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Kevin Kunreuther

Say Scott, can I read the blurbs on my Kindle, yet?



Nicolas Feia entered " ... and topped me with meringue."

Beaten egg-whites & sugar, or was she was dancing on your head?


Hilarious......the disqualified entries were a riot. Good selection,Scott


Great, except the winner isn't funny. And it doesn't make sense. I like abstract humour and it still sucks. Oh well, must've made you laugh. It is kind of clever in a lateral thinking sort of way I guess. Sigh.

Back to playing "civilisations" on the puter. I got bored recently so I bombed the crap out of a small country which reinvigorated my will to play and now my population is gainfully employed building a new stock of bombs.

Jeff Keys

The "cookies" one is my favorite by far.


There's some real gems there. It's a shame you chose something that wasn't.


What a relief that visiting your blog doesn't cost anything because to actually pay legal tender to read your book with the winner's pathetic comments would surely give me gastritis!

Matt Nelson

…but seriously…this contest was a lot of fun.

And to me, it was very interesting to see the different opinions of what is (and isn’t) funny.

I’m surprised that some of today’s posters seemed genuinely offended at some of Scott’s choices.

I’d like to read a few of Scott’s original “professional” blurbs and see how they stack up against all of the “amateurs” that entered the contest.


Dang! I didn't win anything. Oh, wait. My entry was posted too early... And I knew it at the time. Oh, well.


I can't believe you disqualified people because they don't live in the US... Even the US post office knows about other countries and can probably find them (eventually). Don't be so Americentric; think globally.


I got honorable mention from a very rich guy! (does a little dance)

Matt Nelson

Woo hoo, I won second place!

Now I know how great Al Gore must have felt in 2000!!!

Oh, sweet victory.

Truly, second place is first place loser.


Tapan Karecha

While reading your blog entry, I was also reading a technical article which led me to the homepage of the author and I cant resist putting it here. This dude is a PHD and works at Google *and* looks strikingly similar to Dilbert!

Holly molly!

le Big MaC

Cue all the whiners and complainers who failed to win. A bit of comfort-I'm a non-working writer due to the strike, and sucking. Failing to win is 90% of the job.
Oh yes, congratulations to our winner.
Looking forward to the thread.

Support your local writer


Oh boy. Do I feel foolish. Given the winning entries, I must have hallunicated that under your contest rules the entries had to be actually funny in order to win.


Dianna Wales.

For real?


#14 is SOOOOO wrong. But so funny :)

Damn baby.

Bruce Harrison

Mine were funnier.


I have to say to the person who came up with (Okgenuine)
'From the monkeys who typed Shakespeare comes the stunning sequel!'

Funniest thing I have read in ages!!

Jeremy Cook

"#2 Diana Wales? Really? Google it."

The name DOES exist...who knows

Mike B.

#5, #12, and #25 are all the same guy. What level of Hell have I fallen into???

Jeff Daugherty

Thank you for posting the winners (and others). Very funny stuff.


"The book that got me through my brain transplantation surgery and starting to use pencils again."


Rita Mae, I guess I speak for a lot of people when I say we missed a winning submission from you.

The sex and the viagra jokes are old, though. Wouldn't have picked those.


I laughed as much at this post as I have at any of your other blog entries. Lots of good ones in there!

I saw your book at a bookstore this weekend, and flipped through it. The essays are still great. Somehow, they appear more authoritative in book form. But, I was a little disappointed that existence of your blog was glossed over. All I found was a short blurb in small print in the liner notes: "Disclaimer: Most this stuff came from Scott's blog." Other than that, the book is really presented as just a general "Scott speaks out on a bunch of stuff" book.

Part of me was hoping the book would really be more like the blog, in book form. For example, the forward of the book would explain how your blog works, and each essay would include selected readers' comments. ie. A handful of the funniest/insightful responses to that entry. It would've been a much more unique book.

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