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Andrew Netherton

Drat. I wish you the best in your restaurant management, but I'm seriously bummed to hear that the Dilburito operations have been folded. (Is it just me, or does "folding" a burrito operation seem redundant?) One of my future ambitions was to have lunch with you (at Stacey's, of course) to discuss a possible partnership.

Ah well. I guess on the bright side, that means I won't have to deal with you as a competitor, but might still lunch with you as a licencee. We shall see.


Time for Gordon Ramsay to come fix it.

(Hiring a consultant being the next management phase here).

Hope it turns around for you soon!

Simon Allen

If the underlying story is true - that the restaurants are struggling against new competition - then it's time to shut down.

The biggest problem facing any start up is when to stop. It may be that you grow big enough to turn into a franchised chain and so the decision is delayed by a couple of decades. BUT most small companies keep going too long, they always think that they can work it out somehow. They keep think that until the moment that the money runs out.

Much better to cut your losses, sell the biz whilst there is a biz to sell, or just shut down and pay off the staff because that is better than waiting until there is no money and the debts are piled high. Historically, no one does that. They wait until the train hits buffers and everyone is hurting.

The purported main story about Scott getting in the way is irrelevant. If he is the proprietor, he can do what he likes. If the Stacey's have other shareholders - then they have a say. If the NYT were discussing a finance company that had a single owner - would they say the same? Nah, it's not as much fun.


Lighting IS important! The right ligting can absolutely focus and engage the people at the table and facilitate an awesome time. Mr. Stone mocks you for thinking it's the most important part of a restaurant (maybe he's right, I wouldn't know) but I'm still glad you pay attention. Christ, the guy makes it sound like you're some kind of vampire (and makes me picture Cheryl David or someone else from Curb sshouting "what do you mean you don't like the sun? Who doesn't like the sun?") Someone smarter than me who also thinks lighting is a make-or-break factor wrote a wonderful and unique book about constructing living spaces. Here's an excerpt about lighting you may find interesting:

The book (called A Pattern Language) costs like $60, which I imagine is a lot if you have a failing restaurant. Your library probably has a copy.

Also, this seemed like a contradiction: your employees describe you as trusting and appreciative but your balls twist up when Mr. Gillespe tinkers with the salmon? That's either an example of you being a fickle prick or a journalist over-simplifying a situation to support his cute ironic story. And what, you've been a manager for maybe five months by now? It would be bigger news if you were actually doing a good job of managing after such a short time.

All in all, it's a shame that Mr. Stone gets his giggles by picking on people with brain damage.


how much did you pay him???


This whole story wreaks of a set up, let me guess you know the reporter that wrote the story, right? He even managed to plug your new book. I think it went something like this:

Hey Brad I have an idea that will give you a funny story and give me some publicity....

It wouldn't be quite as obvious if every employee didn't bash you in one way or another thus completing the illusion that Dilbert has come to life but in a restaurant setting in-lieu of an office.

rita mae

Thanks, RAINMASTER, for missing me. It was the weekend and I don't access the internet at home. Get enough of the internet and computer at work. The ex-Marine is always checking his stocks and e-mailing old service buddies, anyway. So, I stay out of the computer room. (at least he says it's old service buddies..tee hee)

My answer to everything I missed this weekend is, as usual, PENIS.

Also, I feel we should quit trying to change the world and stay home. Why not bring our troops home from everywhere and take over Canada and Mexico? Look at a map. They should belong to us. Then we would be set. Leave the rest of the world alone and we can live in peace.

Brad Stone. Hmmm! Perhaps there really IS only one Brad Stone, and his porn star alter-ego doesn't get the attention that his NY Times writer side does. Let's start a rumor.........are you with me?

Rita Mae


A fine example of manufactured controversy.

I'm still trying to decide if this Brad Stone fellow is an alter ego for Scott Adams or simply a co-conspirator.

Robert Hamilton

Scott, While it is important to be involved with your investments, being the manager of your restaurant is not the right thing to do. Do you think that you're just doing it to get out of the house? I know that there is a strong temptation to try to prove that you can do it, but you have made your money by being creative, not doing the day to day chores of a manager. When you asked for tips earlier this year, I suggested that you buy the strip mall where the property is located. If you can't do that, then you may have to bail. Don't be too emotionally invested in that location. It's business, Sonny, it ain't personal.

Peter O'Connell

It doesn't sound like the staff takes you very seriously.

They like you but don't respect you as a manager.

Sales are down.

You are not helping. Sorry man but you need to fire yourself if you really want this biz to fly.

Best always,
- Peter


More importantly, how does that make you feel? Especially since the article seems to have been angled to place you in a very negative light.

And I don't know if things in your restaurant are as bad as the article says it is, but I think the article has the potential to exacerbate matters.


RE: Erich's comment and Scott's response...

Holy Shit! Batman, Stacey's at Waterford isn't open on Sundays. You're closed 14% of the week, 50% of the weekend, and you think big windows is the problem.

Did you think of painting the windows? Cheap white paint will block a lot of light. Of course you can make paint look fancy without going to great expense. You could even paint, dare I mention it, cartoon characters on the windows.


jerry w.

Based on the recent published (nationwide!!) comments from a few of your employees,

it seems that there might soon be an opening or two in the staff department of your


If this happens, I can think of someone that would be available for work, at least

as long as the writers strike lasts.

Last week I made a mistake on a job interview by asking how much I'll get paid. They

said "We'll pay you what you're worth".

What an insult!!! I never will work that cheaply.



And when you invent a new kind of dough, it will be called...?

Billy Arvia


How about an introspective look at what drives Scott Adams? I assume you support yourself quite nicely with Dilbert so money is not the reason for a restaraunt. As an aspiring writer with my own blog, I know how hard it is to come with new ideas constantly yet you post EVERY DAY. There are some "professional" bloggers that don't post that often. Are you a "workaholic"? Hyperactive? How about a posting from the heart, with a no nonsense look into the soul of Scott?


The best way to create a purple cow is...(feel the suspense)...Hand out a Milka Chocolate Bar with the check instead of those dreadfull mints.

God I'm a bonafide genius if I say so myself.

(for those of you that don't know it, it has a purple cow on the wrapper and tastes really great)


The best way to create a purple cow is...(feel the suspense)...Hand out a Milka Chocolate Bar with the check instead of those dreadfull mints.

God I'm a bonafide genius if I say so myself.

(for those of you that don't know it, it has a purple cow on the wrapper and tastes really great)


wahhahahahhh! another sucker hypnotized into plugging your book! and he tried SO hard to point out your flaws only to have been usurped by... you! excellent!

Neil Wilson

You need to get Gordon Ramsey in. I'd watch that episode.



Buy up every billboard you can find that is within a 5 mi radius. Have Dilbert on the board point the way to Sylvia's. If the mantra in the restaurant business is "location, location, location" then billboards in effect expand the location!


Wow, he was desperate for a story. Ans seriosly, if you don't "rely on peoples opinions" then you are an idiot. Your chef seemed kinda whiny, if his changes were so good, why didn't he do the damn review? From the sound of it, your managering fine, but your good management has kinda annoyed some people who just wanted to do whatever they want.


Scott, you self-promoting piece of crap!! Nice article, by the way; thanks for the link, you egomaniacal twit!

I HATE complimenting people whose work I enjoy... How'd I do?


I live in Dublin, Ireland, we have very few good restaurants, I saw the website for staceys in waterford, If I ever find myself in Dublin, Waterford, (As opposed to Dublin Ireland, or indeed Waterford, Ireland!!) I will be sure to pop in and buy something to eat.

Idea for Business attraction!! Have a live musician play for people while they eat (Acoustic not Heavy) pay him to do some covers, a couple of requests that sort of thing, I'd eat somewhere where they played a song that I like while I eat.


How about a TV special - Dilbert's Kitchen Nightmare?

Chef Gordon Ramsey tries to turn around Stacy's at Waterford - It would be great to see Scott go head to head with Chef Ramsey - his "decorating team" could fix the windows and I bet the TV exposure would solve your booking problem permanently....


Is Rita Mae on a holiday?

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