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My last name means mountain grove and I live beside a grove on top of a mountain.

rita mae

It's Monday, I'm backkkkkkkkkkkk.

My initials now are RMH. ???

My maiden name was Friend. Yes, Friend. People would say can you spell that for me? I would have to tell them it is spelled just like it sounds F R I E N D.

Of course, my name is Rita Mae, and as I posted in the past my Mom and Dad couldn't decide what to name me, so my Mom finally named me after a cousin and a friend, hence, Rita Mae. My Dad immediately said my name sounded like a southern washer woman, and I think that's why I like it (because he didn't). My parents were divorced when I was seven and my Mom raised all seven of us.

My last name now starts with H and it is very German. It mean's "hewer or cutter" in German.

I don't think a married name reflects your personality. It has to be the name you grew up with. Rita Mae Friend. Think about it. I love everyone. Even those that don't love me. (I just love them a little less. tee hee)

Rita Mae

Chris J of Ypsi

Hm. My full first name is Christian, yet I have all but completely rejected organized religion as a whole.

Actually kinda runs counter to the pattern, doesn't it?

I. M. Wright

Yes. You'd better not argue with me.


I once knew a girl named Kera Rabbitt.

We used to tease her that she is destined to be a children's author... or a porn star.

My initials are EDR, and I am not quite in a wheelchair, a democrat or President - so I guess that fits pretty well.

I had noticed this with NFL quarterbacks. They tend to have great names. If they don't have great names, they tend to be wearing headphones and toting clipboards.

I mean, knee jerk reaction, who gets that snap and who gets the clipboard if you have to choose between Joe Steele or Ernie Weasley?


Reminds me of the movie The number 23. You can only relate initials or numbers to past events.Our mind plays a funny game and deduces it to the initial/number but you can't predict the future.If you could, with this logic,you might wanna add up digits in dates that add upto, say, 23 and stay under your bed or change your life to suit your name...

Billy Arvia

I think the funniest posting has been by Melanie. Her last name was Morren and the kids called her moron in school. She tries to debunk the theory by saying she was class valedictorian - and then posts the comments 3 times...

Chris J of Ypsi

Hm. My full first name is Christian, yet I have all but completely rejected organized religion as a whole.

Actually kinda runs counter to the pattern, doesn't it?


My last name's Normoyle. Sadly, I have not been normal, nor have I not excelled at anything (awesome at math and sciences, horrible at writing and any liberal arts subject, and I play D&D).


I hate bullshit science like this.

Rob Clockedile

To quote (or at least paraphrase) Opus from Bloom County, when confronted with the notion that name predicts success, "Me and Caspar Weinberger are gonna beat this thing!"

Mr. Wampus

Weird. My name is Bucky Goldstein and I'm the only jewish cowboy that I know of.


Well in Freakonomics Steve Levitt with a proper in depth study made the point that your name hasn't got much influence in your future.
The examples here feel a bit like the "cold reading" techniques fake mediums use coupled with circular belief systems... throw an idea that seems like it makes sense and that people would like to make sense because it's quirky or fun and let the suckers come up with the few examples that validate the belief and disregards the many others that don't.
Like me saying "oh yeah... I've got 6 names and now I live in London and you spell that with 6 letters"
"My name is Francisco, that can be shortened to Cisco and the last letter of my surname is S so i had to work in Customer Service"

Obvioulsy you don't see many male movie stars called Marion Morrison, but by that standard world champ boxer Ricky Hatton would be making head gear, Harrison Ford would have been crap at school then raced cars, Scott Speed would be a faster driver (unless his midle name is of russian origing and is Lakov or something).

I also believe people are robots and if we had a unified theory of everything and could know the situation of all particles in the universe at one point then you could calculate and predict everything, including people's actions because thoughts are just chemichal reactions. But I don't think this particular example reinforces your idea.

Not until I had a chat with the poeple that did this study and expressed my many doubts and had convincing answers...


-Why do doughnats go to dentists?
-To get fillings.


My last name is Butler. At my job, I'm getting used to doing things for people that they could (should) easily do themselves.

Thomas Kyte

My name is Thomas Kyte, I do a technical website ""

"Thomas Kyte" is an anagram for "They AskTom"

Thomas Kyte

My name is Thomas Kyte, I do a technical website ""

"Thomas Kyte" is an anagram for "They AskTom"


My last name is Paine. I don't think I need to expand on that statement.

Adrian D.


Your examples for athletes' names seem rather neutral. You only associate them with athletics if you already know they were athletes.

I see evidence of cognitive dissonance in your post. Your "evidence" would not be impressive to someone who had not already made up his mind on the topic of free will. Indeed, whether what happens *to* people is affected by their names has nothing to do with whether people freely choose their actions. So, the fact that this story is probably a load of garbage does not support my position that free will exists either.

Muthu Ramadoss

Spot on.

My Last name is Ramadoss, and IF you spell like this..

RAM (Memory) - 0 (Binary) - DOSS (Dos Operating System)
RAM (Memory) - 0D - OSS (Open Source Software)

I have a company called 'IntelliBitz Technologies' and we specialise in OSS (Open Source Software)


And my first name is.. Oh Nevermind.


My surname is Welsh which is ironic as I'm Scottish with a Danish grandmother - spooky huh?

Paul C

Cultural differences must skew this one. My family name originates in Lancashire, England, in the boggy marshy bit at the foot of Pendle Hill. It isn't a common name, but it has associations of stolid unglamorous somewhat plodding farm labour in the redneck backwoods of england.

I tried Googling it to see what came up, and in Canada it's thought of as glamorous and off-the-wall enough to be the name of an up and coming rock band... ONE of us must be wrong...


My wifes maiden name started with F. She was valedictorian of her high school class and graduated Magna Kum Laude from the University of Missouri. Just a fact to go against the theories.



my surname is very close to sounding as 'copulation' in my language, what has provided me with some nicknames in my days. so that's why i went through all this wild wild stuff at college - not because i was a slut with low morales, but just a moist robot with unfortunate family name. yahoo!

that doesn't explain why i graduated first in my year of 160... o maybe that does exactly that :)

Tim Martin

My Initials are the same as my name (T.I.M.) and often I wake up as myself. Spooky. Also my name is the first three letters of time. I have created several superior alternate planetary timeskeeping systems, but my spatial metrologies are kinda weak. Maybe if my name/initials were SPA I'd have better luck in 3 dimensional weights and measures.

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