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thanks for letting me view your guest book and giving me all the information


Yeah, this is a very very cool blog. ;-)
I just added you to my favorites.



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My only question is this: Why do you care they got it wrong?

You won't change your mind about evolution and, although I and others will try to explain why you're wrong or mistaken, we don't actually get *offended*.

And we don't get to belittle you in the next blog entry, either.


Oli: How should Scott communicate more effectively? He writes gramatically, with pretty good spelling. He has a decent vocabulary, and he generally chooses his words with a fair amount of precision. None of this, however, can force his audience to actually UNDERSTAND what he has written. That's the real problem, and that is Scott's consistent thesis.



I like the fact that people are still posting on the previous days blog now saying sorry. Talk about an inferiority complex.



"and show that a Christian nation isn't their enemy would be to help rebuild the destroyed mosques.

Posted by: Diana W"

Wouldn't that be against one of the ten commandments?

Not very christian


Dont blame your readers on your inability to communicate effectively.

On the otherhand congratulations on being more of a man than the entire US Government, even if you are a big vegitarian girl.



For today's commenters who didn't see how yesterday's responses addressed hallucinations, let me offer a few examples:

1. FAILURE TO APPLY COMMON SENSE. In yesterday's post, Scott assumed (without offering supporting details or argument) that "everyone seems to agree that we botched the occupation, and the results have been a disaster for the Iraqi civilian population." "Everyone seems to agree . . ." is the sort of broad generalization that (in this context) is clearly not meant to be taken literally, but nevertheless invites a lot of posts from people pointing out that THEY don't agree, so Scott's assertion is not literally true. Apparently, many readers were unable to grasp Scott's implied "BOCTAOE" (But Of Course, There Are Obvious Exceptions).

2. FAILURE TO DISTINGUISH BETWEEN FIRST-PERSON PLURAL AND FIRST-PERSON SINGULAR. Scott repeatedly referred to his "idiot government," but he only apologized for himself and his own (vaguely described) personal role in allowing his "idiot government" to make such a mess of the occupation. Numerous commenters yesterday seemed to think (incorrectly) that Scott was apologizing (i) for other commenters, (ii) for the idiot government (close -- he was actually apologizing IN LIEU of the idiot government, since the governemnt will not apologize within any useful time-frame),(iii) for the invasion (which Scott was careful to distinguish from the occupation), (iv) for the way we guzzle oil, or (v) for many other things Scott never actually mentioned. You will recognize some of these commenters by their efforts to justify the invasion, their own politics, or their own lifestyles.

3. FAILURE TO IDENTIFY THE TARGET. After a relatively lengthy lead-up, Scott finally apologized "to the Iraqi civilians who did nothing to deserve their current situation." Many commenters seemed to think that Scott was apologizing to al Quaeda, to Saddam, to the Saudis and others who have descended upon Iraq and turned it into a battleground against US forces, etc. That's just not what Scott said.

Unusually, there were a fair number of readers who seemed to actually understand Scott's post, and who then added their own personal apology. I will join Scott and that throng, and I too apologize to the relatively innocent civilians who have suffered and died from the botched occupation.

There are many more who deserve our apologies, but that is no excuse for failing to start somewhere. Scott has picked a good place to start -- better than most, in fact.


rita mae

I don't hallucinate.

RAINMASTER didn't read ALL of the posts, or he would have seen my first post where I agreed with you. He wrote:
[First, a post that confuses Rita Mae, and now this? Now everyones confused..]

The majority of people posting on this blog are so much more knowledgable in these areas that I am, that I posted again saying I was confused.

That's what is so great about this post. People from Australia, Great Britain, Canada, Mexico, the Middle East, and even me from America's Midwest can all post and read each other's musings.

Thanks, Scott. And, thanks RAINMASTER, for not saying that I am flaky. Love you for that.

Rita Mae


My boyfriend, who is an Iraqi, asked me to post an "apology accepted" on his behalf.


As others have pointed out, perhaps your posts aren't as lucid as you believe them to be. Also, did it ever occur to you that people may be responding to posts other than your own? That is what I did. I challenged the widely held notion (not specifically expressed by you) that we're responsible for our mistakes but the Iraqis somehow are not.

[I'm pretty sure that notion is only widely held in your own head. -- Scott]

Andy Watt

I don't usually just post a comment which lauds another comment - but -

rewboss, that really made me chuckle. Were the headlines you approximated based on US or UK newspapers, I wonder? I remember the UK newspapers were hysterical (both figuratively and literally) regarding the fate of Knut.

Fortunately, I also remember the same newspapers getting the p!ss ripped out of them quite solidly almost immediately afterwards. Or... am I seeing what I want to see?

Look, Mr Adams (note - unlike some posters, I use ONE "d" - he's not, and never has been, related to uncle fester, despite any facial similarities) - if you kick off any more round-table discussions about the nature of perception, opinion and ego this whole blog is going to eat itself!

It is entertaining though. Will you be playing a fiddle when it finally happens?


you're so *smart* and *clever*, scott!

tricking the braindead moist robots by pretending that what you wrote meant what it seemed to say, when **secretly** you meant something else!! ha! ha! how the simpleton puppets dance to your tune, o mighty drawer of stick figures!

maybe it's a rich guy disease: like limbaugh did, you've devolved into a droning pompous ass, utterly convinced of your own wonderfulness. entirely sure that everyone else is a slack-jawed prole, put on this planet for you to mock.

on the rare occasion when you get in trouble with the drones, you can just assume that engagingly condescending, superior air and explain, "that's not at all what i meant! weren't you smart/wise/clever enough to see the hidden meaning i was *really* saying?"

congratulations, adams. you've become a rich, interesting, highly intelligent sociopath, it would seem. like a plebian hannibal lecter, without the manners or the style. but what the hell: it's all really just a matter of spelling and math, right?

ah, well. at least the guy who draws "monty" hasn't yet become overly infatuated by his own magnificence. click.

Steven McDaniel

No, I wasn't hallucinating. Now, to answer the flawed premises of your yesterday's blog point by point, Scott. When President Bush's false teeth fell into the mass grave of Saddam's victims, he retrieved them quickly, saying, 'If we had decent Socialised medicine, I could get these replaced for free!' His profuse apology to the disembodied head that they had fallen on was abruptly cut short when a hand reached up and endeavoured to choke him. A brave Secret Service man dived in front of him, thrusting his neck out sacrificially to take the choking instead of our Commander-in-Chief. Have I got it right so far? Then the bodies rose up as one, and started dancing and singing: 'It's too late to say you're sorry,' (by the Zombies). Mr Adams, just one thing: if those alleged 'corpses' were dead, they were putting on a fine act. I hope my answer is as logical as your blog, because you always make sense to me.


Like so many others, I was bemused for a while as to how "how many people hallucinated?" is 90% of what we need to know about the world.

But then I realised that the question was really a polite way of saying "what proportion of people are idiots?" And that really is 90% of what you need to know about the world.

Free William

Scott, if you fail to communicate your meaning successfully that is your failing not your readers.


Loyalty is no longer the currency of the kingdom.

What is the currency of the kingdom?

Currency. Currency is the currency of the kingdom.

Dead Man's Chest


The hallucinations people had regarding this post are even greater than those from the previous post. Wow.


[Also, have you thought about being on the Daily Show or The Colbert Report]

Are you serious? They'd tear him a new arn-hole... and frankly, why would they care about Scott one iota?

LA Clay

In comedy I hear timing is everything. Great timing relating the posts to Sunday's strip.

(take the credit like you planned it)

Bryant Keefe

I am not so concerned with what we can see, Iraq an example, but what they are not showing us, all the special interest spending buried in the Iraq funding and their intent to go after Iran which is why we have an Army in Iraq.

We, yes all American voters, elect these idiots and we continue to support them by re-electing them. We will keep getting "Iraq's" for as long as we leave the current elected officials in office. All parties, all offices.

See George Carlin as he reminds us it is our American nature to bomb "brown" people. We are consistent if nothing else.

Oh and Scott I just love the "shrooms".


It would be interesting to see which comments you think are hallucinating - say, by marking them with a different colour. You would have to read all the comments then though...

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