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Just for historical reference, a very early (and extremely funny) Dilbert strip features Prairie Dog Workers. I cut it out and taped it to my guitar. I'd explain the strip, but I wouldn't do it justice.




Lol, I didn't know what a turtle head was either, until I read the definition kindly supplied by Steve - damn laughed so hard I nearly experienced one myself. Too damn scared to read what a wino's spittle is all about...


Scott, What is "Wino's Spittle" ??


I saw the "wino spittle" version in the paper this morning, before I saw this in the blog. I thought "wino spittle" was hilarious, completely random and horribly evocative. Turtle head conveys nothing to my mind, so the reference is lost on me. Sorry you were thwarted in what you wanted to say, but I think the wino spittle one is even funnier.

Dave C

I actually don't know what a Wino's Spittle is, but the turtle head reference I totally get. XD

All in all, I like the turtle head refernce a lot more. I feel a bit left out because Wino's Spittle is so specific to an ethnic group/race that it's almost an inside joke.

Someone please explain to me what a Wino's Spittle is?


The published version of this comment has apparently prompted some visits to my blog, "Slobber and Spittle". I wondered why all sorts of folks were googling the phrase "wino spittle", and I ended up here.

Thanks, I think.

BTW, I agree that the turtle head reference works better, providing you understand it.

Mike E

I just read the comic. You are right. They should have gone with 'turtle head'.


Did someone propose putting gravy on a cake? Ewwww.

Jim Geraghty

I just read the "wino's spittle" instead of "turtle's head" strip on the site today. You are right - they ruined it. If I had drawn it, I think I would have withdrawn the whole strip. Mind you, the whole point of the strip DOES seem to be to slip something past the censors. The strip does depend on the reader knowing about the 'turtle's head' reference - i.e. the colleague's presentation was a load of waffle with only a small glimpse of what it really is - crap. 'Spittle' doesn't do that at all. It's all a bit childish really - which is why I enjoyed the original. If you like this childish smut you should buy Roger's Profanisaurus, or read the Viz comic, as an earlier reader suggested. But you have to appreciate NE British 'culture' to get the most from Viz.


You should change it to editors' spittle instead!


Thanks Scott. I will print that at exactly the right size and tape it over the newspaper version.


Though a day late, I'd like to chime in with: "Yes, it's a confused jumble of useless information with a loggerhead of unsupported conclusions" I'll see if this still has the power to render me rolling on the floor in the morning....


The following link was given:

Try also:

as I think the latter has better definitions than the former.

C Johnson

Is there always this much fecal humour removed from the strip?

I'm just wondering if Dilbert is secretly a blue strip and is just editing back to reality, or what?


? ? ? Listening to the Carpenters ? ? ? backwards ? ? ?

Sometimes Saintly Nick

I seldom blog about a blog, but I just had to inform my readers of this unique term.


I think I'm too dumb for Dilbert. After finally getting what a turtle head is, I struggled for a while yesterday trying to fully understand how it's funny, how it's funny with the slang meaning, and how it's funny if you don't know the slang meaning.

I came up with reasons; I think I get it now, but I don't think a joke is supposed to involve so much work. I think wino's spittle would have a shorter stumped period for me. But I'm clearly on the slower end of your readers' spectrum.

jerry w.

Spotting the North American Turtle Head should not be difficult.

Before they come to the surface, they often make a, for lack of a better term, a sort of belching noise.

For those who are deaf, you should know that the burp often is accompanied by a terrible odor.

Some people will say that this will smell like shit, but, and I use that word in all it's meanings, others say when it's your own turtle the smell is like roses.

For reasons unknown,this is especially true for Republicans.

Twenty Major

Yes, "Turtle Head" comes from the Austin Powers movies -- Fat Bastard talks about it at one point when he REALLY has to go to the bathroom.

It was used in Austin Powers but it's been around a lot longer than that.

Andrew Denny

What's a turtle head?

I mean, other than part of a turtle.


There's a song from "The Carpenters", I don't remember which one right now, that when is played backwards, you can hear someone say "turtle head" in the background. It only works with vinyl, though.


Your editors should get off their high horses in re censorship, especially considering I was watching a KID'S TV programme the other day with a young relative, and the young girl hosting the show was talking about how "pissed off" she was...

I mean if they can expose seriously young children to, what would have, in my youth been swearing...

Go figure.


Well. USA have one of the largest porno film production indutries in the world and there are people that get offended by "turtle head". Those are the condradictions that make USA great and dumb and the same time.


It is worrying when the cat laughs. especially in that devilish 'i know something you don't' way.

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