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After what the artist formerly known (and I guess now once more known) as Prince got away with at the super bowl halftime show, your syndicate must have some real blue noses as editors.


At least with turtle head, no turtles would have been offended.

Whino's might try to sue you for implying there's something wrong with their spittle.

Darn PC editors.

Shannon Knowles

I bet if sourpuss had delivered that line then it wouldn't have gotten censored!


This one beats me, since I am not a native English speaker. I'll have to wait until it's published in German and see what the translator has made of it. Anyway, since it seems that it is something "naughty", I'd expect the translation will be closer to your original idea (if known to the translator), since we're far less inhibited with "naughty" things over here in Europe. Sometimes you Americans are outright ridiculous. Did I say sometimes?


I'm happy to live in holland where you can publish virtually everything. There would have been no problem getting the turtle head or the 'moving the turd' joke published.


If you had said "a confusing shell of useless information" you might have got away with that, you know.


Inside every man there is that little kid in "fecal age", especially in economists that draw cartoons for a living, hehe.
To me wino’s spittle is better, btw, lately I am enjoying Dilbert more.


there seems to be some confusion

1/3rd of your readership thinks turtles head refers to a penis

1/3rd thinks it refers to an emerging turd

and 1/3rd just didnt understand it. full stop.

personally I go with the 2nd version, especially as it makes more sense in context.


I hope this makes you laugh as well


For people who dont get it, i think that its an Austin Powers reference


What gives your editor the right to tell me whats offensive and what isn't. If readers find your material offensive, they will stop reading, if enough readers stop reading you lose syndicates. That's when you should edit your own strips, not some lawyer who doesn't want to go to bat for the company. Lawyers suck

jerry w.

Turtle head you say? This might put a whole (sorry) new light on what's been happening with Richard Gere.

At his career high point, he had a three picture deal lined up to go with Disney, and then someone noticed that Mickey had gone missing.

So maybe he's exploring new channels in the reptile world, or perhaps having the reptile world explore new channels in him.

Either way, it seems that he's just a shell of his former self.

maybe you are underestimating your self as the article above states


wah; missed out!

I remembered the term slang from reading Shogun; funny looking turtles they have in Japan.

D. Mented

Not quite as amusing as the "move the turd to the other pocket" line, but sad to see this level of censorship.
D. Mented


The to-be-published (wino spittle) version has a pathetic quality that many drummers would refer to as "weak stick."


I'm impressed that your editors spotted something that most of your commenters don't understand (including me). My only thought was that Seinfeld episode when George described his cold and shrunken penis as "like a frightened turtle" but that didn't seem to work in your strip. The prize for getting away with something naughty in the organisation where I work, goes to my boss who used the bogus antibiotic name "Mycoxaflopin" in the title of a public lecture (say it out loud)


"And apparently everybody so far has missed the fact that you're talking about the MIDDLE Panel -- meaning this isn't even the PUNCH LINE yet." -- AllanL5

One of the great things about Dilbert is Scott often manages to fire of all 3 barrels. Sometimes, panel one is just such a ridiculously funny situation that you start laughing right there. Then panel #2 delivers an incredibly funny or witty joke. Panel 3, by this point, is typically just gravy on the cake.

Haven't seen one in a while, but maybe this will be it.

Kevin Kunreuther

I wish someone would go on national television and just "turtle head" repeatedly for thirty or forty seconds ( it gets tedious after fifteen seconds). I would be amazed if the censor bleeps that out.
Personally, I don't have a turtle head, it's more like a water moccasin.


Scott, please keep writing more posts about your cat. These are my favorite posts. I love reading about your cat.

Bob Dole

Hey Mr.Adams, you have not posted a penis joke in over a week, and this is one that is sinful to overlook.

Biker gets his rod struck by lightning while peeing. It seems almost too good (err) to be true. I know you probably get hundreds of links all the time, but this one is memorable.,23599,22478633-13762,00.html


Will you ever publish a book with the "never seen in newspapers original versions" of all these edited Dilbert jokes?


Sometimes the best you can do
is can the shit reference
and blame it on the editors.

Tyler Ellis

Yeah, we need you to double your work load and give the masses a peak at your non-G rated efforts. I can spare a few bucks a year (for the daily calendar version).

Is the term 'prairie dog' less known in the same context? Could that phrase have passed the test?

I suppose as a noun the the phrase is less funny than it's verb form in the dirty context.


and prairie dogs are much cuter than turtles. By any measure.

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