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Steven McDaniel

"Superstition is the main obstacle to human progress.
Religions are mostly superstitions.
Sadly common people still have superstitions and religions.
Can anyone find an atheist who is un-intelligent(stupid)?"

Amenot, Amenot! An atheist who is stupid??? Oh my God, what a dilemma! Where do I start? Well, for an example that should be definitive enough to pull even you out of your coma and make you think for a millisecond, before reflexively reverting back to that arrogant haze you live in: Let's take the Khmer Rouge regime of former Cambodia, proudly based on atheism, who, among the half of their population that they murdered, included any people who wore spectacles, because they regarded them as 'bourgeois' or 'intellectual', or both. That's regarded in most circles as 'un-intelligent', by the way. But in general, to replace primitive superstition with the idiotic idea that this universe could have just got here by itself flies in the face of all reason, a world view only atheists could think is smart. I have always thought April the first should be National Atheist Day. 'Nuff said...


About the sari part, it's a sari state of affairs!

Suresh Ramasubramanian

Bah, give the entire village a feast and his wife just gets a bun and some milk. She isn't going to be on barking terms with him for the next few years or so, I guess.

No risk of her getting puppies for a while, I guess.


"Can anyone find an atheist who is un-intelligent(stupid)?"

Every atheist is inherently "Un-intelligent" in at least one area because they have thrown out any chance of there being a supreme deity because they are "certain" that such a being doesn't exist. The Scientific method doesn't allow for too many "certainties" unless the hypothesis has been tested and re-tested over an over. And since you can't "test" for God then you can't be sure if he exists or not. If you BELIEVE there is no God then that is just as good as believing there is a God. Agnosticism (uncertainty of the existence of God) is the safer and more intelligent option. Atheism is just another religion.
And yes I know many stupid atheists.

Kevin Kunreuther

Whose sari, now, the dog or the groom?



Just shows that superstition is a Universal Human Ailment ... marrying dogs, believing in gods ... how will we ever manage to unbrainwash these poor people?


@Jeff: Ha ha! Now that was way better than what Scott came up with. :-)

@Manoj: Of course "India has aggressively marched ahead in various areas", but that in no way excuses incredibly stupid behaviour like this, does it? Lighten up, stop trying to defend the indefensible and laugh with the rest of us, instead of being laughed at. Plus, there's enough crazy stuff going on in the rest of the world too to keep us all constantly entertained, so thank the heavens that idiotic behaviour is in no way the sole preserve of India alone!

Exit, stage left, humming "Give the dog a bun..."

- Karan @ India


Once again I think that this may have been a misunderstanding.

"Ah, yes. I see that you have been cursed because of the heartless way you have treated nice innocent women."

"But how can I lift this curse? Surely there's some way I can make up for it."

"Well, to get a taste of your own medicine you would have to marry a real bitch."


Yeah.....But can the bitch cook?

K Venkatesh

Height of stupidity and disgrace. The other angle is atoning the sin and "marrying" the dog. Animal activits, take note!! Your voice is getting heard!!!
I don't mind saying this as I too happen to come from the same part of the country where this incident happened?!


Funnier every day.
Did anyone ask the dog whether she liked the idea of an arranged marriage?


"Love means never having to save your sari" -- brilliant.

On a more serious note, superstition aside, the fact that the guy repented his mistake and was willing to do this and the fact that this was acceptable to the society at large speaks volumes about the open-mindedness of the Indian society and culture. His action might seem silly, but it is the thought that counts. How many animals get slaughtered in the US and how many people give a damn? A casual look at pornographic interests of these people show that dogs and horses form a big fetish. Yet, what are the chances of this being acceptable in the US, astrologer or otherwise.


Today's strip is hilarious!


Unrelated to topic..
Scott, another instance of code-reuse in the universe that you blogged about. Great observation!


Not amused at el

Recently a famous Indian actress Aishwarya Rai ( formar Miss World ) Married a Tree before marrying to his now hubby another famous Indian Actor .

Being in India you are assured of your daily dose of laughter /amusement/dilbert & blog etc.

Scott what if Dilbert will marry a his cubical :D

John Travis

Oh man! I was wondering if you would say something on that. You shouldnt have held back. Who was it going to offend? Dogs? No way. By the way you should check this shit out. same story but no holds barred. Crazy story neverthless. damn.


Another example of religion making humans do some really stupid things.


That's ruff!
But I guess he has to bow wow to his fate.
And meet it with dogged determination.

Where are the Dogbert references? ?



Even former 'Ms. World' Aishwarya Rai had married a banyan tree (before marrying her current hubby) to ward off some ill effects in her future married life...

I guess the age difference between them came in the way. Not every old piece of wood can be a Hugh Hefner or Donald Trump!

:D :D :D

larry horowitz

Scott - I was hoping to see a debate by this time. I saw your comment about no legitimate takers, by why didn't you debate Harkius the molecular biologist about evolution? Harkius was in yesterday's blog comments.


Chemical imbalance in the gray matter is nothing new, nor is the title of your post.


she is a good-looking little bitch, though!



she is a good-looking little bitch, though!



life's a bitch, ain't it?




India has too many damn people anyway. Now this guy won't marry someone else and have kids; its probably a good thing.

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