, and it's impossible to decide which one is best without resorting to a set of predefined criteria (otherwise called ideology).

That's right Scott, here's a newsflash for you, politics are based on ideology, not science!

"Think tanks" and "experts" will never even agree on what is squirrel shit and what is caviar, let alone agree on what is the "best" solution.
And viewers will watch your stupid show just to root for their side (their ideology), not to genuinely vote for the "best" solution.
There is no such thing as THE best solution!

One would think that with an IQ of 168 you could have figured this stuff out a long time ago, Scotty. Maybe the aspartame in your diet coke is melting your brain?


You know, I was just thinking the other day that if I were (somehow) elected President, I'd give you a cabinet position, Scott. You, Marilyn Vas Savant, hubby Robert Jarvik, Bill Gates & Warren Buffet.... hmmm... who else?


And by the way, how can mere agitation cause someone to think they got 4 kids instead of 3? Did you get so agitated that you gave this imaginary kid a name? I hope you calmed down in time so when the kid didn't show for dinner you didn't file a missing person report.

So do you stub your toe and suddenly you think you got an Aunt Maggie?


I think its horrible that JPS made a horrible joke at Mother Teresa'a expense . You wouldn't see me doing that.


Joe Tao

Love it, great post once again.


And the funny thing is that we are so proud that we are ruled by multiple liars, as opposed to just one. Even if we vote the liar in, the vote doesnt count because chances are that the liar has will change there policies the same way any of the others would. Unless of course he were an idiot, then he would send troops to iraq.


"But you have to compare it to the current political process where idiots elect liars to transfer wealth to crooks."

Bar none, the best summary of our current political system I've ever heard!

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