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Wrong on all counts. Unless you're referring to 1991, in which case I wholeheartedly agree, and add my apology to the Iraqi people: I'm so sorry we didn't deal with that son of a bitch then, when we had the chance.


"Whatever you think about the reasons for invading, everyone seems to agree that we botched the occupation, and the results have been a disaster for the Iraqi civilian population."

Not true, things were FAR worse under Hussein, and would have been worse for civilians had we not removed him. Under Hussein, there were more deaths, no elections, no free press, no human rights groups, no economic freedom (only very few could buy cell phones, generators, or cars) more violence, no hope for a better future.

The occupation was less than ideal, but saying it was a "disaster for civilians" is like saying the occupation of the South after the Civil War was a disater for 5 million blacks because they were still being intimidated from voting and often lynched. Slavery is not better than freedom.

It's not easy to transition from a blood-soaked police state dotted with rape rooms, where every few years there's either a civil war or an invasion of a neighboring country to seize their oilfields, to a prosperous liberal democracy where everyone lives in peace.

Bradley T

These comments are crap.

I wish I never read them. Complete garbage that has soured your well thought posts.

Like an obscence tattoo on a beautiful woman.

Like a digleberry on Tara Banks ass.


The overarching problem is that most civilians who mind their own business and just want to live their lives don't have a lot of influence over what their governments do on their behalf. I did object to the rationales for war, and I did question the plans for the aftermath of the war, and I did raise all the right objections at many opportunities, and I might as well have been talking to myself in the shower. Half of my relatives don't even listen to me, never mind my government.

Bumper sticker on a friend's car: "I'm Already Against The Next War."


I would like to apologize to Iraq for waiting over ten years for us to invade and rid them of a disident-shredding, child-raping, dictatorial regime . I'm also sorry for the useful idiots in the world who fail to understand that although our methods have not been without errors, setbacks and outright failures, our intentions were honorable and we meant no harm to the fine people of Iraq.


People of Iraq: I'm sorry too. I also want to extend a big "sorry about our idiot government" to all the folks still living in trailors in Louisiana and Mississipi.

And I did vote.

Scruffy Dan

@Noah Vaile

"It is not our fault that iraq has their dichotomous false religion that preaches killing."

I never knew Iraq was full of protestants and catholics.

Ray Kremer

I reject the notion. We didn't botch the occupation, not overall anyway, and the results have not been a disaster for the Iraqi civilian population. Quite the opposite.

Grizzly Adams

I see your point. All Iraqis were innocent farmers and merchants before we showed up and ruined their country. They were just marching in the streets, burning American flags and yelling 'Death to America' for something to do on Friday night. Every citizen of every country is responsible for the actions of that country. If you do not like what your government is doing, you change it. You can say that the citizens of Iraqi could not fight against Saddam's army.... which is made up of citizens of Iraqi. No, the Iraqi citizens did not change the government because they were content with things the way they were.

Which brings us to America. I see post here that say 'Blame the administration, not the American people". Sorry we are all to blame for the actions of are country. As a whole Americans are very content with the way things are. They drive the SUV's to work, pick up their Starbucks coffee along the way, go home to their new plasma screen TV. Even are poor have cable TV and cell phones.

You might tell me that you are pissed off about Iraqi, but you are not going to do anything about it. Tell me, how may of you know the name of your town Mayor? State Rep.? Your congressman?, Senator? get the point. You are more than willing to let others handle the government and not get involinvolveded with it at all. You are to content with the way things are.


Well done. Sincere.

I don't know where else to put this--I have to put it here:
I'm now waiting for the invasion of Iran and then six months later for Mexico to invade the USA and to at least put the borders back to where they were before 1836. It'll be easy with the military so depleted and the SW states already more than 50% Mexican. Now there's a thought. ;-) Hablas Espanol?


my (I'm Belgian) prime-minister has apologized to the people of Rwanda for letting them down at the start of the genocide in 1994. After some of our soldiers there present were killed, our government pulled back all of our troops from Rwanda, leaving the local people behind. Apparently it took us 10 years to apologize for that, and the prime-minister still got some negative response from other people in Belgium but I think it was a good and necessary gesture. Having said that, being sorry is one thing - trying to make things right again is another. As for the Iraq case, perhaps the U.S. government could swallow its pride, admit they screwed up and openly ask the rest of the world for help and troops? (hey, this could work for the Israel-Palestina thing as well...)
Whichever country refuses for any cowardly reason should then keep their mouths shut about what USA is doing wrong in foreign politics... But then, I'm perhaps just a stupid dreamer who thought greatly of his government for admitting they were wrong.
- Ring the bells that still can ring, forget your perfect offering. There is a crack in everything; that's how the light gets in (L Cohen) -

Jason Allen

I DID vote. I agree with and endorse Scott's apology. I, too, want to apologize to the Iraqi people for what my government did to them and their country in our name. There was and still is no just cause for the invasion and continued occupation of Iraq.



Although this post is important, there's something more pressing that needs addressing - the Dilbert website would appear to be stuck on Tuesday's strip..."

@Michael: Douglas Adams is dead. He can't hear you. And why he would fix Scott Adams' website, even if he was alive, is beyond me.


A reasonable and civilized apology. One should also be offered to the 20,000 or so American kids who have come back maimed as a result.

Declan Chellar

Is "Big California Ass Munch" going to be the title of your next book, Mr. Adams?

Whether people agree with what you say or not, you are clearly a thinker who can express himself well. Many of your critics can only manage "big california ass munch".

Whether I agree with you or not... keep it up!


Mats wins the prize for best response, in a runaway!

The Chief

"Never before in our history has impending victory been reported as impending defeat"

um. yeah.

Well, I guess when a country loses every war it's been in since 1945 it needs to re-define what "victory" means. To some Americans the "defeat" suffered in Iraq will now defined as a "victory".


Apology: an acknowledgment of some fault, injury, insult, etc., with an expression of regret and a plea for pardon.

The US Administration should not be apologizing, this is what they planned for to further their imperialistic agenda.
They are trying to make it seem that it was an "accident" and now they have to stay in to keep the peace.

Utter bollocks. It's about oil, everyone who has half a brain knows it's always been about oil. A country only enters into a war if 1) it is forced to defend itself or 2) it will benefit in some way.

Iraq and Iran were beginning to consider accepting Euro's for Oil. When the dollar no longer becomes compulsory tender for oil many foreign countries no longer need to hold such large reserves (for example china) ...

When (IF) this happens othe US will have to wake up to the mountain of debt and the fact that the world is no longer happy to foot their giant bill of debt.

As Mr. Adams said in one of hisprevious posts: How many foreign lives would you destroy to save one American life - The US Administration answer would seem to be: As many as we need to make a buck.

America wants a unipolar world and we need to strive for a multipolar world because with a unipolar one lots of goverments and people will be apologizing for things they keep on doing.

Dan See

Sorry Scott, but if you didn't vote you have no right to complain and also no right to apologize for your government's actions.


Give back your business degree, will you.

A business executive must NEVER admit doing wrong.
PARTICULARLY if he (or his company) did wrong.



Although this post is important, there's something more pressing that needs addressing - the Dilbert website would appear to be stuck on Tuesday's strip.

Now, I'm sure discussing the situation in Iraq, the security of the Western World (or, more succinctly, the security of our oil supply) and other matters of global geo-politics is vital to many of us. However, I'd like to move on beyond Asok's enthusiasm for replacing toner cartridges.

Any chance you could talk to the people with the spanners?



There is tons of good things going on in Iraq, we're rebuilding the infrastructure, reopening schools, the people are much better off then they were before we came -- at least they think so. I've talked to people you've been there. The media won't tell you about because they're trying to influence public opinion and not trying to inform you of what's really going on.

The most common question our solider's ask when coming is, "Why doesn't the news tell anyone what we're really doing?"

Never before in our history has impending victory been reported as impending defeat.


I don't know why you are apologizing. I too hope that things get better in Iraq. There have been many brave men and women that have given their lives trying to make the country a better place to live.

Bush screwed up when he went in, but you were not defending him. You were just hoping that Iraq was improving.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


I'm sorry I don't have the balls to take out enough of the top level administrators to make a difference.

Don Watkins

Thanks for a very thoughtful and somewhat humorous piece of writing. I am overwhelmed when I think of the average Iraqi citizen who was just mind his/her own business when Operation:ClusterF*** happened. We owe them and the world an apology. I don't believe we'll see it in our lifetimes. We owe the soldiers, sailors, marines et al who've given so much and their families too. Neither of our inept political parties did anything to prevent nor stop this conflagration either. They are all complicit in this terrible crime.

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