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I know I'm about a year late with this, but...

My old boss was one of those people that, just meeting him, you wanted to give him a nice big punch in his puss. His initials were SOK.


My Initials are JET and I am an Aeronautical Engineer working on getting Engines attached to Airplanes. Through two marriages I have never changed my last name because you can't beat those initials for my job. Maybe I should have found a guy with the last name starting with S and hyphenated?


Astronaut named Poindexter. Nuf said.


Astronaut named Poindexter. Nuf said.

The Hollywood Nun

In high school, I never failed a class. The grades were A,B,C,D,F. In college, I've failed 2. A fail grade is an E. You know, like the first letter in my first name.
I am with a guy whose last name starts with an E, and we both agree, it was a huge part of the attraction.

CC Demille

My name is CC Demille and I graduated with a 4.0 in astrophysics from CalTech, so this theory is false.

Bruno Terra

My name is Bruno Terra de Campos. In english it would be like Bruno World or Sand of Stage. Something like that. And I sell domestic utensils. Man oh man, where is mine fate?

Steven Cole

My name, Steven Curtis Cole, can be rearranged into "uncovers testicle". I found this out *after* I became a nudist.



My initials are KC, and I've never gotten a C in my life. I was high school valedictorian.
My little sisters initials are CC, and she's also a straight A student.


My initials are CF. I was, amazingly, quite good at all things academic. Its post-graduation life that gave me trouble for awhile. But I'm not sure what would be the falsification criterion for this silly theory anyway. Which proves, I suppose, that I deserve the CF moniker.


I wonder what Larry Brilliant would make of all this.


My initials are KC and I was not good at baseball nor did I excel in school. Still, I've done pretty well.

architect man

My name starts with a C but my degree was 1st Class with Honours. Maybe people whose suranmes are at the start of the alphabet do better because they're used to seeing their name near the top of a list, which are most often alphabetical. Like "Adams"? But then my boss (who is great) has a name that starts with a W. My surname sounds a bit like "competant" and I really think that hasn't done me any harm work-wise. Yeah, there could be something in that association thing.


My initials are IVA, the acronym for VAT in my home country. I pay VAT every day, even if I moved to a country where Spanish is not the official language.

I guess I'm screwed...


Names become important after the fact. Going to the 'John' or taking a 'Crap' only became sayings after John Crapper invented the modern flush toilet. If some one else had invented it we might all go take an 'Adams' instead.


My surname is Curtis and im very courtious..


I remember a Simpson´s episode where Homer changed his name to "Max Power", and his social life improved.


My last name starts with a P and I have a Penis.

Paul C

Ref Shirley Crabtree: his father applied what Johnny Cash later put into song as the "Boy Named Sue" principle, reasoning that if he gave his firstborn son a name more usally associated with women (although Shirley was one of those names, like "Hilary" or "Lesley", that can be applied to both sexes, at least in England), all the resultant amusing jokes or japes from other people would toughen him up and make a man of him, and the amused other party would be amused for only so long as it took to receive a broken nose or other witty comeback. It worked: "Shirley" became a thirty stone (450 pound) super-heavyweight professional wrestler with a lot of muscle underneath that superficially deceptive layer of fat. BTW, British professional wrestling was a more rough-and-ready, bargain basement, sort of affair compared to its American cousin. Not for us the toned ripped bodies of the Hulk Hogans, oh no, or the glitz and tinsel of the "WWF" set-up. Extremely large men like Big Daddy grappled with equally large lads like Giant Haystacks, in a sort of British variation on a theme of Sumo, but with more action, movement and agility. (People would think a really big man like Shirley Crabtree could not move all that fast nor pull all the physical moves, nor have the stamina to last. Just a great fat ****, right? They were wrong...) Generally, British wrestling was done on a hastily set-up ring in a town hall or other makeshift venue, and attended by bloodthirsty killer grannies out to see blood and broken bones (Dilbert's mother would have loved it). It screamed "cheap and cheerful", the exact opposite of American glitz wrestling, (although all the same themes were there, as well as the staging and choreography) and for thirty-odd years, commanded prime-time TV on a Saturday. Ah, those were the days...Kent Walton (dour ITV commentator, who was in on the joke and, deadpan, treated it like a real sport) where are you now?


I've known two veterinarians with interesting names. As a child, we took our dog to Dr. Bassett. And, more recently, we visited Dr. Katz.


My last name is Ransom.

No takers, yet!

lisa c

My last name starts with a "C" and I was accepted into, went to, and graduated from MIT. HA!

The real reason my grades were so good ( high school) is that I have a name with no "E"s in it! Same as...SCOTT ADAMS!!!


my last name starts with a D but im a good A, high B student. My first name starts with K but im not that bad at baseball, though i hate the sport.


This passed your sniff test?


my initials are NK, never palyed baseball so dunno bout that but scored naught in many a cricket match (all americans its an english game)

my first name means silent in Sanskrit and usually im not

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