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My name is Trish and I like to take out the trash.

My initials are TB, but I've never had Tuberculosis.

My initals backwards are BLT, but I hate BLTs.


My initials are KYL. I hope I don't end up a murderer.

If you just take my first and middle names, it's KY. I... don't really want to know.

My full name is an anagram for "I like a mean Chevy". But I drive a Toyota and want a Jeep, so that's not quite right.

"I like a cave hymen"? Hmm, maybe that's what the KY is for.

Ah, here we are. "I like a Mac, eh? Envy!" I do use Macs at home, and I'm Canadian.

Wow, that's creepy.


As far as I remeber it has also been documented that people who's last names are in the first 3rd of the alphabet are more likely to be promoted- because most personel lists are written in alphabetical order- and after all there are usually more applicants than jobs- so lets just go with the first one thats qualified...

Steve Kay

Regarding sportsmen with apt names - there are exceptions to every rule. For example, there was a famous (now late) English wrestler whose real name was Shirley Crabtree. Yes, he was a guy and No - he didn't wrestle under that name - he was known as "Big Daddy".


Well, my last name is O'Connor, and I'm a drunk, so that's a big thumbs up!

chitrak b

Ah, now to join the fray....

My initials are CB and I....see....a bee! Oh-my-god!


My daughter's initials are KMA, and she does have quite an attitude, and she's a straight A student, so maybe there's something to this.


Also... aside from my initials being NAP...

my last name is french: Paquet. which means Package.. My first name is Natalie, which means Christ's birthday...

ironically i don't celebrate christmas... but essentially my name implies that i'm a major part of the holiday.


My initials are NAP...

when i was a kid my sister always said i needed to take more naps because i was always cranky...

to this day that holds true. if i don't get a good nap in i'm a mess for the whole day.


What about a hard-hitting NFL CB named Randall Gay?

C'mon, you're an economist. You know that if you compare one statistic (initials) against a ton of possible fields you're going to get false-positives roughly 5% of the time. You can "prove" any point that way.

You're just baiting the populace here.


my name is kristopher, and it could stand for kri-stop-her, and alternatively kris-top-her.

that means i'm good at stopping women from whatever they happen to be doing, and then getting on top of them.

i hope you're right.


My initials are JET and i dont fly much... does this mean i should more often? or i should buy a hot tub?

Jeannette McIntyre

First name is french, speak french fluently, was a french exchange student.
Last name is scottish, went to school in scotland.
And yet, amazingly, I'm american. Coincidence? I think not.


I am.

John Flores

My last name is Flores, and I'm male, but not gay. But come to think of it I did fail Spanish in high school. I wound up finding a delivery job for a flower shop.


John Wayne's real given name was Marion. Overcompensation? Then again, Marilyn Monroe wasn't a baker.


I swear-to-god had a dorm-mate in college whose name was Buster Hyman. And his *parents* had given him the nickname, when he was little. He did his best to live up to the name, but then didn't we all?


My initials are dv and I work in digital video.

rita mae

Gotta post again. Just a little "name" humor for those who like it--

My Mom worked at a bank, was the receptionist and also handled all the check ordering, etc. She was a school teacher when she was young and loved words, names, and was a stickler for the English language.

She came home from work one day and said she ordered checks for an American Indian lady named "Mary Top Of The Tepee." All of us little kids were amazed. She explained that American Indians name their children for the first thing they see after the child is born, at least that was what she had been told. I asked what my name would have been if I was an American Indian, and my older brother said, "Rita Stinking Thigh." All the kids laughed, but my Mom didn't think that was funny.

There's not many left in my family to laugh about that. My older siblings have gone to a better place, so thought I would share it.

Rita Mae

Matt Brown

My name is Matt and people walk all over me.


To all those who tried and failed to meet Scott’s cut of clever and funny blurbs for his new book I salute you. Grand effort and it was great reading.

My attempts fell short but at lease in dreaming those up it helped clear away a few of the cobwebs in my brain. On now to the next challenge, figuring out how to stay clever and funny in real life.

Dan Quixote

Sure it fits the pattern. My last name is Wagner, a contraction of the German terms for a wagon-maker (Wagonmacher -> Wagonner -> Wagner). And strangely, for most of my career, I have unable to escape jobs that involve designing car parts (the modern version of the wagon), most recently portions of the Onstar box in GM vehicles.


Last initial C, but high school GPA was 3.5, college GPA 3.7, and grad school 3.8 ... not only am I a counterexample, I actually got better as the material became more advanced!


My wife is Brazilian.

She informed me that my last name means "to fuck" in portuguese.

Being that I'm married, I'd have to say that my name doesn't match my life. But I wish it did :(


Scott, sorry to say but "SRA" in Polish means shits (3rd person form of the verb)

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