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Tim Birdsall

If asked, I would have said that there are no ads on the Dilbert Blog despite having read this blog (and no other) since it began and, no, I do not have Ad-Blocker. I guess that at least for the non-multi-tasking participants here it is possible to tune out the ads in the same way that we can tune out conversation from our partners in order to listen to the radio in the car - do you do that? Of course, most men have that 30-second loop tape that allows us to repeat the last sentence of a conversation parrot fashion in response to the inevitable "you're not listening to me, are you? What did I just say?", which is the exact opposite to our ability not to listen to directions, even when we have asked for them. But now you have drawn attention to it, I suppose I will notice the ads too. Bugger!

Simon Allen

Well done for your honesty, such a pleasant change these days. Your humour and provocative style is so refreshing.

I must say that I never understood why you gave so much time and effort to us. If I had a syndicated cartoon strip and other business interests - I wouldn't talk to us. But then, maybe that's the way vegetarianism kicks back, you have a compulsion to talk to us?

I can say that, despite you being a tetchy restaurant owner, on the very rare occasions (only seven times a week) that you still make a Dilbert cartoon - then you are spot-on for modern life.


Hi Scott,

As someone who’s read the blog avidly from the start, I thought it was about time I posted. It just took a couple of days for me to think it through. This is not unusual.

Like I said, I’m a big fan of the blog and from a personal perspective would hate you to stop, particularly the controversial/philosophical stuff. However, I can’t help wondering if ‘The Dilbert Blog’ is the right description.

It seems to me that of late you’ve been trying to progress into new areas of writing (God’s Debris, The Religion War) and that the blog is a part of this. This is exactly what you’d hope for from an artist. It would presumably have been relatively easy to concentrate on cranking out the comic strips and watching the money roll in. However, I can imagine there would be decreasing artistic satisfaction with this over time. The only problem I see is that the only way this work is linked to ‘Dilbert’ is that they are by the same author. You could argue that someone coming to ‘The Dilbert Blog’ for the first time would expect a few witty observations on life in the workplace/reasons why your boss is an idiot etc.

It seems to me that the blog is really ‘The Scott Adams Blog’ and it could be readers who access it via the ‘Dilbert’ website could be confused/offended. Maybe a name change would help the situation (where it’s clear that the content is not expected to be related)?

I do think you’re a bit optimistic in your expectation that the blog will grow the ‘Dilbert’ audience much, as you have to find the website before you find the blog. However, I do think it’s a great way of advancing your own name past that of your creation, if that’s an objective of yours.

Personally I wouldn’t worry too much about the current sales of the book and a few negative comments. I would have thought that if the numbers of readers of the blog are growing as fast as you say, that is a large and growing potential market that didn’t get the chance to read the posts the first time and a reasonable percentage will want to buy the book. I also suspect that, bitching aside, many readers here will eventually buy it. This would presumably be true for any ‘Monkey Brain II’ book etc. It just might take time for some to get used to the idea and for the snowball to get started.

Like I said, I love the blog and would hate to see you censor yourself too much. However, I appreciate the last two years and wish you the best whatever you decide.

P.S. Speaking of censorship, you’ve written in the past about the difficulties you have getting certain strips published due to newspaper editors viewing the topics/words as too controversial. I don’t know much about the copywriting issue, but isn’t there an opportunity to publish a few ‘Dilbert – the director’s cut’ type books? I know I’d buy them.


Wow! Almost 900 posts! What an impact this had on the Dilbert community!

Oh, I've never used RSS before, but damn! I tried it, and was allowed to get every post in the archive, including deleted posts (a couple missing from MY archives)! Awesome! You're the man, Scott!

Johnny Ouais

Why don't you simply admit that you are getting older.

some dude

I never read blogs using RSS and I still read Dilbert regardless of your input. So I'm helping you make money. retrospect, I read your comics at Nvm


Posted by: Ale | November 29, 2007 at 12:22 AM

Nah...I think he'll still be a mister and not a miss! ;)


About complainers who say they'll never read again.

1) 'Member that moist robot thing? When we say stuff like that we often don't even know we're lying. (Newspaper editors have known this for centuries.)

2) Joke: Person #1: The food here is terrible! Person #2: And the portions so small.

You may be right about nobody buying your books if they can find them for free online. Although it doesn't explain how they buy your books when they can find them for free in the newspaper.

And if I understand your point, you're saying that your book sales would have been even higher if people hadn't read your comics for free in the paper.

Oh, back to the enumerated pointers about complainers for a moment

3) You said complained that weren't going to blog as much, but at least so far you're blogging just as much. Believe me when I say I'm not complaining, but the moist complainers who say they'll never stop are no more in control of what they're really going to do than you are.

4) Fortunately for me, saying "I'll show him, no more posts for a week," would not prove I was mistaken. (Whew!)


DL from Heidelberg

You are one cold fish.


Scott Adams Blogs Less Due InDUHviduals.

If it helps any, I read the blogs, I bought the book, and laughed my a$$ off on a long cross-country flight. My unlucky seatmates wanted to know what I was reading to make me laugh for so long and so hard. They bought copies of your book too.

Nothing wrong with letting economics dictate your priorities. If doing something for free takes away from a higher priority, family, quit/reduce doing the free thing!


~albeit less controversially~

I come here every day on purpose FOR the controversy.

I never clicked on any of your ads not even by accident.

But don't feel bad that I'm not contributing to your income because I don't click the ads on your website. I never click on any ads on any website.

I'm sick to death of being advertised to.

Even when you call the cable company or the phone company or the utility companies or the credit card companies or, god forbid, some tech support line. I'm already pissed when I have to call them. Making me wait 25 - 30 minutes while forcing me to listen to their commercials, and intermittently droning on about how important I am to them, makes me want to cancel every account I have and move to a cave in the woods somewhere.

Those annoying tv screens at the checkout line in stores. Hoping to make me buy something right up until the very last second I walk out the door.

And all up and down the aisles tv screens continually blaring advertising.

And tv shows. I have pretty much given up on tv shows. I don't care enough about them to sit through the commercials. Or to fast forward through the commercials.

And radio. I hardly listen to radio any more. I mostly just play my CD's. So SEE I do buy some things.


I read your blog every day - Yes I have a feed to it but as soon as your post comes in I click to open the site - I visit several times per day and I READ THE COMMENTS. Your posts give me good inspiration and get me thinking - but frankly I have to say before reading your blog I would never have bought a Dilbert book, now I have bought 4 and will probably buy more. So I think its a shame you are taking this stance ... your blog posts and readers comments converted me.

Keep posting don't be a dumb ass

Joe Blow


whiny customers all want it for free and how dare you write something they don't understand or insults them. Yea right--screw them.

I don't think you've spent sufficient energy on monetizing your blog. The comic you tried to spin off a month or two ago was a good idea... you should do that with an alter ego blog of your own. That way you open up new market and you don't alienate the current Dilbertos who will carry you another 3-5 years.

My 2 cents


While I disagree with a lot of your posts and if even a few of them reflect your true opinions rather than just done for humour I doubt I'd like you as a person in real life. But that doesn't stop me finding dilbert funny most of the time and I'd consider stopping reading dilbert because I don't like the author just as silly as stopping liking music because I don't like the singer. (I do know of people who have suddenly stopped likely a song because of something they heard about the singer, like that makes their songs suddenly not sound as good.)

Regarding people's angry responses to you, was that not what you wanted? Some of your posts certainly seemed to me to be deliberate baiting of people to get angry irrational responses. Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.


You'll be miss !

john t unger

Hi Scott,

In case you don't read this entire comment, I'll start with the part that's most relevant to you, the gift part. If you use FeedBurner to manage your feed you can insert ads (much more targeted than google's) on both your blog and your RSS feed. thus giving you the ability to monetize all your readers whether they click through or not.

That said, I'll voice my opinion that advertising is a sucker's game that really doesn't make many on the internet rich (or even buy lunch). there are better ways to monetize a blog and I'd be happy to discuss them with you… For instance, I make my living mostly as an artist and 80% of my sales are done through a TypePad blog with less than .05% the traffic you have. I'm only earning low six figures, nothing like the kind of cash Dilbert makes, but if I had a property like Dilbert… Wanna talk about it? You've got my email.

I'll make you a deal… If you go back to full feeds, I'll give you $1000 worth of my time to update your blog into a better moneymaker. Free. Anything past 10 hours you pay for. And I'm only making the offer because I want the full feed and you seem to need the money more than I do. I've worked with other authors and I have great references if you would like to see them.

end advice/gift

begin mournful dirge

This is a really sad day for me… I read blogs exclusively via RSS. I have unsubscribed from every single blog I ever loved if it went to partial feeds. I don't want to visit the website. It takes time, and it's a pain in the ass. Besides, the RSS reader I use allows me to save a permanent copy of any articles or posts that really move me (of which there are many of yours). Yeah, I could bookmark them but how am I gonna find what I'm looking for quickly among a million plus bookmarks? In the RSS reader I can do a search and quickly locate the post in question.

I'm not going to unsubscribe to your blog because I treasure it too much… but what I am going to do is stop reading you every day (you've been top of the list for a long time). I'll wait until there are about 7 or so posts unread, then I'll click through and read them all in a row, using the navigation links to move from one post to the next. I'm going to resent this, but I'll do it anyway. I'm absolutely no more likely to click on an ad than I was before. I don't use ad blockers, BTW, I just tune them out. I don't see them. I couldn't see them if I wanted to. I'm not really sure why anyone would, but maybe it's some kind of moist robot thing?

I'm particularly sad to see one of the greatest exemplars of critical thinking go silent just because he's tired of the grief from people who don't think critically and hence misunderstand him, fear and attack him. I mean, hey, you're a smart guy… haven't you noticed yet that most people just can't think well? Mostly, I believe, because they haven't learned how to do so. And wasn't one of your motivations for the more inflammatory posts an attempt to teach people how to think by forcing them into corners where they had to either accept something ludicrous or move past it into the clear light of reason? Sure, not everyone navigated the triage well… so what? Do you really care (really?) about the negative jerks? Why? What have they done for you? Were you going to date them? Did you want zealots for friends? Just ignore them… or continue making fun of them, or whatever.

It can be kind of difficult being as public and exposed as blogging affords. And again, I have a much smaller and kinder audience than yours. But I really hope that this is either a phase for you or (doubtful) a complicated joke that hasn't reached the punch line yet.


There are ads? I've got adblock and firefox; ads no longer exist. I have not ever seen an ad on your blog, let alone click on one. You cater to a tech savvy lot, blockable are a poor revenue source. Even for people who don't actively block the ads are far less likely to click on them, as you've found out. I will miss your posts though.

John Faughnan

If you decide you want to blog for fun, but don't want to pay a price for it, then how about blogging anonymously? You could tip a few folks as to the new blog, but you'd always have plausible deniability.


Oh, one more thing, if you arent making money from one of the most-read blogs in the word ... somethings wrong, and it's not your writing.

Screw the RSS feed, ad more ads, sell more stuff, and blog away.


You have a comic-strip? I really just come for the blog.


You won't quit. You need us more than we need you.

You don't need the money.

You do need the attention.


Just an could write your blog for free, but charge a membership fee for people to read the viewer comments. That would save me alot of time each morning!


I found it funny that even though you say you're cutting back on your posting, you still seem to be posting daily.

And that's not a complaint! I'm a huge Dilbert fan, and newcomer to your blog, but I love it too. And I just finished reading your book today. (Which I actually hadn't even heard of until I saw you mention it in your blog. So hey, you got one new customer from blogging. ;) And I just plugged it on my blog (which isn't terribly meaningful since it's really just a family-and-friends type blog).

I'm glad you're not giving up blogging completely. I love the way your brain works, and I'm happy to have another place to be exposed to it.


Put ADs in the RSS - keep blogging (often).


oh and as a further example of how you have infleunced me i have just realised that i inferred the wrong meaning from your post,
what i meant to say previously was

keep blogging alot

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