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People frighten me, and nowhere else is the reason for that so apparent than in the answers that people post to what you supposedly wrote.


One of the things that I found interesting was the number of people who wouldn't give President Bush credit EVEN IF he was right (the majority of posters), and the number of people who felt that you were wrong for offering an appology for President Bush taking the action that he did (the majority).

My hallucination of the majority opinion then is that they aren't sorry he did what he did, but that he was wrong to do it in the first place.

Not a very forgiving bunch, that majority.



Garfield CGI Movie

Hey dude,

Since you were fretting about the Dilbert movie, I just saw this completely CGI Garfield movie:

The animation style seem to totally fit a Dilbert movie as well!

See how well the cartoon characters are beautifully translated into the 3D world. It has a: "distinctly unique look that utilizes three-dimensional character modeling against a seemingly flat background that looks like good video game graphics crossed with a colorful comic strip that’s somehow been inflated".

Check it out man. Forget about mutant dogs starting to speak and whatnot, CGI is where its at!

Lazy Boy

Hello? hello.. HELLLO!!!!

Yooooo hoooooo... Echooooooooo.
Scott are you there?

No new comments for more than 24hrs.
Mmmm nobody minding the store today.

Hope you're well.

Lazy Boy

The Pakistani Spectator

We in Pakistan are living in hallucination ever since US led forces attacked Afghanistan. The word "hallucination" has become hell-see-nation for us.

Noah Vaile

By the way... TypeKey/TypePad sucks.

Noah Vaile

And what does this mean exactly, Scott?

Rational Thought

Spelling's not that important. Microsoft will do that for us. And we have calculators for math.


Or is it Scott that is hallucinating about the comments?



Agreed, Scott.

I expected a lot of lunacy in response to your post but...well, it reminds me of a company I used to work for.

Every year, the CEO would get the whole (small) company together and give what he genuinely called a 'state of the nation address'. We hated this, of course, but looked forward to one part in particular, which was his estimate of the worth of this (let me say again, small) company the same time next year. It was always a ludicrously inflated sum. Every year we used to bet on what it would be, trying to out-do each other with insane guesses. One year, we were almost *giddy* with excitement at the impossible sum of money he was going to come up with. "£5 million!" some said, almost hysterically. "£10 million!" said others. Let me stress that the company wasn't turning anything approaching a profit and didn't have any customers as such. There were fewer than 20 employees.

He finally announced that this time next year the company would be worth £300m.

Three hundred million pounds.

This blew all our estimates CLEAN OUT OF THE WATER. The sheer audacity of this ludicrous statement overloaded our unreality buffers and we couldn't even laugh. The marketing director stood up, walked out and was never seen again. I resigned the next day.

Anyway, my point is that the quantity of idiots responding to your post blew my expectation out of the water in exactly the same way.


How many?

I dont know. I was busy hallucinating about other things.


This is true. But then, I'm not sure that you really need to point this out. Those who argued against their own hallucinations won't see it that way and won't be convinced; and those that didn't probably don't need yet another demonstration of humanity's incurable stupidity.

We had a really great demonstration of this with Knut the polar bear. The story went like this:

Berlin Zoo: Oh dear, this baby polar bear has been rejected by its mother. We'll have to hand-rear him. We'll call him Knut.

Animal-rights activists: You know, hand-rearing a polar bear might cause problems later on. Perhaps you should have let nature take its course. But, too late now. All the best.


General public: OMG WTF?????!!!!!1111

Animal-rights activists: Er, that's not what we said.

Berlin Zoo: Er, we're not going to kill Knut. We never planned to.


General public: w00t!

Berlin Zoo: (sigh) Oh well, at least ticket sales are up.


That's a bit easy isn't it. A little humility never hurt anyone. I sure hope your not turning into an asshole Scott.


No hallucination here. Some monkeys will not dance for you anymore but I don't think you will miss them.

Enough Wealth

If your readers are often "hallucinating" about your posts, perhaps it's just that you don't express yourself as clearly as you believe... (or it's just a weasel expression you use to maintain deniability when one of your more loony viewpoints proves to be more unpopular than you expected).


ps. How on earth would knowing the number of people who were miscomprehending yesterdays post provide me with 90% of what I need to know about the world? You do love to exaggerate a bit don't you ;)


Stick to drawing comics monkey brain!

Greg Tallent

I was one of the early posters yesterday and from the UK, so I apologised. I just went back and read the comments, and I am amazed at most of the replies. I'm sitting here thinking 'How do people come to their views about things?' Scott has the 'moist robot' theory. I'm not sure about this, I like to think that we have the choice, even if it's an illusion of choice. My theory is that we simply don't have enough time. We just don't have the time to sit and think about what goes on.

I'm a lecturer at a London University, and when students come to me and say they don't know what to do after their degree, I suggest they sit down over week and think about what they want to do.

So, people, why don't you sit down somewhere, give yourself some time, and really think about what's going on.

Scott, how about posting the 'apology' post in a week's time - just to see how the comments may have changed.

Maybe we should 'give peace a chance'.

I've put up a social networking site (and a few others) that may help:


Great post yesterday. It takes moral courage to say your sorry. I am very sorry. I sent $800 to Ron Paul's campaign, RP is only GOP cannidate running, who is against the war and wants to bring the troops home.


Oh please... rush out a cartoon on the Secret Service confiscating "Dogbert Dollars"... there's so much humor in this incident that many cartoons will be necessary to clean up the humor spill before it contaminates all the sea otters.


I was expecting something along these lines in today's post - quite the moist robot, aintcha?


Sometimes the Secret Service hallucinates too. They did it in 1993 with Steve Jackson Games... and I think they just did it again:


Thor save us from people that know God's will


So what -was- yesterday's post supposed to be about, oh great and wonderful zen master? No wonder people think you are nuts.

Bilious Prudence

Was it something about pizza? I sure do like pizza.

Kevin Kunreuther

I'm pretty sure I may have insisted on my hallucination. That's anger for you. And I totally was willing to go with the feeling, no compunction to resist or be rational. And I'm sure I rambled,too.

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