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Wow! Talk about missing the point.

Democracy doesn't work by choosing the best candidate out of those available!

It works by preventing those who clearly wouldn't have a chance from running in the first place. But it will only work if enough people vote to make it worthwhile. Each person who votes reduces that possibility marginally. The cost of voting is turning up at the polling booth. The cost of not voting is a small possibility that a candidate with bad hair might consider running the next time. The risk is too great.


I do not understand why voting should be considered an economical waste of time, even after reading the linked essay. Take a look at a similar process: If you do any statistics, you collect random samples. Even though a single sample isn't worth much, the aggregation is what generates worth. No one would say something stupid like "picking a sample is irrational". In fact, you are quite happy if the aggregation of the samples show a significant trait instead of a "win by a single sample".

Voting is very much the same. It's collecting a lot of opinion samples to get a better understanding of what people want. If people omit to vote they lower the quality of the process. If too many people omit voting, the opinion sample is not worth anything at all. So it is very rational and beneficiary to give a vote. With each vote all other votes gain worth. Just get rid of the ego's illusion that it is you alone whose vote counts. Voting is a community effort.

My two cents what all three topics have in common: They share a funny way to jump to a startling and amusing conclusion that do not hold up to inspection.


An old joke, but done better the first time when the idea was that Aer Lingus would merge with Cunard cruises. As with many Irish words, its hard to get your tongue around.


Today's 3 topics have this in common: SEX.

Topic 1 is about oral sex (Cunnilingus - ConAerlingus)

Topic 2 is about women paying for *not* having sex

Topic 3 is about anal sex (i.e. either way you vote, you get sodomized by politicians)

Was that correct?


In Australia it is very rational to vote. It is a crime not to vote, punishable by a $50 fine (not a serious felony, of course, but one which the authorities follow up with perhaps unnecessary relish). You know for sure that failure to vote will cost you dosh, so you head on down to the local school and you do your thing.


All three items have in common that people are irrational / act in an irrational way at some time or other.

P.S. Check this out for not an irrational, but rather a philosophical question :


People will always find a pattern, it's how we are built. Pick any three or more random subjects and you will find a pattern or at the very least a flow, such that one subject leads into the next and then there will be a link with the third and so on. Here's a sort of example from Monty Python:

"Tonight's the night I shall be talking about of flu the subject of word association football. This is a technique out a living much used in the practice makes perfect of psychoanalysister and brother and one that has occupied piper the majority rule of my attention squad by the right number one two three four the last five years to the memory. It is quite remarkable baker charlie how much the miller's son this so-called while you were out word association immigrants' problems influences the manner from heaven in which we sleekit cowering timrous beasties all-American Speke, the famous explorer. And the really well that is surprising partner in crime is that a lot and his wife of the lions' feeding time we may be c d e effectively quite unaware of the fact or fiction section of the Watford Public Library that we are even doing it is a far, far better thing that I do now then, now then, what's going onward christian Barnard the famous hearty part of the lettuce now praise famous mental homes for loonies like me. So on the button, my contention causing all the headaches, is that unless we take into account of Monte Cristo in our thinking George the Fifth this phenomenon the other hand we shall not be able satisFact or Fiction section of the Watford Public Library againily to understand to attention when I'm talking to you and stop laughing, about human nature, man's psychological make-up some story the wife'll believe and hence the very meaning of life itselfish bastard, I'll kick him in the Ball's Pond Road."




Hot women pay not for massage, but for not getting sexually aroused while massaging them.

Commonality: Why don't people follow my advice....


I won't try to follow your twisted mind and predict what the three subjects have in common. What strikes me though is that you have now found a second argument for your apparently irrational opinion to not vote.
It is well known that people first have a feeling or an opinion about something, and then afterwards rationalize and think of arguments to support that opinion. I get a strong impression that this is happening here.

Ofcourse your one vote does not decide who wins, but it does help to point out how big the difference is between the parties and thereby how the power is divided.

Off topic 1: get elected as president, then your vote counts.

Off topic 2: one of the reasons I keep reading this blog are the comments. Some of them are as good as the posts.


What do your three posts have in common? They are all insubstantial attempts at filling the day's blog entry. The cunnilingus joke is a bit childish. The massage items was silly; surely you have had both a proper massage and a "stroking session of an intimate nature," so you should know the difference. Beautiful women probably get both kinds, but they pay for the one that requires skill rather than pure enthusiasm. Your third topic - on not voting - is a substantial and interesting topic, but you've done it many times.


Same reason a man pays a prostitute. He's not paying a woman to have sex with him. He's paying her to leave as soon as the sex is over. With the attractive woman, she's paying the man to JUST give her a massage because she doesn't want to have sex. Men don't have sex. Woman have sex and men are constantly trying to get it FROM them.

As for realizing the futility of voting, you are getting dangerously close to taking the red pill. You're almost an anarchist!


Aussie chick, best post I've read on this blog :).

Kevin Kunreuther

[What did my three topics today have in common? (There is a real answer.)]

Whoa, good puzzle today.

Mensa would be proud ... and horny.

Back to the question ...

Right off the bat, I'd be a wiseacre and say, "Nothing at all." Taking another swing for the fences I would venture all three topics are about pre-conceived notions:
1)How much faith one would have for and what type of service one would expect from, a newly created air service unfortunately named ConAerLingus
2)What an attractive woman and the person servicing her expect from the massage experience
3)How much importance one places on the voting process and the importance of their one individual vote

So, did I at least make it to first base?


Nobody really thinks the plane would go down. But if it did, you'd be a posthumous laughing stock.
The attractive woman doesn't want to be laughed at for allowing a free grope.
Civic duty = faultless facade


Maybe it has something to do with people doing things despite the fact they don't have to, or know it is not the best idea.

Topic 1: People are probably likely to go for an airline they like the name of without looking into their flight accident record. It would be smarter to look into their records, but who the hell is going to do that?

Topic 2: Even though the woman can get free massages she pays for them anyway, she is blinded by the natural course of business.

Topic 3: Even though our votes don't make a difference we vote anyway, yet again we are participating in the economic system.

So perhaps its about three façades in life. Illusions! We've all been hypnotised!


Someone made an accidental gafe in the office yesterday, saying "did anyone hear that Al Queda has opened a new airline...?" I'm not sure who she meant, but it was funny anyway. There were many jokes, such as, "why are you not packing our bags?"

A successful English alcoholic once said, "democracy is the worst form of Government, accept for all the rest."

Massage is not sexual, well unless it is "that kind" of massage.

These comments are all related by the fact that they relate in some way to your post. I've no idea what you are talking about.

jerry w.

Here's a great comment on voting, but from a person + a country not known for it:

"Those who cast the votes decide nothing.

Those who count the votes decide everything."

- Joseph Stalin

The Supremes swept that messy situation under the carpet in 2000,

and yet the festering lump is still visible (in the White House).


Cognitive Dissonance


Free will


Peer pressure


The Common Thread.

I could be wrong.

Voting is irrational, because you're gambling on the one with "exceptional" standards. The one, who's perfect in any light, any angle....any situation of stress. No such thing.

Massages with Attractive women (or to them). Pointless. If they're that friggin' great, you'd never rub them right to begin with. If they're that high on the pedestal, your hands wouldn't qualify anyways. They are essentially, another Perfect Candidate for the Job as President. They might have flaws too, but if elected, they'll rub YOU the wrong way.

To Conaerlingus (funny). It's the average Joe's thought, that no matter which way the world flies, it's entertainment....and we're nothing but passengers (chuckling at the screw ups.....but still, such sarcasm....maybe even wit, is all we have).

A Moist Robot, getting searched at some airport, for toting along their Blackberry. Stuck at some checkpoint, most likely in your socks...thinking...the girl with big hooters got to pass....why pick on me? Then you pair up such "delay" thought....with current administration...current security risk levels.....and all that's left is "Can I have my shoes back?!".

So here's my shot in the dark. The Common Thread.

Did you get stuck in an airport?

George Brickner

Back in the 80's during the first Saturday Night Live years, one of the jokes was about KFC:
Colonel Lingus Fired Chicken
(I don't remember the "finger licking good" punchline)
I think Jane Curtin read the joke.


that you wrote this post connecting random topics
if that fails too then just paroles, paroles, paroles


"An excellent voting theory, but one I will not apply in the upcoming elections in Australia, because here voting is compulsory.
Therefore our incentive is that if we don't turn up, we get fined."

...too right. That really sucks.

And attractive women would may for proper massages as I dare say the free ones would be less likely to involve a simple backrub or anything. xD


Women pay to get massages because "free" massages never turn out to be actual massages. They tend to wander away from the designated areas very very quickly.


Common Thread? They all have to do with BUSH, one way or another...


this will one day soon, become the most popular blog on the planet

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