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Will Von Wizzlepig

older people get dementia and stick all kinds of things (usually valuables) in all kinds of places...

my neighbor's mother died, and about halfway through loading the truck with thrift-store-bound furniture, they had to unload everything since they discovered she'd been stuffing cash into everything that was hollow. Clocks, console radios, TVs, furniture, etc.


LOL @ "I hope I didn't damage your Renoir." That made my day.


My first reaction was, "That beat up couch cost $150 euro? What the? Isn't Ikea from Europe?"
I saw the picture somewhere, it's got like 8-12 holes with duct tape all over. Someone else had punched holes in it and fail to find the painting before this person got lucky.




I one time sat in gum while using the teeter-totter in the 2nd grade...This story is alot better.

Michael Chastain

Scott Adams: "Speaking of dry holes..."

Oddly enough that comment would have applied even better to yesterdays story of a man having sex with a bicycle.

Matt Brown

Did you hear about the art thief who got caught just a block from the Louvre after a heist? He was so Barouque, he had no Monet to make the Van Gogh . . . Hardy Har Har!!!

Offbeat News

Thats nuts, imagine that when she finds that kind of thing in her couch!


Dang. I just went through two sofas, four chairs, and three mattresses, about a dozen pillows, my wife's antique grandfather clock, her Chihuahua and several other places and didn't find much. The only exciting thing was a gun duct taped in the tank of the toilet.

Steven McDaniel

"She's not baroque, she's got Monet" Adam

Now that was FUNNY!

Steven McDaniel

You forgot the last line on your blog: "Talking about students, paintings and couches, don't forget to buy my new book." I kind of felt compelled to complete the blog for you. How about this for a recommendation to put on the back cover?: "Stick to writing books about comics, monkey brains!"


Hmm... if art masterpieces are hidden in old couches...
I wonder what other secrets lie lurking out there in the dust-bunny underworld?

(Did anyone think of really checking out Sadam's couch when they went looking for WOMDs?)

John E

It appears that I forgot. don't you have some sort of book out now?


FYI: there's about 200 years between baroque (1600-1750) and Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) who's works were really anything but baroque.


"I have a Picasso in my underpants." (<-- joke stolen directly from Howard Stern)


Well, I guess now that he has what he wanted out of this blog (book), it's time to kick back and relax.

C'mon uncle Scott, please please MAKE THE MONKEYS DANCE SOME MORE.


Adam said: "She's not baroque, she's got Monet."

This is quite impressionist.

Mike B

IT is 75 years to the day...something to do with Groucho Marx. I missed most of the item on the radio, but the bit I did hear, an excerpt of Groucho's radio programme, was ace!


Dear Scott,
did you hear about the virus/trojan that attacks Macs when their users log onto porn sites?
Apparently there is currently no way to stop that virus.

Sorry for not including a url where you can find the story, other than in German,1518,514860,00.html

Kind of hard to comment that, other than: They are being led around by their dicks...

Have a great day, Mike

The Sound of KOINK

Dude, don't let the meat loaf.

Aditya Simha

I'm going broke trying to go for baroque.

Matthew Kovich

i love you man


This isn't totally off-topic, since you mentioned farting twice.

Special underwear defuses flatus
Dr. W. Gifford-Jones , Special to The Windsor Star
Published: Thursday, November 01, 2007

There's also a hard-hitting exposé about why men dribble so much urine on the floor beneath urinals. They recommend painting a house fly on the sweetspot of urinals' parabolic dishes on the assumption that no male can resist a target like that.

I hope you aren't afraid of Billo'Reilly calling you French if you read Canadian newspapers.


Can't go wrong with a blog riddled with fart jokes. x3

Quite the story too, you sure stumble across some interesting things.


I believe it's inspired by remote controls that always seem to vanish into couches.

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